Kevin Woo

American Singer, actor, TV host, and influencer Kevin Woo is back again at KCON!

From a meet & greet to performances, don’t miss out on meeting him once again in the big apple! 🗽

Jong Up

Jongup[종업] is a South Korean dancer and singer, mostly well known for being a former member of K-Pop boy groupB.A.P. He was the main dancer and a vocal and had more than hundred solo performances.


JUN is a Korean American solo artist, mostly well-known for his past YouTube career under the name JuNCurryAhn. With over seven years of experience on YouTube as a violinist and garnering with over 2million followers on social media, JUN made his first step into the mainstream music industry with his single ‘Hold it Down’ in 2018.


Esna [에스나] is an American singer-songwriter active in SouthKorea. Her first extended play, eSNa, The Singer was released in October 2015. She has also written songs for other artists such as Wheesung, Mamamoo, 4Minute, Jo Kwon, and MadClown.

Big Marvel


THE one and only #BIGMARVEL is coming to #KCON19NY for the first time ever! What a way to kick off our 5th year in NY! Don’t miss his Meet & Greet and more!

Chef Jae Jung

One of the hottest, young Korean chefs praised by CBS Morning, Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, New York Times plus other local media.

Chef Youngsun Lee

Chef Youngsun works hard in introducing Korean ingredients and food. He also taught many hotel chefs in NYC how to cook Korean food and other cooking ICE. He is one of the rising second generation chefs who is concentrated in globalizing the Korean Cuisine.


Andreas Oberg is a multi platinum songwriter, guitarist & producer, who’s written songs on many No. 1 releases on the single/album charts in Japan, South Korea & many other countries. Come here him speak again at #KCON19NY and learn what the difference is between American Pop and K-Pop.

David Amber

Joining us for the first time at KCON, David Amber! He has written for many kpop groups. Artist credits include TWICE, GFriend, AOA, B.A.P., EXO-CBX, NCT, fromis_9, LOONA, SF9, and many more. If you’re an @officialfromis_9 fan, we’re sure you’ve heard his name before if #LoveBomb is your jam 🎶

Balming Tiger

A diverse music collective taking their name from the famous Asian tiger balm ointment, Balming Tiger is a self-proclaimed ‘alternative multi-national k-pop band’ with the aim to create a global impact. Balming Tiger’s main creative vision is to reflect and represent today’s younger generation of society, with also having the  goal of further popularizing Asian culture to the rest of the world. 


Hello! My name is Coco, and I’m currently in Korea working as a singer, reporter, MC, YouTuber, and also a Twitch streamer! You can find me by my handle “rilaccoco”on all SNS platforms (YouTube,Instagram, & Twitch)!


Edward Avila. Monbebe. K-beauty. Monbebe. Trophy Cat. Monbebe. Wonho.

Ellen and Brian

Ellen Min and Brian Li are a Chinese American couple living in Los Angeles. They are known for their dance covers & tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. Earlier this year, they collaborated with MNET on a special dance video with Chung Ha as well as a dance cover compilation with Yoojung from Weki Meki.


A pharmaceutical student born in Daegu, South Korea. Dancer who rose to the YouTube stardom through his humorous and exotic dance covers of  K-pop songs. His dance videos, in addition to a wide variety of challenges and reactions, have won him more than 1.7 million subscribers.


K-pop beauty aficionado known for her beauty tutorials, style reviews, and the unique K-pop reaction video posted to her YouTube channel. She is a beauty Influencer with an unpredictable charm, reviewing many cosmetics with bright and entertaining energy.


Known for his vibrant online personality and superb body roll skills, JRE  from JREKML has catapulted into the K-Pop scene by enlightening fans and viewers alike by shining light into the world of Kpop through his genuine reaction videos, documentary series, and comedic Collaborations.


Mike Chen is a Chinese American video creator and his passion in life is food. Seriously the obsession is strong. Some of his greatest food adventures include the buttery Kobe steak in Japan, a MASSIVE whole roast pig in the Philippines and a delicious dumpling tour of New York City. 


