WELCOME TO KCON!  As the organizers of KCON, we at CJ ENM America, Inc. and our affiliates (together, “we” or “CJ”) strive to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.  In order to ensure a truly unforgettable KCON experience, we require you and all KCONers to observe the following rules and policies while attending any part of the KCON Convention (the “Convention”) and the M-COUNTDOWN Concerts (the “Concert(s)” and together with the Convention, “KCON”).


CJ reserves the right to modify and/or update these rules and policies (the “Rules and Policies”) at any time.  Please check back frequently for updates.


The Code of Conduct (the “Code”) applies to your conduct while you are attending KCON, whether on site or off site, or on any KCON social media platforms.
Please follow all published, printed, and verbal rules and instructions by KCON staff, venue staff, and security personnel.
Along with everything in this Code, KCONers should use common sense rules for their behavior in public, including being courteous to others and respecting private property.


Actions We Encourage:

  • Embrace the KCON community!
  • Help keep KCON stay a safe environment for everyone!
  • Engage with your fellow KCONers and talk all-things hallyu!
  • Be friendly and treat all KCONers with respect!
  • Have a great time with your fellow K-pop and K-culture enthusiasts!


Actions We Do Not Tolerate:

  • Not listening or complying with requests or instructions from KCON staff, venue staff, security personnel, or officers/officials;
  • Scalping KCON Concert tickets or Artist Engagement vouchers;
  • Threatening the safety of KCONers, special guests or artists in any way (physically, psychologically, emotionally, sexually, or otherwise);
  • Being offensive, hostile, obscene, or lewd;
  • Threatening actions or behavior, harassment (in any form), stalking/following, bullying, heckling, or intimidation;
  • Disruptive actions or behavior, such as interrupting artists or guest speakers during Artist Engagements or Panels;
  • Damaging any private property;
  • Theft or stealing anyone else’s personal property;
  • Unwanted physical contact or the use of physical force against another person;
  • Solicitation of tips, fees, donations, or the like, for any reason (including in exchange for goods/services), in any part of the Convention;
  • Sale of merchandise/goods outside of the designated exhibitor spaces in the Convention area;
  • Handing out any materials (e.g., flyers, stickers, cards, banners, promotional items) anywhere inside or outside of the Convention or Concert venues (except by exhibitors within their designated space or as otherwise approved by CJ);
  • Gathering information, performing market research, collective surveys from KCONers (unless performed by CJ);
  • Possession, distribution, or use of any illegal substances or alcoholic beverages;
  • Smoking in any form, including cigarettes, pipes, cigars, e-cigarettes, vapes, etc., unless in a designated area outside of the KCON venues;
  • Possession of any item that may be considered (or mistaken for) a weapon;
  • Any action or behavior that people would generally deem inappropriate, disorderly, disruptive, or potentially harmful;
  • Violating any parts this Code, any of the Rules and Policies, or any venue policies;
  • Any activity prohibited by applicable law, rule or regulation.


Safety & Security

Take care of yourself and your personal belongings while you are at KCON.
If you see anyone violating the Code or feel your or someone else’s safety is at risk in any way, please report it to the nearest KCON staff or security personnel.
While we take all concerns raised seriously, we must use our discretion to determine when and how to follow-up on reported incidents.  We may decline to take any further action and/or may direct you to other resources or authorities for resolution.


Zero Tolerance

CJ adopts a zero tolerance policy for all of the above prohibited (and similar) activities.  If you are participating in any such activity, CJ may revoke any tickets/vouchers/passes in your possession.  If deemed necessary, the proper authorities will be notified.
CJ reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or remove any person from, the Convention, Concert(s), or any KCON programming at any time in its sole discretion, without refund.


All ticket/voucher sales (e.g., Concert, Convention, Artist Engagement) are final.  Please be careful at check out to ensure that you are purchasing the tickets/vouchers you intend to buy.


Third Party Sales

There may be individuals, third party websites, and social media pages (i.e., Facebook) that offer the sale or trade of certain tickets, including Artist Engagement vouchers.  Please be wary of scammers AND COUNTERFEIT TICKETS/VOUCHERS!  We highly discourage the purchase of tickets from any third party.  However, if you must do so, please try to confirm the authenticity with a KCON staff member working at the Artist Engagement area.  General KCON staff, venue staff, and security personnel will not be able to confirm authenticity. 


