Last Friday, Stray Kids took over LA with their #STRAYKIDSinUSA tour. Many STAYs had multiple emotional moments with the members when they re-called their first KCON experience last year and gratitude towards their US fans.


Felix: “We met you (US STAYs) for the first time at KCON NY last year. We were very nervous because we didn’t know how you would see us and think of our performances.”

Hyunjin: “I heard we were supposed to come to LA for KCON last year, too, but it unfortunately didn’t work out. We are so happy to see all of you here tonight.”


The members put on an absolutely amazing show and turned on the crowd many many times. Check out KCON TV’s photos below during their opening stages – <Hellevator> <Grrr> <Awaken> <District 9>. Please look forward to their future activities!

Special thanks to Subkulture Entertainment.