MIN is a K-Pop music producer currently active in Korea. He debuted as a producer in 2016 and since has worked with numerous artists including, VIXX, Cosmic Girls, JBJ and more.

Sunny’s Channel

Sunny from Sunny’s Channel is a K-Beauty Youtuber based in NYC. She has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, making a variety of K-Pop Cover Makeup tutorials and vlogs.


TerryTV is a YouTuber who makes story time videos about his life, vlogs, and other content! Check out his YouTube, subscribe, and be a part of his journey to 2M+ subs!


Salute! We are AB6IX USA Fan Project Team! Come learn about AB6IX or make new friends with other ABNEW. They have a fun session planned full of games and AB6IX! For any ABNEW coming to the fan club meeting, they encourage you all to bring items (such as photocards) that you want to trade with others and will have freebies, small prizes for game winners, and will hold a raffle for attendees!


Aisha currently works as a freelance designer, creating book covers and promotional images for independent presses, publishing houses, and self-published authors. In her free time, Aisha crochets gifts for friends and family, plays mom to three completely ridiculous cats, enjoys table-top gaming, and is a harcore kpop fan.

Ajai McGough

 Ajai McGough is currently training and teaching at Coastal PerformingArts Academy in Savannah, Georgia. She has also been training with the Joffrey Ballet the past 4 years with many choreographers such as Sorah Yang and more. You may have seen her many K-Pop covers on Instagram, @Yoongiyooo

all things fromis_9

all things fromis_9 is a fan page dedicated to the 9 amazing girls known as fromis_9. If fromis_9 do something you better believe it will be posted about and hyped up here. The account is run by Zach, a Hayoung bias who can’t wait to see fromis_9 for the 2nd year in a row, and Gyuri for the first time.

Amanda Brennan

Amanda Brennan is Tumblr’s internet librarian who currently leads their content and social teams. After graduating with her MLIS from Rutgers University, she began her career at Know Your Meme, researching the history of internet phenomena & niche subcultures.


Annie Stoll is a Grammy winning senior art director at Sony Music by day and by night she likes to draw, make comic anthologies and listen to way too much Kpop! You can catch her on twitter or instagram on @aniistoll


Aoora is a solo artist and a producer of Trophy Cat.

Bea Vantapool

Bea Vantapool—Tumblr’s K-Pop expert—is part of the platform’s content insights and social team. Born in NYC, she graduated from Stony Brook University with BAs in Journalism and Sociology, and started her career at Facebook as part of their trending news team.

Beatriz Sousa

Originally from Seattle, WA but currently living in Los Angeles where she attends university, Beatriz escapes from her studies by actively participating in the North American K-Pop community. She actively takes pictures and fancams at K-Pop concerts throughout LA and loves getting to meet fellow K-Pop fans.

Born Star Training Center

Born Star is one of South Korea’s largest music entertainment training centers. With campuses located in South Korea, China, and NYC which is the first and only Born Star campus in the United States.

Caro Malis

Caro Malis is a content creator and writer with a focus on K-Pop, K-Beauty and K-Fashion, born in Chile, based in NYC. She has written about pop culture and beauty for Nylon (US and Latin America), Soompi (US and Latin America), Cosmopolitan and more.

Cody & Wyatt from GayPop

Cody Schmitz and Wyatt Stark are filmmakers, boyfriends, and K-Pop super fans. Come greet them at #KCON19NY and meet them during the awesome programs taking place during the day! Stay tuned for a programming schedule – coming soon.

Claire Chun

Claire Chun is a graduate of New York University with a B.A. in Politics and Social and Cultural Analysis (2018). In addition to graduating magna cum laude with High Honors, she received the Distinguished Achievement in Asian/Pacific/American Studies Award, which is presented to the most outstanding senior who has demonstrated rigorous and original scholarship and a commitment to furthering the knowledge of Asian/Pacific/American Studies.