Helpful Tips

  • Examine the tickets carefully beforehand and compare them to your other tickets. If the ticket or voucher looks off in any way, do not purchase or trade for it!
  • Be careful if the price is too good to be true. It probably is!
  • Be careful if the price is too high! Those tickets are likely high in demand and scammers know this!
  • Try to bring the seller with you to find a KCON staff member (not venue staff or security personnel) at the Artist Engagement area to confirm validity and authenticity. If they are unwilling to go with you, there’s likely a problem.  Please report that person immediately!
  • Protect yourself by taking a selfie with the seller, recording the seller’s name and phone number, check and take a photograph of their ID (e.g., driver’s license, identification card, passport), and check to see if they have a packet of legitimate tickets like any other KCONer would have. This information may be useful if you have to report them to the proper authorities.


If you are found to be in possession of a counterfeit ticket/voucher, the ticket/voucher will be confiscated, and you will not be allowed to enter the Concert or Artist Engagement area without exception.  CJ cannot be liable for the actions of a third party.

CJ would hate for any KCONers to be defrauded or scammed, so be very careful and use your best judgment.


While the venues have the sole responsibility for providing accessibility in their facilities, CJ strives to provide reasonable accommodations in KCON programming areas for KCONers, volunteers, and staff with special needs or disabilities that are protected by federal, state, and local public accommodation and accessibility laws.
Please be advised that certain designated areas (e.g., Artist Engagement, Panels) fill up quickly and all seating is first come, first served, so special seating may not be available if you arrive late.
All KCONers must have the appropriate voucher to enter certain controlled access programming.


All of our minor KCONers (under 18 years old) should be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian while in attendance.
Children 13 years old and under must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times.
If you see any unattended children, please escort them immediately to the nearest information booth for assistance.


The possession, distribution, or use of any illegal substances or outside alcoholic beverages is absolutely prohibited and can subject you to ticket forfeiture and ejection from KCON.
If the Convention or Concert venue supplies alcoholic beverages, only those beverages sold and supplied by a venue employee at a venue booth is permitted.


Weapons, real or fake, are not appropriate for KCON.  Please do not bring anything that resembles or could be mistaken for a weapon.  If you are found to have any such items, you will be asked to leave and return after those items have been stored away.


  • Admission to the Convention is available to the following persons only:
    • Convention ticket holders, and
    • Official Event badge holders.
  • Some Convention programs, including Artist Engagement sessions and KLUB KCON, may require separate passes for entry.
  • Check-in Schedule
    • Early Event Check-in will take place on August 9th (1 p.m. to 5 p.m.)
    • Regular Event Check-in will take place on:
      • August 10th (7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.);
      • August 11th (7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.);
      • August 12th (7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
  • Check-in areas will be located on Petree Hall at the LA Convention Center.
  • There will be separate check-in areas/lines for Diamond/Platinum, P1, P2, and all other ticketholders.
  • Event badge holders (including guest or press pass holders) will be checked-in at a separate area.
  • Entry into the Convention will begin at 11 a.m. on Friday, August 10th  and 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 10th and Sunday, August 11th.
  • The Convention area will remain open until 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and until 5 p.m. on Sunday.
  • At check-in, the QR Code on your Convention ticket will be scanned to authenticate your right to enter the Convention and provide you with the various benefits associated with your ticket tier.
    • Beware of fraud or unauthorized copies since each ticket contains a unique barcode which invalidates any subsequent copies of said ticket when scanned.
    • Do NOT share pictures of your tickets, as those barcodes may be used to create counterfeit tickets and may prevent your entry to the Event.
    • CJ is not responsible or liable for your purchase of counterfeit or fraudulent tickets and CJ advises you to buy tickets only from official sources including the Box Office, Ticketmaster, AXS and authorized resellers.
  • At check-in, you will receive an RFID wristband to access the Convention, which is good for entry to three (3) days of the Convention. Wristbands are non-transferrable and must be kept on during the entirety of the Event.  Wristbands must be worn at all times while on Convention grounds.  Wristbands that are tampered with or removed shall be void and unusable.
    • CJ reserves the right to deny admission to anyone with a wristband that has been cut, re-tied, or otherwise tampered with.
  • Replacements wristbands can be purchased for an additional $25 charge, regardless of the type of Convention wristband you are intending to replace.


