KCON - LA - Special Guests

Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer & Ebony Rae Vanderveer [#KCON18LA Special Guest]

Automatic has been writing and producing KPOP since 2012 starting with his first collaboration with XIA JUNSU, Uncommitted. The video for Uncommitted debuted at #1 in Korea and China and held the #1 spot on charts worldwide. His second collaboration with XIA, Incredible, debuted at #1 on Japan’s Tower Records Charts and iTunes charts and it debuted at #5 on Billboard’s World Album Charts. Rock The World and Twice’s I’m Gonna Be A Star, co-written with his partner, Ebony Rae Vanderveer, have both gone on to top charts and become fan favorites in Asia and abroad.

Ebony is co-owner and vice president of InRage Entertainment. She had the pleasure of working with XIA Junsu on his chart-topping single releases Uncommitted, Incredible, Rock The World, which she also co-wrote with Automatic and XIA. Her most recent K-Pop song, I’m Gonna Be A Star by Twice is a favorite among fans. Ebony has worked with The Dream, Cristina Milian, Floetry, and Aaron Neville. She is a magna cum laude alumna of USC’s Thornton School of Music and she holds a Master of Religion in Theology and Ethics from Azusa Pacific University.

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