Kim Kang Woo & HIGHLIGHT’s Lee Gi Kwang Show Off Their Bromance At “Circle” Press Conference

The star-studded cast of tvN’s upcoming sci-fi thriller, Circle showed off their natural camaraderie at a recent Press Conference event. The cast, including Kim Kang Woo, Yeo Jin Goo, Gong Seung Yeon, and Lee Gi Kwang of HIGHLIGHT (who our fans can see at KCON NY!), discussed the complicated Sci-fi genre, and how they each prepared for their roles.

Could there also be a new bromance brewing on set? Kim Kang Woo and Lee Gi Kwang proved their closeness by posing for photos together donning connected hand hearts.

Kim Kang Woo couldn’t help but sing the praises of his idol co-star, saying, “I was a fan of his because when I see him on TV, as you know, he’s very bright. I always wondered how his expressions were so pure. I wanted a little brother like him.”

In regards to Lee Gi Kwang’s multi-personality character in Circle, Kim Kang Woo said, “He plays a very difficult character. He has pain and needs to carry multiple faces – almost to the point where you wonder if he’s a robot. He’s doing a great job, and he’s fun.”

Lee Gi Kwang in response expressed his gratitude to his sunbae, saying, “I worry a lot about whether I can do a good job on set. When I rehearse with Kang Woo, he always tells me to relax. When he tells me that, I can feel myself relaxing. I think that helps me with my acting, so I rely on him greatly.”

Lee Gi Kwang’s group HIGHLIGHT will be heading to New York next month (June 23-24) to perform at KCON New York. Gi Kwang surprised audiences by revealing, “Our members don’t watch each other’s shows.”

He was then asked whether his members even knew that he was at this press conference, to which he responded, “I’m not sure…But they know that I’m filming a drama, and that i’m doing my best.”

Circle premieres May 22 on tvN. To catch HIGHLIGHT at KCON New York, head over to to purchase tickets.

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