Cortney Anna

Cortney is 1/2 of the lively duo 2MinJinkJongKey! You can consider them professional fangirls. Wether they’re spazzing over the latest MV’s, reviewing albums, or discussing serious topics, they love sharing their passion for K-Pop with the world.


Courtney is the lead marketer for all things K-pop at Amino Apps! She has the pleasure of working with most of your favorite people on YouTube to help spread the word about Amino’s awesome K-pop communities. Previously she was on the marketing and production team at Soompi.

Crystal Bell

Crystal Bell is the Culture Director of MTV News, where she oversees the coverage of all things film, television, and K-Pop. As the creator and co-producer of MTV News’s digital series “Homecoming” — which followed Asian-American artists Tiffany Young, Jay Park, and Amber Liu as they make a name for themselves in the U.S. — she’s always looking for new ways to cover global artists and tell their stories.

Daniel Jang

Daniel Jang is an American born violinist of Taiwanese descent.Based in New Jersey, he records and arranges a wide range of music on his YouTube channel. In 2012, subscribers on his small channel encouraged him to submit his cover of “BLUE”by BIGBANG to their international cover contest, which was eventually voted for ‘Best Instrumentalist’.


Danielle, often called Minnie by friends, is a long time Korean music fan who is an active part of the Chicago K-Pop community for 7 years whose goal in life is to dye her hair the color of every Red Velvet member’s designated color at some point. You can find her doing anything from leading a dance group at school, to working behind the scenes at live events, to even performing at them.

Devon Abelman

Devon Abelman is Allure’s digital beauty reporter, with beats including K-beauty, identity, and skin-care deep dives. She was the first to interview members of K-Pop groups like BTS, EXO, SHINee, and Red Velvet about their beauty routines for a Western audience.


Dezzy March is a K-Pop entertainment channel focused on reactions, skits & vlogs. His amazing supporters are called Intellectualz! Dezzy’s calm fanboying & attention to details within the visuals & music he reacts to are what make him so relatable. He catches things within the music videos that some fans will probably miss until their 3rd or 4th listen. He also has an award-winning smile as well as a breathtaking visual.

DJ Sanchez

Having performed up and down the east coast over the years, DJ Sanchez is excited to be back again at KLUB KCON 2019 NY! In the past he has worked with various groups such asDramaFever and Sonicboombox, and has opened for Korean artists including Jessi, Dean, Lyricks, Dumbfoundead, and Beenzino. As an open format and competitive DJ, he is excited to bring good vibes and high energy to the stage.


Two Korean K-Pop YouTubers who dig deeper into the Korean Wave.

Elizabeth de Luna

Elizabeth is a senior creative consultant with 1021 Creative, a marketing agency that works with brands like Google and Apple. She specializes in YouTube culture and trends, online fan communities, and K-Pop and previously worked in brand marketing for companies like YouTube and Eventbrite. Say hi on Twitter any time at @delunaelizabeth.


East2West is a Montreal-based K-pop cover performance crew. Their team, which consists of the collaborative effort of more than 80 active and talented performers, has a shared passion for the performing arts as they strive to give their best, all while having fun.East2West brings Eastern culture to the West by combining the ever-growing Korean pop music culture with Western hip-hop.

Emlyn Travis

Emlyn Travis is a journalist specializing in Korean entertainment including K-Pop, K-Dramas, and K-Beauty. Over the last four years, she’s covered the spread of the Hallyu wave for multiple outlets including Paper Magazine, MTV News, PopCrush, and Dazed. Talk to her about Chen’s solo album.


Friday is a music producer, DJ, pianist, and part of Trophy Cat.


GGM is a collective of dancers from the New York and New Jersey dance community from teams and crews such as Turnstyles, Sandbox NYC, Project D, Outburst, 2sdays, and more. Their members’ combined experiences include dancing for local and international showcases, competitions, and music artists.

