[HINTS] Twice at #KCON16LA

We are so excited to announce that Twice is coming to LA! We can’t wait to see them perform on the KCON stage with “Like OOH-AHH.”

Now that the big announcement has been made, it is time to review our hints and reveal the back stories to our thought process. We always try to make the hints tricky, but the fans end up guessing really well!

HINT: Baymax’s Handshake

The “Bla la la la” part of Twice’s song reminded us of Baymax’s handshake so we had to use it as a hint! Both are so cute.

HINT: Eagle

Every Twice fan knows of Dahyun’s pre-debut viral video.. The eagle dance!


HINT:  Miss A “Only You”

Did you guys know that some of the Twice members are in this video? If you look near the end, you’ll see the girls in the background dancing! So cute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO9RzrhYR-I

HINT: “놀때없니?” meaning “Is there anything fun to do?”

This phrase was used by Conan and Steven Yeun in their recent video with JYP, Twice, and the Wonder Girls. We were hoping this hint would be difficult!

HINT: High School Musical 3 “Now or Never”

Sixteen. Sixteen. Sixteen more minutes left! Twice originated from the show “Sixteen,” so we thought this would be a fun and clever hint that all the true fans would understand!


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Are you ready to think about it Twice at KCON LA?