[#KCON17LA] Get to Know SF9!

They rocked #KCON17NY and now they are taking on #KCON17LA! Although they debuted less than a year ago, the nine-member FNC Entertainment boy group SF9 is already taking the K-pop world by storm. In anticipation for their appearance at KCON LA, get to know the funny and talented boys of SF9!

Before their official debut with the lead single “Fanfare” on October 5, 2016, members Da Won, Ro Woon, Cha Ni, and Zu Ho appeared in the interactive web drama “Click Your Heart” with AOA’s Mina. Shortly after, all nine boys participated in the FNC Entertainment survival show “d.o.b. (dance or band),” in which NEOZ Dance (now SF9) competed against NEOZ Band for the opportunity to debut.

Young Bin (Kim Young Bin)

Birthday: 1993.11.23
Birthplace: Anyang, South Korea
Blood Type: AB
Language: Korean

Armed with an adorable eye smile and rapping skills, Youngbin is the supportive and protective leader of SF9 (he once said he would die for SF9!). Although he is the leader, he also loves to joke around with the other boys.

Fun Fact!: Fittingly, the members sometimes call Young Bin “Appa” or “father”!


In Seong (Kim In Seong)

Birthday: 1993.07.12
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Languages: Korean, English

In Seong, who often describes himself as a “desert fox” because of his foxlike features, is not only a great vocalist, but he also loves to show off his drawing skills. He studied for one year in London, England, so you can look forward to hearing his English skills at KCON!

Fun Fact!: In Seong’s English name is James Kim!


Jae Yoon (Lee Jae Yoon)

Birthday: 1994.08.09
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Blood Type: O
Language: Korean

Vocal Jae Yoon is the only member from Busan and with his distinctive mellow voice, there is no wonder why he is the lead vocal! He is also best friends with member In Seong because they joined the company at the same time.

Fun Fact!: Jae Yoon’s favorite singer and role model is Canadian singer Michael Bublé.


Da Won (Lee Sanghyuk)

Birthday: 1995.07.24
Birthplace: Ilsan, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Language: Korean

In addition to being a vocal, Da Won is also the group’s resident jokester, always cracking jokes and livening up any room he walks into (see his wild Bruce Lee imitation). Of course, his weirdness makes him the most extra member AND the most lovable.

Fun Fact!: Da Won is extremely skilled in kendo! In fact, he trained in the sport for around six years.


Ro Woon (Kim Seokwoo)

Birthday: 1996.08.07Blood Type: B
Language: Korean

At 189 cm, or around 6 feet and 2 inches, vocal Ro Woon is the tallest member of SF9. His handsome looks paired with his smooth voice make him the ultimate bias wrecker, so watch out! You’ll be seeing a lot of him soon as he was cast as the male lead in the upcoming drama “School 2017” alongside gugudan’s Kim Sejeong!

Fun Fact!: Ro Woon was recently a guest on the show ‘Baek Jong Won’s Top 3 Chefs’ and turns out he’s also a great chef! /swoons/


Zu Ho (Baek Ju Ho)

Birthday: 1996.07.04
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: O

Language: Korean

Characterized by his deep voice and mysterious aura, Zu Ho is a rapper with a heart of gold. He compared himself to a lobster because despite his seemingly cold appearance, people will realize after getting past their first impression of him that he is a warm and sincere guy.

Fun Fact!: Ever since he was young, one of the cities he has always wanted to visit has been Los Angeles. Looks like his dream is coming true at KCON LA!


Tae Yang (Yoo Tae Yang)

Birthday: 1997.02.28
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: O
Language: Korean

Taeyang, whose name means “sunshine” in Korean, truly shines bright with his cheerful personality and endless talents. Though his position is the vocal, he is working hard to enhance both his dancing and singing skills because he would like to be known as the multitalented member of the group.

Fun Fact!: Tae Yang is a big fan of EXO, especially Kai’s dance skills and D.O.’s vocal abilities.


Hwi Young (Kim Youngkyun)

Position: Rapper

Birthday: 1999.05.11
Birthplace: Hannam, South Korea
Blood Type: B
Language: Korean

Although he is often described as the “cold city guy”, Hwi Young has a sensitive side, even crying at the end of the movie “Train to Busan.” He is an incredible rapper, as shown by his ability to turn a “Hamlet” reading into a rap!

Fun Fact!: Hwiyoung has always wanted to try bungee jumping. Hopefully sometime in the near future, he will get to try it out!


Cha Ni (Kang Chanhee)

Birthday: 2000.01.17
Birthplace: Daejeon, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Language: Korean

Although he is the youngest member of SF9, rapper Cha Ni has had a ton of acting experience. Most recently, he acted in the acclaimed 2016 police drama “Signal.” He is more on the mature, reserved side, but enjoys poking fun at the other members, hence his title as “the evil maknae.”

Fun Fact!: In addition to his acting abilities, Cha Ni also takes pride in his massaging skills.


Evidently, SF9 is a group with many strong points, but their best characteristic has to be their hilarious personalities. Check out some of their crazy antics in this clip:

Now that you know how incredible and entertaining these nine guys are, you definitely don’t want to miss out on seeing them perform at KCON LA. Mark your calendars, because KCON LA combo tickets come out on July 14th and single tickets come out on July 17th!