TOP 10 Favorite Markson Moments

If you’re an avid fan of one of the hottest groups GOT7, then you definitely know who Markson is! They may be roommates in real life but they’ve become quite the “one true pairing” for many I GOT7’s out there. They even have their own segment on Eric Nam’s After School Club (ASC) called The Markson Show! Here are our Top 10 Favorite moments of Markson.
1). When they told fans that they were pretty close friends during their Shanghai Showcase.





















2).  The way they look at each other that makes them your one true pairing even more.

Markson3 Markson4 Markson5 Markson6










3). That one time they snuggled up together in an episode of Dream Knight.

Markson7 Markson8 Markson9 Markson10











4). When Jackson admitted to being okay because he at least had Mark in his life.















5). How cute they acted after they had a little fight. (Even their dolls are next to each other, it’s meant to be!)


















6). When Mark admitted to watching Jackson on SBS’ Roommate.









Markson18 Markson17








7). All the times they showed off their skills and strength with martial arts tricking and did flips together on stage. 






















8). When they both snuggled with one of the cutest dogs ever and every single I GOT7 out there wished they could do the same. Markson22








9). All their cute moments on the Markson Show that probably had you giggling and screaming in your seat.

Markson27 Markson26










Markson24 Markson23







10). When they were given the Best Couple Award on ASC.











So there you have it! Ten moments that probably have you convinced that Markson is indeed, one of the best couples out there. Have you spotted any new Markson moments from their recent promotions with Fly? 















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