Nathan Maloney

Nathan is the International Student Coordinator at Go! Go! Hanguk. He is passionate about helping people all over the world study Korean. Nathan brings firsthand experience to supporting Go! Go! Hanguk students having attended Korean language school himself. He has lived in Korea for the past 5 years and is happy to answer all of your questions about living and studying in Korea.


I LOVE DANCE launched in 2006 by MJ Choi, and since its founding, it has evolved to galvanize the K-Pop culture in the greater NYC Area. Today, it provides K-Pop Dance Classes in Manhattan, Queens, and Fort Lee, NJ. 


Immy is a Radio DJ from the east coast with listeners all over the world! When not crying over the latest K-Pop release she channels some of that energy into producing and hosting her own K-Pop radio show called “Daebak K-pop with IMMY” every Sunday. She is also the creator of “The sprinKle Podcast” where unfiltered discussions about everything Hallyu happens!

Jakob Dorof

Based in Seoul since 2014, Jakob Dorof is a leading consultant and writer on Korean pop, with a particular interest in its musical and rhetorical innovations, He recently co-created K-Factor, an orchestral K-Pop concert that debuted at Lincoln Center.

Jasmine Ho

Jasmine Ho is a designer on Tumblr’s content and social team. Born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong, she graduated in 2016 from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Illustration. She started her career at Kanvas, designing assets and filters for the camera app. She has been at Tumblr since 2018 where she has creates all brand visuals for The Fandometrics and all of Tumblr’s social accounts.

Jenny Zha

Jenny Zha is a content producer working in K-Pop since early 2010s. In 2018, she produced “When You Call My Name,” a Viki Original mini-documentary exploring the crossing of musical cultures through lens of Grammy-nominated R&B singer Gallant and MONSTA X. She also led Soompi’s annual event, Soompi Awards, which set a new Guinness World Records title for “Most Used Hashtag on Twitter in 24 Hours,” thanks to the dedication of over 150 fandoms around the world. 


Jimi is a former stylist for idols (such as Double A, Crayon Pop) and actors (Song SeungAh, Shin BongSun, Jo Seho) as well as working on the set of several movies.


Joon Lee is an actor, emcee and content creator based inAtlanta. Most prominently known for his “ahJOONMa” character on Instagram, Lee has more than 100K followers on Instagram.(For non-Koreans, “ahjumma” is Korean for older, motherly woman. Check out his posts to enjoy the “ahJOONMa” in him.

Julia Reck

Julia is a bi babe illustrator and designer based in Seattle. She loves comics, royalty aesthetics, fashion, food, and all kinds of pop music–especially kpop, duh! Her faves are BTS, Red Velvet and Triple H (and she can’t wait to see what Hyuna and E’Dawn do next!)

Katie Ruark

As a Senior Content Coordinator at ReedPOP, Katie has been wrangling panels, screenings, and special events at New York Comic Con and Emerald City Comic Con for the past few years. Prior to entering the convention world full time, Katie hopped around between the comics and music industries, so she has a wide breadth of pop culture knowledge. 

Katya Taylor

Katya Taylor is an 18-year-old dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer. Katya is professionally trained in multiple dance styles and has received a dance teaching certificate and an award from the Dance Teacher’s Club of Boston.

Lai Frances

Lai Frances is a music and pop culture writer and producer whose made bylines on PopCrush, tmrw, Billboard and Allure. Immersing herself for over a decade, Lai has went from a fan to a professional raving about all things Hallyu on social media to entering the media industry, interviewing artists and talking about K-Pop on The Korea Society, New York Comic Con, and of course, KCON USA. 

Madison Park

Madison Park is a producer, pianist, and DJ who brings unparalleled melodicism to the genre of future bass and dance pop. Madison has produced numerous tracks ranging from EDM to scores for film since 2014 for high-profile clients, and has released two of her own singles this year.

