5 Of The Funniest GoToe Videos You Need to See Now

Who has heard of Go Toe Kyung? Image result for raises hand emojiWe definitely have! We were so happy to host his first USA meet & greet at #KCON16LA and his first East Coast meet & greet at #KCON17LA. He commonly goes by the name of GoToe and may not be unfamiliar to many of you. But don’t you worry! If you have yet to learn about him, this page may be just for you. We present to you 5 of the funniest GoToe videos that made us choke on our own laughter. Shall we begin?

1] The BEST cover makeup tutorial we’ve seen on the web.

2] During these millennial years Go Toe takes us back in time with some classic Korean pop music. Do you recognize any of these songs?

3] As a performer he comes prepared and acts natural. Who likes pa? PAhaha (Get it???? Pa …. meaning scallion… but also PaHAHAHHA … like laughter 😂).

4] He spices things up by expanding his repertoire to girl group covers. Look at that agility!

5] He may be known for his dance covers, but we have to say that his acting skills make us feel like we’re at a live show. Don’t you think so?


Has your knowledge of GoToe increased? We most definitely hope it has. For more videos check out his YouTube channel here!We cheer him on as he continues to bring a smile to those who come across him. Who knows, maybe you can at KCON2017 LA~ Don’t forget that convention tickets go on sale on July 21 at kconusa.com! Check out the prices here!

Cheers from Bekah!

P.S. Why do you think his videos are funny? Please comment below. ^^