#KCON16NY Programming Spotlight: K-Beauty

Have you ever wondered how your favorite K-Pop and K-Drama stars obtained their flawless looks? We’ve got some very special guests at #KCON16NY who will give you the insider scoop on how to obtain that perfect look you desire!

First up is Glow Recipe’s very own co-founders, Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, who will be showing you how to give your skin the proper nourishment and care. Remember, healthy soft skin will help showcase your natural beauty so make sure to come and learn from the experts!

Glow Recipe

Next up, Peach and Lily’s Alicia Yoon, will share the best tips and tricks on how you can fight dreaded blackheads, pores, and breakouts. So if you’ve been stressing about any of these skin troubles…do not worry! Your help is on the way!


Is acne your main concern? Have you wondered how you can keep them away from your face? SokoGlam’s Charlotte Cho, will be sharing her words of wisdom on how to fight persistent acne so that they don’t keep you away from having perfect skin.

Soko Glam

Do you ever just click on one K-Pop idol makeup tutorial and then it somehow ends up to clicking on at least five more makeup tutorials? (Don’t worry we’re guilty of doing this as well!) Christina from Suhreal Makeup will be doing a live demo of how to achieve Mamamoo’s Solar’s look! You can also check out her other tutorials on her YouTube channel.

So there you have it, #KCON16NY and two days worth of beauty in a nutshell. The convention is FREE so don’t miss out on these awesome K-Beauty workshops! Online registration begins tomorrow, June 8 10AM PST and 1PM EST. Make sure to check out our socials for the registration link. The Faceshop, Tony Moly, and Leaders Cosmetics will also be at the convention so that you can complete your beauty haul at #KCON16NY.

Don’t forget to download the official KCON APP NOW so that you can see the rest of the programming schedule!

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