Michelle Cho

Michelle Cho is Assistant Professor of East Asian Popular Culture at the University of Toronto. She’s published on Asian cinemas and Korean wave television, video, and pop music in such venues as Cinema Journal, the International Journal of Communication, The Korean Popular Culture Reader, and Asian Video Cultures. 

Minah Park

Born in Seoul, South Korea but raised in Queens, New York city, Minah is an attorney plus part time Korean Hip-Hop and R&B fan turned interpreter and has helped interview artists such as Dynamic Duo and Up10tion. 

Natalie Morin

Natalie covers music and entertainment at Refinery29, where she is also the resident K-Pop expert. She’s interviewed some of the industry’s biggest acts, including Monsta X, Stray Kids, NCT127, iKON, Red Velvet, and more, and takes a special interest in their cross-cultural and social impact.

Nick Chun

Nick is a Korean American that grew up all over America. He currently goes to NYU as a business major but loves music and will continue to pursue it! He’s always loved Korean culture and music because of the incredible looks, talent, and most importantly its inclusivity. He hopes to impress you guys!

Ohayo Nabong Homecafe

Hello! Ohayo Nabong Homecafe is an Instagram account where she makes videos right from home featuring various eye-charming concepts infused with things that she enjoys and the sweet ingredients which young people who have youthful palates love.


Known simply as “The Producer” they bring their experience from the industry to YouTube with breakdowns of music videos and creating short films. They also have an obsession with pineapples.


Pledisweek is a fan-run account created in 2015 by Esme Kwak to help promote Nu’est & Seventeen. As a Nu’est fan since 2012, Pledisweek was created in order to send support and gifts to all Pledis artists from all over the world, as well as to promote the artists to the general public. Four years later, they are still around participating in multiple I-Fan Projects!


Eddie is a K-Pop Dance Cover Artist under the YouTube channel‘QxEddie’. He also recently participated on the Korean survival show program on MBC “Under 19.”

Randy Padua

Randy has been into K-Pop for quite some time now. He remembers watching TVXQ’s Catch Me and immediately falling in love with the amount of performance and training into K-Pop. Now, you can find Randy learning K-Pop dance after K-Pop dance, to help grow as a dancer as well as possibly teach to his dance team, Absolute Zero (A0K). 

Riley T

Riley has been told by an idol, “We think of you as the girl with the colorful hair,” and I mean what more could she ask for? Although she has a strong background in concert production and translation, she still adamantly asserts that she is actually a photographer. If you’re reading this, she also hopes you consider being more environmentally conscious or we will all die!

Sarah Han

Sarah Han is a BuzzFeed staff writer and resident K-Pop/K-Beauty expert. When she’s not losing sleep over YouTube rabbit holes or K-Drama binges, she’s trying to achieve glass skin, learning K-pop dances (kinda), interviewing some of her (and your) faves like BTS, NCT 127, Red Velvet, Stray Kids, Amber Liu, Epik High, and SF9, and planning her next trip to Seoul.

Shanyce Lora

Shanyce Lora is a gamer and digital marketing specialist who’s worked for ReedPOP, Valiant Comics, and Mischief Management. When she’s not busy on Twitter, you can find her reading comics and trolling Tumblr for good K-Pop fan art.

Shelby Moses

Shelby is super excited to see all her fellow K-Pop fans at KCON this year. Since KCON 2012, Shelby has bonded with fans across the country through dancing, cosplaying and Kpop memes. Shelby spends her days working on dances with her crew A0K, running a huge Hip Hop dance competition in San Diego, and converting all of the students at UCSD into K-Pop fans. Her go to groups are Pentagon and Stray Kids, but she loves all of K-Pop.


Sobae is a host and singer-songwriter based in Seoul. She started her career as a journalist before joining rappers San E and MadClown on their 20-city U.S. tour and releasing four self-written singles that have been described as “alluring and effortlessly captivating… finding her place alongside the sensual nocturnal musings of future R&B innovators.” 

Team Black K

Team Black K is the NJ State Official Demonstration Team. They are the NJ State Championship Champion and also one of the Top ranking teams in the Nationals. Team Black K is a special group of martial arts students gathered up to become one of the top group in the whole wide world. 


