Create A Challenge For “Eddy’s Room” At The KCON STUDIO

Hello KCON-ers!

We have a request and it’s a request even more important–although less touching–than that one time Big Marvel asked Edward Avila’s hand in marriage. Send us your challenges for “Eddy’s Room!”


“Eddy’s Room” is a variety-style program within our KCON STUDIO, an exclusive space for KCON 2019NY. Your host? Edward Avila. Your cast? Big Marvel (he of the marriage proposal), AOORA, FRIDAY, and QxEddie. If you’re a fan of any one of the cast, you probably already know that they’re absolute fire together. Comparable fire levels include Monsta X Wonho and Shownu at a meokbang, also at a meokbang but this time wrestling (?) “Easy Cheese,” or just at a photoshoot.


What are we asking you to do? Two things!

  1. Tell us your suggestions in the comments for games that you want to see the cast of “Eddy’s Room” play together.
  2. Tell us any questions you have for the cast beginning with the phrase, “Who’s most likely to…”


Submit as many challenges/questions as you would like. Make us proud KCON fans!