Taking photographs and recording video by KCONers using cell phones and/or small, non-professional cameras (e.g., cameras without detachable lenses, telephoto or zoom lenses, external flashes) are generally allowed in the common areas of the Convention for personal, non-commercial use, provided that the photography or video recording is not disruptive.

Photos and videos may not be sold, or otherwise published, uploaded, reproduced, transmitted, or distributed for commercial exploitation in any manner whatsoever.
Be sure to watch out for specific photo and video rules that apply to certain designated programming areas (e.g., Artist Engagement, Panels) and always follow KCON staff instructions.  If you fail to follow the rules or instructions, you may be removed from the area without refund.


Because space is limited, programming areas and panel rooms are first come, first served.
All programming area and panel room attendees are expected to comply with the Code.
Please respect the order of the line for these areas and enter in an orderly fashion.  Once the program or panel has finished, all KCONers must exit the area to make room for the next program or panel and its attendees.
For KCONers who require special needs or have disabilities, please refer to the Accommodations for Attendees with Disabilities section.


Programming Area & Panel Room – Restrictions

  • Do not crowd the stage at any time.
  • Do not stand on chairs, step stools, ladders, etc.
  • Do not bring any items that may block other audience members’ vision (e.g., tablets, signs, posters, balloons, selfie-sticks, Go-Pro poles).


Programming Area & Panel Room – Photo & Video Policy

Be sure to watch out for specific photo and video rules that apply to programming areas and panel rooms, and always follow KCON staff’s instructions.  If you fail to follow the rules or instructions, you may be removed from the area without refund.


Special guests and panelists should refer to the terms and conditions of your agreement with CJ.  Further, just like all other KCONers, special guests and panelists are expected to comply with the Code.


All Artist Engagement attendees are expected to comply with the Code.
Artist Engagements are controlled access programming.  You may only enter if you have the appropriate voucher.  Voucher substitutions are not allowed.
Please be careful with your Artist Engagement vouchers.  There is a set quantity of vouchers provided to KCONers, and extras cannot be made or otherwise replaced.  CJ is not responsible for any lost or damaged Artist Engagement vouchers.
Once the Artist Engagement has finished, all KCONers must exit the area to make room for the next session.
For KCONers who require special needs or have disabilities, please refer to the Accommodations for Attendees with Disabilities section.


Artist Engagement – Line-Up Procedures

  • Official lines will form approximately thirty (30) minutes before the start of each Artist Engagement session.
    • Any unofficial lines may not be honored, so please line up at your own discretion.
  • There will be three separate lines formed: (1) Diamond and Platinum attendees; (2) Hi-Touch voucher holders; and (3) Audience voucher holders.
    • Diamond and Platinum attendees will have top priority and will enter first;
    • Hi-Touch voucher holders will enter next and have their vouchers examined prior to entry into the Hi-Touch area; and
    • Audience vouchers holders will submit their vouchers upon entry.
  • Out of respect for other KCONers, please do not cut anyone in line.


Artist Engagement – Restrictions

  • For your safety (and the safety of others), do not run in the Artist Engagement area!
  • One Hi-Touch per KCONer per artist (even if you have multiple vouchers)!
    • If you fail to follow the rules or instructions, you may be removed area and barred from attending any others.
  • Cameras with detachable/interchangeable telephoto or zoom lenses are prohibited! Do not bring these cameras into the Artist Engagement areas!
    • Only cell phones and small, non-professional cameras are allowed in Artist Engagement sessions.
    • If you are unsure about your camera, please ask a KCON staff member working in the Artist Engagement area.
    • Regardless of type of camera, if a KCON staff member or security personnel asks you to put your camera away, you must do so.
  • Any devices that extend your cell phone or cameras away from your hand or body (e.g., selfie-sticks, Go-Pro poles, stilts, tripods) are prohibited!
  • Video recording devices such as hand-held camcorders, Google Glass and Go-Pros are not permitted in the Artist Engagement sessions! Please put these away.
  • Hi-Touch Voucher Holders:
    • Hi-fives only!
      • Do not hug, grab, kiss, shake hands, or make any other physical contact with the artists.
    • Video recording or taking photos during the Hi-Touch is not allowed!
      • Please store all cell phones and point-and-shoot cameras away in your bags or back pockets.
    • Please line-up when instructed to do so!
      • You must listen to KCON staff when asked to line up for Hi-Touch. If you do not line up or are otherwise distracted, you may miss your chance to participate!
    • Do not hold up the line!
      • Keep pace with other Hi-Touch KCONers. There is a limited amount of time, so please do not inconvenience other KCONers!
    • Gifts for artists are not allowed!
      • We understand you are passionate and would like to show your appreciation to the artists, but this is for the artists’ safety! Please understand!
    • No oversized or inappropriate signage!


