The Top 8 Accidental KCON Idol Photobombs

If you attended KCON NY, you probably saw that we made a really big addition to our artist engagement area–a giant screen so that our fans could see their idols up close! We loved it and we hope that you loved it too! But, there was one unintended side effect and that was unintentional(ly hilarious) photobombs featuring some of your favorite K-Pop artists and even some of our staff. Of course, we also have a personal favorite photobomb from KCON LA too!

We’ve shown you a few on our socials, but here are our Top 8 Accidental Idol Photobomb moments!

1. This audience member is having none of Hongbin. (But why????)


2. Real Ravi giving a “bro, good job” thumbs up to television Ken.



3. C.A.P. in the foreground…L.Joe everywhere else. A photobomb well done, sir.



4. Chunji–composed even under threat of an unreal smackdown of doom.



5. Ken proving that the only thing better than one smiling Ken is two smiling Kens smiling in unison.



6. Changjo unknowingly getting tearfully rejected. “I’m sorry, Changjo, we can never be together.” Tear.DSC024411-683x1024


7. Leader N’s glare power getting magnified…at unassuming, and, yet again, smiley Ken.DSC02206-700x467


8. And, no list of photobombs would be complete without this magical KCON LA photobomb featuring GOT7’s JB. Almost a perfectly dreamy pic. Almost.Copy-of-IMG_0027-700x467



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