[#KCON17LA] Artist Announcement Hints – COSMIC GIRLS

It has been revealed that Cosmic Girls will be part of the amazing lineup for KCON 2017 LA! WOOOOOO (Ju So Nyeo lol). Check out our explanations for our hints below!



REASON: The music box sound is the signature sound heard in the beginning of “Secret”! Listen below!!


REASON: Each member represents a different zodiac sign, and when Yeonjung was added last August, she represented the 13th zodiac sign.


Check out Yeonjung’s duet with Dawon singing “Fire & Ice”!


REASON: WJSN performed the mirror dance with Monsta X in the “Do Better” MV. Watch from 1:25!


Reason: Cheng-xiao dressed up as Chun-li (character from Capcom’s Street Fighter series) for her baseball pitch throwing!


REASON: Volleyball was the theme of their most recent MV, “Happy”!


We’re so excited to have their first US performance be at KCON! Thank you all for your support and please continue to follow us on social media to stay up to date on when more KCON concert tickets will be available for purchase! 

~KCON Staff