The lovely female duo DAVICHI will be joining us as special guests at #KCON16LA! Wooooo!!

We gave out 4 hints on our Snapchat story (@kconusa) throughout the day to prepare everyone for DAVICHI’s arrival in Los Angeles. Were you thoroughly prepared? Were you able to guess correctly early on? Check out our Snapchat hint explanations below to find out!

HINT: Alice in Wonderland

We showed you Alice from Alice in Wonderland because DAVICHI released their first extended play (EP) / mini-album titled Davichi in Wonderland in 2009!



HINT: Writing/Mailing a Letter

DAVICHI has a song called THE LETTER so we showed you this hint!



HINT: Two Peas in a Pod

There are two members in the group DAVICHI so we used the old saying of “two peas in a pod” to represent them and their amazing group dynamic!



HINT: Two People Harmonizing 

Of course the ladies of DAVICHI sing amazing and beautiful harmonies together, so we showed you this clue to hint at the two members singing together!


Great job, KCON-ers! We can’t to see vocal songstresses DAVICHI at #KCON16LA! Are you ready? #DAVICHICHORD #LETSPLAY #LETSKCON!




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