Artist Engagement – Disclaimer

  • Artist Engagement schedules are subject to change or cancellation at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • If there are any changes or cancellations, CJ will notify you via the official KCON mobile app.
    • CJ is not liable for any delayed information about schedule changes including, but not limited to, errors within the app, lack of signal in regards to SMS messaging, etc.
  • In the case of an outright cancellation of an Artist Engagement, CJ may make efforts to provide relief, but is not responsible for and does not guarantee an alternate opportunity or any other remedies.


Artist Engagement – Photo & Video Policy

As noted in the Artist Engagement – Restrictions, cameras with detachable/interchangeable telephoto or zoom lenses are not allowed.  Please store these cameras away prior to entering the Artist Engagement area.
Be sure to watch out for other posted photo and video rules that apply to Artist Engagement areas, and always follow KCON staff’s instructions.  If you fail to follow the rules or instructions, you may be removed from the area without refund.


Convention exhibitors and vendors must abide by the terms and conditions of your agreement with CJ.  Additionally, exhibitors and vendors are expected to comply with the Code.
Convention exhibitors and vendors must stay within their allotted exhibitor space, and any sales outside of that space (including outside of the venues), will subject you to immediate forfeiture of your exhibitor/vendor booth, without refund, and a ban from future events.


Concert Venue Rules and Policies

Concert venues have their own rules and policies.  Please refer to their websites for more information (


Line-Up Rules

If an unofficial line is formed, we do not guarantee that your place in line will be honored.
We reserve the right to change where lines will form and which entrance will be used at any time prior to the Concerts.
Out of respect for other KCONers, please do not cut anyone in line.


Entry Protocol

Please follow your lines and enter the Concert venue in an orderly fashion.  If you are found to be running, pushing, pulling, etc., we reserve the right to remove you from your place in line or the Concert altogether.
Safety is our top priority and any action or behavior that endangers or threatens the safety of our attendees will not be tolerated.


Concert Photo & Video Policy

Concert venues have their own camera and video policies.  Please refer to their websites for more information (
Cameras with detachable/interchangeable telephoto or zoom lenses will be strictly prohibited in the Concerts.  Upon entry, Concert venue staff will be checking bags and your camera may be confiscated by venue staff.  In order to avoid this, please store your cameras away in a safe place (e.g., car, hotel room, etc.) before lining up for the Concerts.
Video and audio recording of the Concerts is strictly prohibited.  Video recording devices such as hand-held camcorders, Google Glass and Go-Pros are strictly prohibited.

Anyone caught violating this policy will be escorted out of the Concert immediately, without refund.


All approved members of the press must be properly registered and wear their official “Press” badge at all times.  Press badges may not be sold or transferred, even among your team or co-workers.  Press badges are personal and must be returned by the individual who was assigned the badge.
Members of the press are not permitted to livestream, broadcast, webcast, or otherwise transmit, retransmit, distribute, or copy any audio or video from any KCON programming for longer than forty-five (45) consecutive seconds.
Press badges do not grant you access to restricted areas (e.g., backstage, frontstage, offstage).  For special programming areas, such as Artist Engagements, only CJ-designated press may enter, while accompanied by CJ staff.


By attending the Convention and Concert(s), you are consenting to have your image captured by official KCON photographers and videographers.
Further, you agree that all resulting materials, which include still photos, video, and audio recordings, may be used and exploited by CJ, without restriction, in any manner and media now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity, without any compensation to you.

