Q. What is the difference between a combo and a single ticket?

A. Single tickets allow you to attend one night’s concert. If you would like to attend both concert nights, it is recommended you purchase a combo ticket so that you receive one ticket for each concert night at a discounted price! For example, a P3 single ticket is $60. If you want to attend both concert nights, you can purchase a combo ticket for $100 instead of purchasing two single concert tickets for $60.

*Discount only applies if you are purchasing the same tier for both nights.
*Combo tickets are for ONE PERSON ONLY. You will receive one ticket per night. Combo tickets are NOT for two people.

Q. When do combo and single tickets go on sale?

A. All concert tickets go on sale Wednesday, July 11 at 10AM PDT. This includes all combo (Diamond, Platinum, P1,P2,P3) and single tickets.

Q. What type of tickets are Diamond and Platinum?

A. Diamond and Platinum tickets are complete KCON experience packages which include: Combo concert tickets, 3-Day convention access, a premium Artist Engagement package, KLUB KCON, exclusive KCON merchandise, and more special benefits!


Q. Are the convention tickets included in the prices?

A. The Convention ticket is SEPARATE from your concert ticket. You will need to purchase a separate Convention ticket depending on what type of ticket you purchase! The Diamond/Platinum packages include Convention tickets.

* Convention tickets will go on sale Friday, July 13 at 10AM PDT at

Q. I’m confused about which sections P1-P3 are.

A. P1-P3 refers to the different seating tiers of the concert venue! The seating chart for KCON LA is available on the “tickets” tab located at the top right corner of our website!

Q. Are the concert tickets only on sale on the 11th? Can I buy them after the 11th?

A. Tickets go on sale starting from Wednesday, July 11th. Tickets will be available from that date forward based on availability.

Q. Can we choose our seat when purchasing a ticket?

A. Based on availability, you will be able to choose your tier and its related section (GA or reserved). However the ticket vendor will always provide you with the best seating available.

Q. Which websites will KCON concert tickets be sold on?

A. For KCON LA, concert tickets will be available for purchase via AXS, the official ticketing partner of the Staples Center. You can easily follow the ticket purchase link on our kconusa website.

Q. What is the difference between GA and Reserved?

A. GA is standing. Reserved is seated.

Q. If you want to purchase P1 Tickets, will you have the choice of general or reserved seats?


Q. Can I purchase 2 combo tickets for myself and a friend or do we have to purchase them separately?

A. Yes, you can purchase your combination tickets together. By purchasing your combo tickets in one transaction, you will be able to sit next to each other!

Q. Is there a maximum amount of tickets that I can purchase?

A. Yes, you can purchase up to 4 combo tickets and 8 single tickets.

Q. Will tickets be sold on mobile?

A. Yes!

Q. Are there ticket options for those with a disability?

A.  Yes! The venues are compliant with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). You can visit their official ticketing partner website to purchase accessible seating.

Q. Are there any additional fees to the listed concert ticket prices?

A.  Since AXS is handling official KCON ticket sales, there will be additional misc fees as well as a sales tax. Please refer to the official ticket partner’s website for more information on fees and sales tax.

Q. What are the accepted payment methods for AXS?

Q. I need to know something about AXS!

A. For any AXS related questions, please refer to the official ticketing partner websites below.

AXS Help Center:


Q. Will KCON LA have concerts for both days?

A. Yes! This year’s concerts are on Saturday (August 11) and Sunday (August 12). Each concert begins at 7:30PM.

Q. What time can we begin lining up for the concert?

A. P1 GA (STANDING) may start lining up at 12PM PDT on Saturday & Sunday. For those of you with P1-P3 seated concert tickets, you may begin lining up at 5PM PDT!

Q. Is there an age limit for the KCON concert? At what age does a child need a ticket?

A. The Staples Center requires children over the age of three to have a concert ticket.

Q. Will artist lineups be different each concert night? Will the lineup be released before tickets go on sale?

A.  The full lineup can be seen under the ‘LA’ tab under ‘Line Up.’

Q. Can I give my favorite idol presents?

A.  Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, you will not be able to give your bias a present of any sort.

Q. What items are restricted?

A. Items such as large backpacks and selfie sticks are restricted from the concert. Please refer to the Staples Center’s websites for restricted items.

Q. Can I take photos/videos during the concert?

A. Taking photographs and recording video using professional cameras (e.g., cameras with detachable lenses, telephoto or zoom lenses, external flashes) are prohibited inside the concert venue.


Q. How much is a Convention ticket?

A. A Convention ticket is $30.00 USD. This convention ticket provides you access to THREE DAYS of the KCON18LA convention! (* Price does not include service fee of $0.99). Please note that there are NO single day convention tickets available.

Q. How do I purchase a Convention ticket?

A. You will be able to purchase your convention ticket on our website by “registering online.” (Head over to the “tickets” tab!)

Q. If I “register online” for my Convention ticket, does that mean I purchased a Convention ticket?

A. Yes! Once you have completed the online registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing your Convention ticket as well as other possible add-on tickets such as Artist Engagements, KLUB KCON, Flower Boy Cafe. You will need to show this confirmation on-site at KCON18LA!


Q. Can I buy multiple Convention tickets?

A. Each individual wanting to attend KCON18LA must purchase their own convention ticket by “registering online.” When registering, you will be asked to create a unique username as well as password.

