#StayHome “K-Pop-pick-me-up” Playlist As Chosen by You

Hi KCON-ers,

We hope that you’ve been staying healthy during these wild times. As you know, KCON 2020 NY has been officially cancelled while our nation grapples with a health crisis and those of us that are lucky enough to be able to stay home are hopefully snuggled on couches with a fine pupper or kitten.

As we’ve heard from you over the years, K-Pop music has been something for many fans that is connected to mental health and also our relationships with each other. That’s why at KCON each year we have panels and workshops addressing exactly these areas.

So, with all of that in mind (wow, is this a lot of exposition), we asked fans on Twitter to share their “ultimate K-Pop pick-me-up” song and with all of your responses we made a playlist. We hope that this playlist created from the happiness of fellow fans is a source of strength in these not so great times.

Note! We had so many replies and we’re not able to include everything in this playlist. Please stay tuned for more playlists in the future!