[HINTS] GFriend at #KCON16LA

KCON-ers, we sympathize with all of you for this past “Rough” week. Alas, the long week of excruciating curiosity has passed and we are so stoked to announce that GFriend will be coming to KCON Los Angeles this year!

Life’s not so “Rough” anymore when you realize the lovely GFriend members will be performing on the KCON stage :*)

Leading up to the big reveal on #KCONLiveChat with Vanessa & Danny, our KCON staff were dropping ambiguous hints on our Snapchat account (@kconusa). Check out our explanations below for our Snapchat hints teasing GFriend and let us know if your guessing abilities remain undefeated. If our hints caused too much chaos and confusion, just remember that KCON “Gustas Tu”… <3

Hint: Spanish!

We had one of our co-workers explain what was in his Chipotle meal in Spanish. Chipotle makes us want to blissfully sing in Spanish “Me Gustas Tu~ Jowa he yo~” Did you guess this right?

Hint: Thumbs up!

We gave you guys a thumbs up because ‘thumb’ translates to ‘umji’ in Korean. “Umji” is the name of one of GFriend’s members! 👍Thumbs up if you got this hint!👍

Hint 3

Hint: Angel wings & Hugs! 

Two of our staff members gave each other a hug and there were angel wings / halos drawn on them. We gave this hint because before GFriend’s name was selected, other potential group names were “Guardian Angel” & “Hug Hug”!


Hint: Three Lines!

This one was a tough one! For our hint, we drew 3 lines with three emoticons. This represents the 3 lines in GFriend:
1) “Eun Bi Line”
2) “Tall Line”
3) “Birthday Line/Cute Line”



Hint: “She’s like SO whatever, you can do so much better…”!

To comfort a heart-broken soul, one must sing the lyrics of Avril Lavigne’s classic song, “Girlfriend”! Self-explanatory right?

Well done KCON-ers 🙂 Ready to play with GFriend at KCON LA 2016?!


Tune in next week Thursday starting 12PM to our snapchat to discover more hints about our next artist announcement! DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE?!