[HINTS] Yim Si Wan at #KCON16NY

Yim Si Wan will be joining us as a special guest at KCON NY 2016! *Squeal*
We gave out 5 hints on our snapchat story (@kconusa) throughout the day to prepare everyone for Yim Si Wan’s arrival. Were you thoroughly prepared? Check out our hint explanations below!

HINT: “Friday, Saturday, Sunday”

These are the lyrics to the song “Mazeltov” by ZE:A. Throwback to when Yim Si Wan was dancing and singing about the calendar~



HINT: Office snap!

Did this scene look familiar? The cubicles, formal wear, office setting with a tvN logo should’ve reminded you of the drama, “Misaeng” where Yim Si Wan starred in as an intern!



HINT: Gavel

We know all of you are excited that Yim Si Wan who starred in “The Attorney” will be coming to KCON but there needs to be some order in the court!



HINT: Moon <3 Sun

We drew a picture of the Moon literally embracing the Sun. Let’s not forget Siwan had a role in “Moon Embracing the Sun” as the young and handsome scholar, Heo Yeom.



HINT: Busan

Did you recognize this city on this map? Yep, it’s Busan! Birthplace of Yim Si Wan known for its beaches, mountains, and amazing seafood!



Well done, KCON-ers! You guys never seize to amaze us with your guessing abilities. Are you ready to play with Yim Si Wan at #KCON16NY?!



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