You acknowledge and agree that this authorization is intended to satisfy all consent requirements of the California Civil Code sections 3344 and 3344.1, or any other statutes or common law principles of similar effect, and you hereby waive and release any and all claims that you have or hereafter have against CJ under such statutes or any other statutes or common law principles of similar effect.

If you have an objection to this consent, please do not attend the Convention or Concert(s).

It is important that you and/or your parent/legal guardian read and understand the below.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

In consideration of being permitted to attend KCON, you and/or your parent/legal guardian hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms of this General Waiver and Limitation of Liability (the “Waiver”):

  1. I have read, understand, and agree to abide by these Rules and Policies, which are incorporated into this Waiver as set forth herein.
  1. I understand and agree that this Waiver, along with the Rules and Policies, apply to me at all times before, during and after KCON.
  1. I understand and agree that my failure to abide by the Rules and Policies, or any instructions of KCON staff, Convention venue staff, Concert venue staff, security, officials, officers, or any other persons affiliated with or acting for or on behalf of CJ, KCON, the venues, or the City, may subject me to forfeiture of my KCON ticket(s) and/or Convention voucher(s) without refund.
  1. I understand that my attendance and participation in activities at KCON is voluntary and that some activities (e.g., dancing, Artist Engagements, Red Carpet) may involve risks, including physical injury (temporary or permanent), death, damage to property, loss of property, and other damages or losses. As a condition of my being permitted to attend KCON or participate in any activities, I assume and accept all risks of harm, loss or injury, and waive the right to claim any damages whatsoever resulting from, arising from, or in connection with my attendance at KCON or participation in any activities.
  1. I understand and agree that CJ shall not be held responsible for any loss or theft of my property during KCON. I understand that it is my responsibility to be mindful of my property at all times.
  1. I understand and agree that if I damage any real or personal property in any manner or extent during KCON, including but not limited to the property owned by the Convention venue or Concert venue, I will be solely responsible for the cost of repairs and/or replacement of such damaged property.
  1. I hereby waive and release, indemnify and forever hold harmless CJ, the Convention venue, the Concert venue, the City, their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and each of their respective officers, directors, partners, members, shareholders, employees, agents, representatives, successors and assigns (the “Released Parties”) from any and all disputes, claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities, causes of action, lawsuits, attorneys’ fees, and/or claims of every kind and nature (“Disputes”), whether known or unknown, in law or equity, that I ever had or may have, arising out of or in connection to my attendance or participation at KCON, including any acts or omissions by third parties such as medical providers, emergency personnel, and food and beverage vendors.
  1. I acknowledge that I have read and understand the provisions of California Civil Code Section 1542, which provides as follows: “A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him or her must have materially affected his or her settlement with the debtor.” Being aware of such statutory right, by participating in KCON, I expressly waive any rights under California Civil Code Section 1542 as well as any other statutes or common law principles of similar effect.
  1. I agree that any and all Disputes arising out of or in connection to my attendance or participation at KCON shall be determined by confidential binding arbitration, in accordance with the arbitration rules of JAMS to be held in Los Angeles County, California, before a single neutral arbitrator. I agree that the laws of the State of California shall apply to and govern any Disputes, without regard to its principles of conflicts of laws.  No waiver of any breach or default of the terms herein shall be effective unless in writing signed by you and CJ.  If any provision herein is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such determination shall not affect any other provision hereof, and the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by an enforceable provision that most closely meets the commercial intent of the parties.


I submit this Waiver of my own free will, free of any pressure, duress or threat of duress.  I have read this Waiver carefully, understand it, and understand I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue.  I agree to be legally bound by it and intend by signature to be a complete and unconditional release of CJ of all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law.  I agree that no certification authority or other third-party verification is required to validate my electronic signature, and that the lack of such certification or third-party verification shall not in any way AFFECT the enforceability of this Waiver. 


Parent/Legal Guardian’s Additional Release for Minor Attendees

I represent and warrant that I am the parent or legal guardian of the minor attending KCON and hereby give permission for my child to attend and participate in activities at KCON.  I acknowledge that I have read this Waiver on behalf of me and my minor child, understand it, and understand that I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue.  I agree to be legally bound by it and intend by signature to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law.