Tell us WHAT2DO KCON-ers because we’re beyond excited to announce that hip-hop & RnB sensation DΞΔN will be coming to #KCON16LA this year! With songs like POUR UP featuring fellow #KCON16LA performer ZICO from Block B to hits like D (HALF MOON) and I’M NOT SORRY, we’re sure DΞΔN will bring down the house with one of his signature amazing live performances.

Every week the KCON team challenges fans with deciphering hints about the new artists joining KCON via our Snapchat (@KCONUSA). This week, we came up with an array of subtle clues to reveal our latest KCON Los Angeles addition: DΞΔN. Check out the Snapchat clues and explanations we used for this week below:

HINT: Medical Masked Idol

Did the picture of GD in a medical mask throw you off? We started off our DΞΔN hints by eluding to DΞΔN’s alternate name, Deanfluenza, which he goes by when releasing work as a songwriter or producer.


In an interview DΞΔN said that he wanted to “make an impact or influence in the music industry in a similar fashion to the way a virus is spread” and thus the two names DEAN + Influenza merged to become Deanfluenza


HINT: Cold Stone Cups

Those who have had the opportunity to go to a Cold Stone’s ice cream shop knows that their cup sizes comes in ‘Like It,’ ‘Love It’ and ‘Gotta Have It’ sizes. In the middle is called the ‘Love It’ size and we used this to hint at DΞΔN’s song I LOVE IT (we even slightly highlighted the middle cup!).


DΞΔN at KCON = Gotta Have It!


HINT: Werewolf

We showed you a werewolf because one of DΞΔN’s promoted singles from his latest album, 130 Mood : TRBL, is called D (HALF MOON) and features #KCON16NY performer Gaeko of Dynamic Duo!

♫ “Love love the star, Love love the moon~”


HINT: Rebel Wilson

We showed you a picture of Rebel Wilson because DΞΔN calls his fans Rebels!


With such a sudden surge to the spotlight with great songs that showed a new unique color, DΞΔN is quickly rounding up Rebels from all over the world!


HINT: Getting ID’d

We showed you a scene of getting asked for an ID to hint at the song 21 from DΞΔN’s latest album, 130 Mood : TRBL.

♫ “She’s twenty twenty twenty-one now”


That concludes this week’s Snapchat hints & explanations for DΞΔN! Were you able to piece together the clues? Are you excited to see DΞΔN in Los Angeles this year? Continue to follow KCON on our different platforms and check back with us next week as we’ll be continuing to reveal more special guests for KCON 2016! Rebels are you ready?!


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