KCON 2017 NY

June 23-24

Prudential Center

(Getting There)

The convention is tripling in size in terms of number of booths, merchants, workshops, and panels!!!



• 100+ Merchandise Booths with Freebies & Countless Activities with Fun!

• KCON Food Street Brought to You by Some of the Hottest Restaurants/Food Trucks in Town!!

• Artist Engagement with Your Favorite Artists from the Concert Line-Up!!!

• The first Amazon Mobile Masters Invitation (M2) taking place at KCON NY with THREE rounds of games!!!



• First KCON Beauty Block on the East Coast Featuring Popular Brands in K-Beauty!

• Dance Workshops Where You Can Learn the Latest Moves in K-Pop All-Day!!


KLUB KCON IS COMING BACK TO KCON NY on Thursday, the 22nd of June! Who’s excited to dance all night before KCON NY💃🎧🕺??


Convention Ticket: $20

KLUB KCON Ticket: $25

Don’t forget to get your concert tickets to KCON NY HERE!

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