Play with Crush at #KCON16NY!

Crush (real name: Shin Hyo Seob) is an R&B singer songwriter from label, Amoeba Culture and is currently a part of crews, ‘w:D’ and ‘Club Eskimo’ .

In 2012, he debuted in the hip hop scene with the song, ‘Red Dress,’ and even though he may be young in age,

he has made a name for himself with his edgy charisma and understanding of the urban style.

He’s well-educated about hip-hop I R&B and the history behind it. Consequently he is able to easily catch current hip-hop trends and showcase

it through his music as a producer and singer songwriter.

In early 2013 Crush released a single called, ‘Crush On You,’ and shortly after participated in Amoeba Culture’ s

“NOWorkend” project series by featuring on Zion.T’ s ‘Two Melodies’ and also Supreme Team’ s ‘Stay Still.’

In June of 2014, he released his first full length solo album, “Crush On You” and made a name for himself as Korea’ s new hip-hop R&B star.

Throughout 2014, he participated in a lot of collaboration projects and in October released single, “SOFA.” That following February Crush released

a collaboration project “Young” with Zion.T and took over Korean music charts, TV programs and sold out concerts.

Then in July of 2015 Crush released a single called ‘Oasis’ featuring Block B’ s Zico. With the success of his album and singles,

Crush held his first solo concert ‘2015 CRUSH ON YOU’ in November of 2015 and showcased his diverse range as an artist through

DJing, dance, and performing re-arrangements of his original hits.

Shortly after in January of 2016, he released single ‘Don’ t Forget’ featuring Girl’ s Generation Taeyeon, an R&B ballad which was a hit on online music stores

and TV programs. Most recently in May of 2016 Crush released a 5-song EP ‘Interlude’ showcasing Crush’s wider range of production

and sound through title tracks ‘woo ah’ and ‘9 to 5 (Feat. Gaeko)’. Crush has a soulful voice that can range from genres like R&B to pop and neo soul.

His wide spectrum of musical capabilities is a rarity in the current urban scene and one many are keeping their eye on.