KCON 2020 NY Is Officially Cancelled, Here’s What You Should Know

The KCON USA team has been closely monitoring the situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The health and safety of all those involved with all of our events – fans,

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Relive Iconic KCON Moments With Mnet’s “History of KCON”

Hello! So, if you’ve been following your YouTube suggestions and maybe even your subscriptions, you’ve seen that Mnet has been celebrating its 25th anniversary. Now, since the nightly KCON concerts

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KCON 2019 NY Moments That’ll Make You Say, “Is it KCON Yet?”

Hi! As we get ready for KCON 2020 NY, we wanted to look back at our first ever KCON in Manhattan--KCON 2019 NY. KCON is a huge event so whether Read More

KCON Q&A: KCON 2020 NY Early Bird Ticket Sales

Hi! We read through hundreds of comments and questions you had about KCON 2020 NY Early Bird and found some common themes. Below you'll find our answers to the top Read More

How To Get Early (and Discounted) Tickets to KCON!

For the first time ever, we’re announcing Early Bird tickets for KCON 2020 NY. Here’s what you need to know: From March 2, 2020 at 3 p.m. EST, you will

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The 3 KCON 2020 Updates You Need to Know

It’s with a most hearty, most excited “Hi!” that we welcome you to the opening of KCON 2020. We’re ready to get this festival started early and we hope that you are too!

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Create Your Dream KCON In Under 4 Minutes

It’s time for the KCON 2020 Dream Lineup Poll! Your responses help us make major decisions about every area of the convention and the concert so we would love to hear from you!

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KCON Announces 2020 Global Dates & Venues

KCON 2020 LA will be returning to the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 27 and continue through August 30. KCON 2020 NY will return to the Javits Center from June 12 until June 14.

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Everything You Need To Know about The KCON STUDIO

Welcome KCON 2019 NY fans to this very special post about a very special program that’s exclusive to you. That’s right, we’re here to tell you everything you need to

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Create A Challenge For “Eddy’s Room” At The KCON STUDIO

Hello KCON-ers! We have a request and it’s a request even more important–although less touching–than that one time Big Marvel asked Edward Avila’s hand in marriage. Send us your challenges

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