KCON-ers, we have beyond ‘DOPE’ news.
Discretion: it will make you ‘RUN’ to KCON 2016.

Our beloved Bangtan Boys are coming to KCON New York! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 This morning, we uploaded some exclusive videos (director’s cuts) of BTS performing at KCON Abu Dhabi. We hope you enjoyed them killing it on stage as it slowly & surely prepared you for this amazing news!

Every week, we are blown away by how skilled you all are at deciphering our Snapchat hints. In today’s challenge, we gave out hints about BTS every hour. Check out our hint explanations below and let us know if you had yet another successful day of solving them!

HINT: #SongJoongKi

We snapped a picture of Yoo Si-Jin (Song Joong-Ki) who is captain of the army from Descendants of the Sun. Have you joined the “ARMY”? *wink wink*


HINT: Heimlich

Heimlich from “A Bug’s Life” always exclaims that he is going to become a beautiful butterfly – a beautiful “Butterfly” that BTS will one day sing about. You made it, Heimlich :’)


HINT: Alarm

We hope this alarm really woke up your guessing senses. For the promotion of their debut studio album, BTS went on their first Japanese tour called “WAKE UP: OPEN YOUR EYES” Too obvious? We think not! (You guys are just honestly way too intelligent).

HINT: Globe

  1. BTS has blessed the world with their presence.
  2. Their light stick is a globe.
  3. They have proven their global popularity by winning the “World Performer” award at MAMA 2015.


HINT: Literal Runway

This literal runway clip would’ve been even more epic-ly literal if the models were running to BTS – “RUN”, don’t you agree?


You did it KCON-ers! Stay tuned for next week’s hints and tweet @kconusa with #KCONLiveChat if you think you can take on the challenge.