The 3 KCON 2020 Updates You Need to Know

Hello, KCON-ers!

It’s with a most strong, most excited “Hi!” that we welcome you to the opening of KCON 2020. We’re ready to get this festival started early and we hope that you are too!

We’ll be going through our three biggest updates below, but before all that, we would like to extend the biggest thank you to our fans who have been with us for the past 9 years. You’ve grown from a 10,000 person event in Irvine, California to a bi-coastal, multi-day convention shining with over 158,000 fans (over 1 MILLION fans worldwide!). As we begin to put our big dreams for KCON 2020 into motion, your opinions–as revealed through surveys, Instagram comments, and even Twitter retweets (we love data and spending hours on SNS!)–are at the forefront of our minds. For staying with us and staying engaged, we send you our sincerest thanks and will do our best to deserve your dedication in 2020.


UPDATE #1: Global KCON Dates


As you saw very early this morning, we not only made our KCONUSA announcement, but we also announced our global KCON dates and venues. Just to recap:

KCON Japan (April 3-5 @Makuhari Messe)

KCON NY (June 12-14 @Javits Center)

KCON LA (August 27-30 @Los Angeles Convention Center)

KCON Thailand (September 26-27 @IMPACT Arena & Exhibition Center)

We’ll be announcing more venues soon as the names become available.


UPDATE #2: KCON 2020 Website

Welcome to our updated KCON 2020 website!

With this latest update, our goal is to give you an in-depth, informational, and–most importantly–concise look at KCON. For those of you that are new (First off, nice to e-meet you) that means new pages defining exactly what you can do at our KCON NY and KCON LA events. What’s a “Fan Club Meeting” room? What are “Ticketed Programs”? What is “M COUNTDOWN” and why is it at KCON? The answers to those questions and a ton more will live on this website as new pages.

For our KCON veterans, based on your feedback, we’ve created separate zones within the website for the KCON LA and KCON NY events. As we begin to make announcements that means you’ll be able to clearly see updates, check-in info, program schedules and more based on the event you’re attending (And, if you’re attending both we’ve made it easy to toggle back and forth). You’ll be able to explore everything the site has to offer in the coming weeks (when we bring you some huge announcements), but for now, you’ll only be able access the home page, KCON NY and KCON LA main, event galleries, news, about, and the shop. Stay tuned for more updates as we drive away our digital bulldozers, cranes and other heavy equipment to reveal a new–fingers crossed–well-constructed website.


UPDATE #3: KCON 2020 Dream Lineup Poll

Each year, we ask our fans to tell us who they want to see at KCON. While it may seem like just one of those things that gets posted, in actuality we use the data you give us to make major decisions regarding our lineup across the convention and concert. We love filtering, sorting, and converting everything to pie charts and even sometimes to a 3D bar graph. What we’re saying through all this un-asked-for language around charts is that your opinion matters and we invite you to make this your dream KCON.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete and you can directly follow this link to take the survey: