Hey KCON-ers! Are you ready for takeoff because we’re excited to announce that ASTRO will be joining #KCON16LA! Bringing you their smash debut single HIDE & SEEK and more surprises, we hope you’ll enjoy playing with ASTRO!

Every week the KCON team challenges fans with deciphering hints about the new artists joining KCON via our Snapchat (@KCONUSA). This week, we came up with some fun clues to reveal our latest KCON Los Angeles addition: ASTRO. Check out the Snapchat clues and explanations we used for this week below:

HINT: Fanta Soda

We showed you a clip from a cool Fanta Soda commercial because ASTRO is under the company FANTAgio Entertainment.

♫ “Wanna Fanta, don’t ya wanna…”


HINT: Cat with Bright Eyes

We showed you a picture of a cute kitten with bright blue eyes because ASTRO has a song called CAT’S EYE.


Which eyes will make you melt more: ASTRO’s or a kitten’s?


HINT: Lotty and Lorry

We showed you Lotte World’s main characters Lotty and Lorry because as trainees, members of ASTRO were introduced every weekend at Lotte World Rising Stage Performance!


From showcasing their group on the Lotte World stage to having a debut music video whose views are soaring past the million mark, ASTRO has already come a long way!


HINT: Minions Boxing

We showed you a boxing clip because ASTRO’s main rapper and dancer is named Rocky, which happens to be the name of one of the most popular and iconic boxing movies ever.

♫ “It’s the eye of the tiger~”


HINT: Rocket Takeoff

We showed you a rocket taking off into space because ASTRO’s name is Spanish for Star!

Do you think ASTRO is headed for the top? Let us know in the comments!


That wraps up this week’s Snapchat hints & explanations for ASTRO! Were you able to use your CAT’S EYE to piece together the clues? Are you excited to see ASTRO in Los Angeles this year? Continue to follow KCON on our different platforms and check back with us next week as we’ll be continuing to reveal more special guests for KCON 2016! AROHA are you ready?!


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