[HINTS] Dynamic Duo at #KCON16NY

Hey KCON-ers! Get ready to JAM because we’re beyond excited to announce that Dynamic Duo will be returning to KCON this year at #KCON16NY! With hit songs like GUILTY, GOOD LOVE and BAAAM, Dynamic Duo is ready to make it a KCON you can’t wait to GO BACK to and relive the memories!

Every week the KCON team challenges fans with deciphering hints about the new artists joining KCON via our Snapchat (@KCONUSA). This week, we came up with some fun clues to reveal our latest KCON New York additions: Dynamic Duo. Check out the Snapchat clues and explanations we used for this week below:

HINT: New York Taxis

We showed you taxis on the bustling streets of New York City because Dynamic Duo’s debut album was titled “Taxi Driver.”

Whether by foot, plane, subway, car, bike or taxi, we hope to see you at KCON!


HINT: Winnie the Pooh

We showed you Winnie the Pooh because he loves honey and Dynamic Duo’s latest single is titled 꿀잼 (COOL JAM) which is directly translated as honey jam.


♫ “Honey jam here I am”


HINT: Powerpuff Girls Villains

We showed you the villains of the Powerpuff Girls show and among them stood (or levitated) was the Amoeba Boys. This was a clue because Dynamic Duo is a part of the label Amoeba Culture.

PowerPuff Girls Villains

FUN FACT: Dynamic Duo founded the Amoeba Culture label back in 2006 with two of their close friends


HINT: Ferris Bueller Attendance Scene

We showed you the iconic “Bueller” scene from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to hint at Dynamic Duo’s song titled 출첵 (ATTENDANCE CHECK).

Dynamic Duo fans….PRESENT!


HINT: Guilty Puppy

We showed you a cute picture of a pair of guilty puppies as a hint because Dynamic Duo has a song called 죽일 놈 (GUILTY).


This song became a  popular performance piece for cover bands, buskers, and high school students after its release


That wraps up this week’s Snapchat hints for Dynamic Duo! Were you able to piece together the clues? Are you excited to see Dynamic Duo in New York this year? Continue to follow KCON on our different platforms and check back with us as we’ll be continuing to reveal more special guests for KCON 2016! Dynamic Duo fans are you ready?!


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