Hey KCON-ers! We’re kicking it into overdrive this week as we excitedly announce that the legendary TURBO will be joining us as special guests at #KCON16LA! Known for their infectious dance music starting from the late 90’s, we’re honored to have all 3 members of TURBO joining us this year.

This week, we gave out 4 hints on our Snapchat story (@kconusa) throughout the day to hint at the group TURBO. Check out our Snapchat hint explanations below to see how you did with this week’s challenge!

HINT: Saxophone Music

We let you listen to the suave sounds of a saxophone to hint at TURBO’s song “어느 재즈 바 (SOME JAZZ BAR)


HINT: The Hulk

One of TURBO’s members is Kim Jong-Kook who from his many appearances in the show Running Man, earned his nickname, The Hulk, because of his muscular physique.



HINT: Snail

We snapped a picture of a snail to allude to the cute snail named “Turbo”, a speed-obsessed snail with an unusual dream to become the world’s greatest racer!



HINT: Will Smith

We showed you will Will Smith because Will actually teamed up with TURBO to perform a Korean/English version of his song “Just the Two of Us” together with them.


And there you have it! Are you excited to see K-Pop legends TURBO at #KCON16LA?! #LETSPLAY #LETSKCON!




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