The 12 Most LOL-Worthy Moments of KCON 2015

Here are the 12 Most LOL Moments as chosen by your friendly #KCONLiveChat host, Vanessa:

1. When we saw the hint of a derp from the master himself, Siwon. As you enter the army, may the derp be with you, sir.


2. …and when JRE proved that his derp skills aren’t too shabby either. We’d say they were positively derptabulous.


3. When innocent, “sweet boy” Ken smized so brightly without knowing Leader N was watching…intently. Note to self, Leader N is always watching.


4. When the Block B Artist Engagement became the “P.O Press Conference.” Who needs mics when you have water bottles and the support of your bros?


But, awwww. Look how happy he is. P.O, you get all the microphones!


5. When this fan lived the impossible dream….because previously we thought it was impossible to chill out in a McDonald’s McNugget box. And, now we know the truth and we’ve got he cutest pic ever to prove it.


6. When THIS happened. The pyramid that fangirling and passion built rising behind the boys of TEEN TOP.


7. And when this fan’s expression went from 1000 feels to….


…to 100,000 feels in 1 second. TEEN TOP strikes again.


8. When GG fans showcased their sense of humor…and their love of Yoona.


9. And, of course, when our panelist, also known as Charmander, appeared. Please note, KCON does allow all “Growl” attacks, but prohibits the use of “Smokescreen,” “Dragon Rage,” and absolutely disallows “Inferno.”


10. When the KCON NY artist engagement had Changjo like “I don’t even know.”


And has us wondering, was the fangirl love too much? Did the “Oppa” chant go too far? Eh, scratch that. You can never have too many Oppa chants.


11. Finally when we found this pic of one of our operations managers dramatically looking away from Changjo as if to say, “I will never love you.” Don’t be sad, we’re sure the line of fans who love you is long. Fangirl hug.


12. Finally, when one of our favorite YouTubers Jun Sung Ahn lived every boy’s dream–moderating an AOA artist engagement only to be met with what looked like low level shade from AOA’s Mina.


…Maybe high level shade. But, as they say, when a shade door opens, a love window also opens? That’s how it goes, right?


We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely rooting for this to turn into a K-Drama status bickering romance.

That’s it for our favorite LOL-worthy moments of KCON 2015 (LA & NY), but we hope that you’ll share your favorite moments with us too!