Flower Boy Cafe [Special Guests Part 2]

Hello KCON-ers! We all hope you had a great weekend and are excited for #KCON16LA because …. it is D-3 DAYS!!! Can you believe that #KCON16LA is this weekend!? As we announced yesterday, we have a lot of special guests that will be making an appearance at the Flower Boy Cafe, to chat with all you lovely KCON-ers!


Our first round of special guests included Jason and Justin (The JRodTwins), Mike Bow, and Jun Sung Ahn!



So, who’s next on the lineup of special guests for the Flower Boy Cafe?


First up, Jay! A lot of you may be wondering who is this? Where have I seen him before? If you’re an avid listener and watcher of Arirang Radio, you might notice him as one of the hosts for Music Access alongside G.Soul and Tia!



Hometown: Las Vegas/Daegu
Horoscope: Capricorn
Blood Type: O
5 Most Used Emojis: KakaoTalk Emojis (?). 😤😍👤👍💪
Desired Super Power: Eternal Life
Favorite Music Artist: NOTORIOUS BIG, Lil’ Kim, 테이, 태민
Go To Karaoke Song: Drift Away – Uncle Kracker, Drop It Like Its Hot – Snoop Dogg, Superstition – Stevie Wonder
Jay’s Perfect Weekend: Hang out at the beach and eat 삼겹살 and watermelon 

Want to meet Jay while enjoying a cup of coffee? He will be appearing at the Flower Boy Cafe on Friday, July 29 from 2-3PM. 




Up next, David Le! David Le, better known as StillNotDavid, is a YouTube comedian and singer from Buffalo, NY. While his channel covers a variety of content, David is mostly known for his K-Pop covers, reviews, rants, and reactions.
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood Type: A
5 Most Used Emojis: 🤔😎 😍😱❤ 
Desired Super Power: Telepathy, so I can see how people really feel about each other.
Favorite Music Artist: Justin Timberlake
Go To Karaoke Song: SS501 – 내 머리가 나빠서 (Because I’m Stupid)
David’s Perfect Weekend: A Harry Potter marathon (with Pokemon Go/food breaks in between).


Want to chat with David about what it’s like being one of the first people to do a K-Pop reaction video? He will be appearing at the Flower Boy cafe on Sunday, July 31 from 3-4PM.



And last but not least, Woojong YiWoojong Yi is a YouTuber/Actor from Seoul that is all about spreading the love & speaking positive words of encouragement to anyone who will listen. Woojong has ambitions on becoming an entertainer in Korea as a TV show host or by starring in a K-Drama. In closing, he’d like to remind you of his motto, ‘let’s be love’. Do love. Give love. Be LOVE.



Hometown: Springfield, VA
Horoscope: Libra
Blood Type: O
5 Most Used Emojis: :^)  ^^  T.T  xD  😀 (Team android)
Desired Super Power: Eyebrows to be on FLEEK every morning on their own
Favorite Music Artist: 10cm/DEAN/Crush
Go To Karaoke Song:  GOT7 – Just Right (딱 좋아)
Woojong’s Perfect Weekend: Wake up to the sweet scent of hot cocoa brewing and the smokey smell of cedar wood burning in the fireplace after a long night of snowboarding in the mountains. I would commence my morning routine just before the clock strikes 11 and then have a sudden realization of how sore my glutes are from falling down all day beforehand. An easy decision would soon follow to stay in the cozy log cabin for the rest of the weekend. What would I do next? I’d promptly change into sweatpants, order a box of pizza, and binge watch an entire K-Drama series whilst stuffing my face with slice after slice. Rinse & repeat.


Did you miss out on meeting him last year at KCON? No worries, he’s back to play again at #KCON16LA! He will be appearing at the Flower Boy Cafe on Sunday, July 31 from 4-5PM.

So you may be wondering, when, where, how, do you see them right!?  As you check in for KCON LA (and you purchased your flower boy cafe sessions) you will be able to select which hours you would like to attend when checking in. Stay tuned to see who else will be appearing at the #KCONFlowerBoy Cafe! If you haven’t registered for KCON yet, do it now! Register HERE.




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