7 Times Girl’s Day Proved They Were More Than Just Your Average Girl Group

When talking about Girl’s Day, it’s hard not to mention their undeniable talents, striking beauty, and down-to-earth personalities. The 4-member girl group debuted in 2010, and will be fast approaching their 7 year anniversary!

Whether it be on stage or on a variety show, there’s rarely ever a dull moment with Girl’s Day, which begs the question – how are they so effortlessly cool all the time? Well, let’s just say Sojin, Minah, Hyeri, and Yura have a few hidden talents up their sleeves that make them a little more extra.

7 Times Girl’s Day Proved They Were More Than Just Your Average Girl Group


1) When Mina flawlessly transformed into BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

This is truly a rare skill. Mina showed off her comedy chops on SNL Korea, and wowed the audience by re-creating one of BIGBANG’s famous pre-debut clips.



2) Yura having an aegyo fail moment 

Aegyo is hard, y’all! Yura tries her hand at aegyo in exchange for some chocolate, and in turn almost gets it taken away from her. That’s a real skill, y’all.



3) The members guessing how big Hyeri’s mouth is

Hyeri takes having a “big mouth” to a whole different level. And, when there’s food on the line, you best believe the girls will be taking serious measures to find out exactly how big Hyeri’s mouth is.



4) Sojin mastering the art of the RBF 

The RBF can come in handy in dire situations – like when you have to keep a straight face while singing one of your songs with tampered mics.


5) Minah freely dancing in the name of anti-constipation

Say no to constipation! Eric Nam and Minah recreate one of their famous CF dances to the tune of an anti-constipation ad. Because why not?



6) Hyeri and her very expressive facial expressions

Oh, sure…when Hyeri does it, it’s adorable, but when we do it we look like we’re about to be sick. Life just isn’t fair.


7) Sojin showing off her smarts on “Problematic Men”

On top of being a skilled dancer, talented singer, an engineer student, and a leader of a successful idol group, she is also a lovable smartypants.



We are so excited to see Girl’s Day at KCON LA 2017!! With their 7-year anniversary right around the corner, what is one thing you hope to see Girl’s Day accomplish in the future?

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