StillNotDavid (David Le) is a veteran YouTuber who’s been around for over 10 years! David has over 10 million views and 100k subscribers on his channel and is best known for his K-Pop covers and comedy videos/vlogs.

Susie Kelly


Susie Kelly joins us once again with two jam packed days of art workshops! From paint nites, to making your own emroidered patch and fansigns, come take a break from the busy convention and relax while creating some art.

Talon Chaos

Talon is an active admin for both Kpop Obsessed, a growing multifandom community on FB, Twitter, & Instagram, and The Ahjummas, an over 25 Kpop community which focuses mainly on BTS but loves all Kpop and Kdramas. She is super multifandom with a preference for guy groups. With an eclectic taste in music, Talon enjoys going to not only a ton of Kpop shows, but rock and metal shows as well. 

Tamar Herman

Tamar Herman is a pop correspondent for Billboard, and specializes in international music and media as a contributor to Forbes. Over the past few years, she has covered breaking news stories and interviewed many popular K-pop acts including BTS, BLACKPINK, NCT 127, TWICE, and Red Velvet.

Taylor Glasby

London-based journalist for MTV; NME; BBC; Dazed; The Guardian; i-D; teen Vogue.

Tucker Drew

Tucker Drew is the director of communications and a moderator of /r/kpop Reddit K-Pop. He organizes all of the AMAs (Ask Me Anything) events, and has worked with many of your favorite idols, songwriters, influencers, and entertainment companies. 

Terry He

Terry He is a YouTuber and actor from Toronto, Canada. He has been an avid K-Pop fan for many years, particularly of the greatest rock band in the history of our kind, DAY6.  His work has been featured on and praised by numerous outlets including The Toronto Star, Hunan TV,CCTV, & Fairchild TV.


Come together to meet and bond with fellow TXT fans during “Our Summer”! In this Star chapter, you may expect humorous conversation, challenging activities, and cute prizes. Even if you’re not a fan yet, come by and TXT will bark their way into your heart.


ReacttotheK is a YouTube channel centered around classical music majors who react to and musically analyze K-Pop songs. Through their videos, they hope to not only entertain their audience, but also highlight the cool melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and instrumental things that are happening in the songs they react to.


This is Will. He likes to spend most of his weekend at Noraebang (or KTV/Karaoke depending on where you live). He’s the type of guy to go by himself and reserve the biggest room just so he can have more room to dance. He also sometimes posts photos of himself on Instagram.

Young Ajummah

Sara Layne, better known on social media as Young Ajummah, entered the Hallyu world one fateful night through the wonderful world of K-Dramas. Now a Hallyu blogger for multiple sites, she enjoys teaching her Fanboy the ways of being a positive K-pop fan and discussing how to navigate life as an older K-pop fan. Follow her on all social media to keep up with her antics!

Your Sweet Guys

Your Sweet Guys are cousins that are here to have a good & memorable time. They’re back for another year of fun, laughter and hyping up their faves with you guys! Your Kpop loving best friends will talk to anyone about Monsta x, Seventeen & Got7. New year, same sweet guys. They’re ready to party and yell for 48 hours straight!!


Anh says hello! Anh is one of the biggest flover’s that have been following fromis_9 since their Idol School days. Anh is very happy to be able to moderate again this year and to finally meet their number 1 bias Jang Gyuri.

Edwin Lou

Edwin Lou is a youtuber who creates content surrounding fashion, beauty and… I think art? All packaged in a monotone voice and deadpan delivery that seems like he’d rather be doing something else. He is ready to meet everyone at KCON and might actually sound excited for once!

Heather Austin

Hailing from the frozen tundra of Toronto, Canada and driven by an intense passion for music and fashion, Heather has been an active member in the North American K-pop community for the past 8 years. In her spare time, she is a self-made seamstress and avid historical K-drama fan.