*If you are a parent or legal guardian who would like to purchase multiple tickets, you MUST create an account for each individual who you are registering.

Q. Why are Artist Engagement benefits separate from concert tickets this year?

A. After careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation, we have changed our KCON ticket policy In order to provide all of our KCON-ers with more opportunities to see their favorite artists up and close!

Artist Engagement Packs consist of vouchers that vary with special benefits such as “Hi-Touch,” “Audience,” “Red Carpet,” and “Red Carpet Chance.” For more information on each benefit, please refer to “General Artist Engagement Sessions” below.

Q. What are Artist Engagement sessions?

A. Artist Engagement sessions are one of the most coveted parts of the KCON experience. This special event was created to bring idols and fans closer together.  During an Artist Engagement session, fans can see their idols up close, watch them play fun games, and more!

(* Please note that there are different types of Artist Engagement Packs!)

Q. How many Artist Engagement Packs can I purchase?

A. You may buy ONLY ONE (1) Artist Engagement Pack per KCON Convention Ticket.


Q. What time does the Convention begin?

A. Convention hours are as follows:

FRIDAY 08/10

  • Convention [Diamond/Platinum] 10AM – 11AM Early Entry
  • Convention [General Admission] 11AM – 6PM
  • KLUB KCON 7PM – 11PM


  • Convention [General Admission] 10AM – 6PM

SUNDAY 08/12

  • Convention [General Admission] 10AM – 5PM

Q. What happens at the Convention?

A. The convention is your go to spot for all your favorite Hallyu related activities! From engaging panel discussions with some of your favorite Hallyu Influencers, to interactive art and dance workshops, Artist Engagement sessions, eating your favorite Korean food at the marketplace, and more!

*A full convention programming schedule will be released closer to the event.

Q. What is KLUB KCON?

A. KLUB KCON is the official pre-event of KCON where you can dance the night away (on Friday August 10, 7 – 11PM) before you get ready for two star studded nights of MCOUNTDOWN concerts! There will be a special guest appearance from the concert lineup and more! Tickets are $60 with a Convention ticket and $80 without, and you will be able to purchase them during the “additional options” section when purchasing your Convention tickets.

Q. What is Flower Boy Cafe?

A. Inspired by a culmination of K-Pop/K-Drama’s flower boys and the uniquely themed cafes in Korea. Flower Boy Café features a full roster of charming Flower Boys and surprise guest appearances! Tickets are $15 per session. You may purchase tickets during the “additional options” section when purchasing your Convention tickets. Each ticket includes 1 beverage. You may purchase two sessions (you will select the date and time of each session, upon availability) and all tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Q. I can no longer attend KCON, can I return my convention ticket?

A. Sorry, unfortunately we do not issue any refunds. All ticket sales are final.

Q. How do I check-in for KCON18LA?

A. In order to check-in at KCON and redeem your convention pass (as well as add on tickets such as Artist Engagement Packs, KLUB KCON, Flower Boy Cafe), please head over to Petree Hall! When checking in please make sure that you have your confirmation email (printed or mobile).

Q. What are the check-in hours for KCON18LA? Is there early check-in?

A. The dates and times for check-in are as follow:


  • [Thursday, August 9] 1PM – 5PM PDT
  • [Friday, August 10] 8AM – 5PM PDT
  • [Saturday, August 11] 8AM – 5PM PDT
  • [Sunday, August 12] 9AM – 5PM PDT



  • [Thursday, August 9] 1PM – 5PM PDT at PETREE HALL
  • [Friday, August 10] 8AM – 5PM PDT at PETREE HALL
  • [Friday, August 10] 5PM – 9PM PDT at SOUTH LOBBY

Q. Will there be a KCON APP this year?

A. Yes! The KCON Mobile Application is now available in iOS and Android.


Q. Where does the Artist Engagement session take place?

A. The Artist Engagement sessions take place at the Concourse Hall, which is located next to West Gate.

Q. What is a “HI-TOUCH?”

A. Those with a valid “Hi-Touch” voucher will enter the designated “Hi-Touch” area and be able to “high five” the artists during the session indicated on their pass.

Q. What is “AUDIENCE?”

A. Those with a valid “Audience” voucher will enter the designated “Audience” area to watch the session indicated on their pass.

Q. What is “RED CARPET?”

A. You can see the artists for each night rock their stage looks and say a quick hello before the show!  Those with a valid “Red Carpet” voucher will have access to a “Red Carpet” session on either Saturday or Sunday, as indicated on their pass.


A. Those with a valid winning “Red Carpet Chance” voucher will have access to a “Red Carpet” session on either Saturday or Sunday, as indicated on their pass.

Q. Can I record during the hi-touch?

A. Recording is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you are caught recording during the hi-touch, you will be escorted out of the room. Move down to “A/E section”

Q. Is there a poster policy for Artist Engagements?

A. We love when fans create signs for their favorite artists, but any posters that are too large and obstruct the view of others will be an issue!


Q. Will there be a shuttle going to and from the venue?

A. There is no official KCON shuttle that will be transporting attendees from hotels to the venue!

Q. Is there a parking lot for KCON attendees? What is the price?

A. There are no official lots designated for KCON attendees, but there are surrounding parking lots close to the venue. Each respective parking lot will determine how much their parking fees are.


Q. I can’t find my answer here, what should I do?

A. Please email and we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible!