How to Register for Your KCON16NY Convention Tickets!

Hello KCON-ers!

It was a big day for our KCON NY (Presented by Toyota) fans last week – convention registration day! Convention registration was something new we started last year and we brought it back again. Whether you’re a returning KCON attendee or coming to play with us for the first time, we just want to go through with you how and why you should try to register and get your convention tickets as soon as you’re ready!

*Note* We know that registration is stressful. So, in addition to this hopefully helpful post, we’re going to accompany every question with some of our favorite sexy, funny, (and everything else in between), gifs of our KCON NY artists – you know, to keep things fun!

What You Need To Know About KCON 2016 Convention Registration – FAQ Style


1. Why do I need to register for KCON 2016?

Convention-only goers: This year, we are using a registration system so that your check-in at KCON runs more smoothly, and hopefully, more quickly.

If your friends or family decide that they would like to attend KCON with you during KCON, there will be convention tickets available at the venue. We super encourage you to bring everyone you know to this year’s biggest Hallyu party!

Concert & Convention goers: The convention portion of KCON features some of the most awesome, fan-centric discussions, panels, and workshops about Hallyu. But, it also features our fan engagement. In order to claim your concert benefits, like your fan engagement passes and goody bags, you need to register for the convention.

Wait… you might be thinking, “I need to register to get my fan engagement benefits!?” YES! That’s an important enough reason to register right? Right!


2. If I bought the concert tickets for me and my friends do they need to register to? 

Yes. Even though the concert tickets were purchased under your name, each individual must register online!


3. What is KLUB KCON? 

It’s a K-Pop dance party that took place at KCON15LA and is now making it’s debut at KCON NY!!!! From 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Thursday night (June 23), we’ve got two K-Pop DJ’s who are going to keep the party rocking KCON-style. We’ve even got a very big mystery K-Pop guest lined up, so be sure to get your ticket when you register for the convention. What could be better than partying to the music you love with the people you love and the friends you just met? Tickets are $25! 


So make sure you practice your moves and bring it like DAY6’s Sungjin does.


4. What do I do if I already registered and want to buy KLUB KCON tickets? 

Don’t worry, you won’t miss out! Log back in to your account on the registration site and select UPGRADE on the left hand side and purchase your ticket. You can also purchase them at check in but tickets are limited so get them while you can.

OOH OOH let your happy dance commence, you won’t be missing out on the fun.


5. What do I need to bring with me to check-in at KCON? 

Your Ticketmaster Concert Ticket(s).

Your Registration Confirmation Email with QR code and signed waivers.


6. Does my parent or legal guardian need to sign my waiver?

If you are over 18 years of age, you do not need a parent or legal guardian’s signature. If you are aa minor (under 18) your parent or legal guardian MUST sign the waiver.


7. Can I check in my friends and family at KCON NY and get their fan engagement benefits for them if they can’t make it to early check in? 

Yes! In order to check in for your friends or family, you need their Ticketmaster Concert Ticket(s) AND their printed registration confirmation email that contains their QR code and signed waivers.

Awesome right? Sungjae seems to agree.


8. What do I do if I never received a confirmation email? 

Please email questions@kconusa.com with the subject “KCON16NY Registration Confirmation Number.”

Don’t panic. Don’t be sad. We will do our best to get your confirmation number to you in a timely manner!


MANSAE, MANSAE, MANSAE YEH! You made it to the end!


Did we miss anything? Please email questions@kconusa.com. Don’t forget to register or risk missing out on meeting Ailee, BtoB, BTS, Crush, Day6, Dynamic Duo, Eric Nam, Mamamoo, Park Bo Young, Seventeen, and Yim Si Wan. Peace out and see you at KCON NY!




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