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Instructions for #KCON16LA Convention Admission Voucher


If you have received a #KCON16LA Convention Admission Voucher, it is important that you follow the instructions below in order to successfully redeem it at registration.




1. You CANNOT register online but need to register ON SITE if you bring this voucher:

Unfortunately, you will not be able to redeem these vouchers online at our registration website. You must bring your voucher to KCON LA and register ON SITE. If you would like to purchase more convention tickets however, you can always purchase them and register online in advance.


2. Redeem your voucher only AT REGISTRATION located at the South Hall Lobby of LA Convention Center:

Head over to the South Hall Lobby of LA Convention Center to register in person, redeem your voucher, and play at #KCON16LA! Refer to the map for directions.


3. You must present your original physical voucher at registration:

In order to successfully redeem your voucher, you MUST present your original physical voucher at check-in. *Keep in mind that you must also provide your personal/school information along with your original physical voucher (See #5).


4. Your voucher is valid for 2 free 1-day convention admissions to KCON 2016 Los Angeles (1 for student & 1 for parent/guardian):

This means that the voucher will grant you convention access for TWO people (1 student & 1 parent/guardian) for only ONE day. Note that this voucher can only be redeemed ONCE at registration – you cannot redeem it on separate occasions.


5. This voucher is intended for specific recipients only: PERSONAL / SCHOOL INFORMATION must match what is on KCON 2016 LA’s registration list:

These vouchers were distributed to specific recipients only. Please make sure to bring your school ID/school information to validate your entry.


6. This voucher is only for convention entry and does not give you other benefits (concert, fan engagement, red carpet, and merchandise): 

Once you redeem your voucher, you will have 1-day access to the convention only. Your voucher will NOT give you other benefits noted above.


**For all other instructions, please refer to the rules printed on the voucher.

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