Kevin Woo

American Singer, actor, TV host, and influencer Kevin Woo is back again at KCON!

From a meet & greet to performances, don’t miss out on meeting him once again in the big apple! 🗽

Jong Up

Jongup[종업] is a South Korean dancer and singer, mostly well known for being a former member of K-Pop boy groupB.A.P. He was the main dancer and a vocal and had more than hundred solo performances.


JUN is a Korean American solo artist, mostly well-known for his past YouTube career under the name JuNCurryAhn. With over seven years of experience on YouTube as a violinist and garnering with over 2million followers on social media, JUN made his first step into the mainstream music industry with his single ‘Hold it Down’ in 2018.


Esna [에스나] is an American singer-songwriter active in SouthKorea. Her first extended play, eSNa, The Singer was released in October 2015. She has also written songs for other artists such as Wheesung, Mamamoo, 4Minute, Jo Kwon, and MadClown.

Big Marvel


THE one and only #BIGMARVEL is coming to #KCON19NY for the first time ever! What a way to kick off our 5th year in NY! Don’t miss his Meet & Greet and more!


Andreas Oberg is a multi platinum songwriter, guitarist & producer, who’s written songs on many Nr 1 releases on the single/album charts in Japan, South Korea & many other countries. Come here him speak again at #KCON19NY and learn what the difference is between American Pop and K-Pop.

David Amber

Joining us for the first time at KCON, David Amber! He has written for many kpop groups. Artist credits include TWICE, GFriend, AOA, B.A.P., EXO-CBX, NCT, fromis_9, LOONA, SF9, and many more. If you’re an @officialfromis_9 fan, we’re sure you’ve heard his name before if #LoveBomb is your jam 🎶


TerryTV is a YouTuber who makes story time videos about his life, vlogs, and other content! Check out his YouTube, subscribe, and be a part of his journey to 2M+ subs!


MIN is a K-Pop music producer currently active in Korea. He debuted as a producer in 2016 and since has worked with numerous artists including, VIXX, Cosmic Girls, JBJ and more.

Cody & Wyatt from GayPop

Cody Schmitz and Wyatt Stark are filmmakers, boyfriends, and K-Pop super fans. Come greet them at #KCON19NY and meet them during the awesome programs taking place during the day! Stay tuned for a programming schedule – coming soon.


Dezzy March is a K-Pop entertainment channel focused on reactions, skits & vlogs. His amazing supporters are called Intellectualz! Dezzy’s calm fanboying & attention to details within the visuals & music he reacts to are what make him so relatable. He catches things within the music videos that some fans will probably miss until their 3rd or 4th listen. He also has an award-winning smile as well as a breathtaking visual.


Two Korean K-Pop YouTubers who dig deeper into the Korean Wave.


Known simply as “The Producer” they bring their experience from the industry to YouTube with breakdowns of music videos and creating short films. They also have an obsession with pineapples.


StillNotDavid (David Le) is a veteran YouTuber who’s been around for over 10 years! David has over 10 million views and 100k subscribers on his channel and is best known for his K-Pop covers and comedy videos/vlogs.

Susie Kelly


Susie Kelly joins us once again with two jam packed days of art workshops! From paint nites, to making your own emroidered patch and fansigns, come take a break from the busy convention and relax while creating some art.

Terry He

Terry He is a YouTuber and actor from Toronto, Canada. He has been an avid K-Pop fan for many years, particularly of the greatest rock band in the history of our kind, DAY6.  His work has been featured on and praised by numerous outlets including The Toronto Star, Hunan TV,CCTV, & Fairchild TV.


ReacttotheK is a YouTube channel centered around classical music majors who react to and musically analyze K-Pop songs. Through their videos, they hope to not only entertain their audience, but also highlight the cool melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and instrumental things that are happening in the songs they react to.

Your Sweet Guys

Your Sweet Guys are cousins that are here to have a good & memorable time. They’re back for another year of fun, laughter and hyping up their faves with you guys! Your Kpop loving best friends will talk to anyone about Monsta x, Seventeen & Got7. New year, same sweet guys. They’re ready to party and yell for 48 hours straight!!