KCON 2019 NY Moments That’ll Make You Say, “Is it KCON Yet?”


As we get ready for KCON 2020 NY, we wanted to look back at our first ever KCON in Manhattan–KCON 2019 NY. KCON is a huge event so whether KCON 2020 NY is your first or your fifth, we invite you to look back at the moments of yesteryear that you may just have missed.

As we move through March we’ll be bringing you more flashbacks to great KCON moments through photos, GIF’s and clips to get you in the KCON spirit during Early Bird season. Be sure to get your Early Bird Tickets now before they run out!


Without further adieu here are our favorite moments that you, dear KCON-er, might just have seen in your journey through KCON 2019 NY: 

1. When even a veteran KCON security member couldn’t hide a hint of glee because of this oh-so-cute hi-touch:

2. Or, when Verivery made a gravity-defying leap on the KCON Stage. One day, we too shall perfect the perfect “leaping photo.” One day…

3. When we saw you really “spring into action” at the Dance Workshops. Going from “resting fan” pose to…

…completely in-sync Statue of Liberty pose in one second flat. (Or, so say our timestamps.)

4. When everyone showed their love. From The Boyz at Star Live Talk…

…to this glass heart from ATEEZ inside the KCON STUDIO.

…to backstage with TerryTV. There truly was a lot of love to go around.

5. In one of the spicier (deceptive-ier) moments, SF9 secretly sticky note attacked each other at Artist Engagement. As they say all’s fair in love and Post-its.

6. Over in panels and workshops, there was the much anticipated “Roast of JRE” complete with a garbage can for spit-take worthy moments. Judging by our photo reel, the spit takes were abundant this day.

7. In #KCONBeauty, we witnessed a glittering bedazzle beard tutorial that left us with inspiration for Movember and also a dilemma of the nomenclature variety–would you call this a “beard-dazzle” or a “beardazzle” or a “bear-dazzle”?

8. When (G)I-DLE arrived at their KCON Studio session and TOOK OVER the KCON Expo.

But, it was totally worthwhile because when (G)I-DLE plays “Dance Jenga” it’s a party.

9. When we finished sorting our Dropbox (yeah!!) and realized that we had an abundance of fans posing with wonderously giant objects like bread….

…Kakao Friends plushies.

…and kimbap ingredients–definitely less gargantuan than the previous two but definitely a large spread of ingredients.

10. When TXT faced off in a Fruit By The Foot battle at Artist Engagement. Unintended consequence: Competitive candy eating has become our new favorite party game. Fruit candy is fruit-tangential so it’s all good, right?

12. We also set two new records–we welcomed Big Marvel for the first time and registered a rubber chicken as an official KCON special guest. KCON 2019, you were wild.

12. When we witnessed the rare two-person hand heart executed to perfection by Verivery and one of their fans. 14/10!

13. When we discovered a diverse wealth of ATEEZ Yunho expressions. Ranging from SURPRISE!

… to what we’re calling “Woah”…

..and “Heyyyy.”

14. For us, the most unforgettable moment was re-happening upon photos of you enjoying KCON with your friends and family. We can’t wait to meet you again and say “Let’s KCON!”