KCON:TACT HI5 LIVE from the USA – Day 2

KCON:TACT HI 5 LIVE from the USA was very excited to bring back the amazing artist JUN, hosted by the talented Riley Tollett! Though Jun and Riley are KCON regulars, this was both their first time at LIVE from the USA week! JUN was especially excited to meet all his fans!

JUN showcased his wonderful home in Seoul, South Korea in the background. Riley and him had originally planned a 2-week vacation. However, due to the pandemic, that trip ended up lasting 3 months for Riley and a permanent relocation for JUN.

Fun fact: JUN only had 2 weeks of clothes in his bag when he decided to live in Korea. So he lived off of that bag, along with his violin and camera, for almost an entire year!

During their intro talk, JUN mentioned that his favorite filming experience was with Riley herself! During one of their videos, Riley helped design/create Jun’s outfit and he was highly impressed! Oh, and she also dropped his camera once… *gasp

BY THE WAY: Jun’s TikTok series “Hyung Hyung Hyung… Can you do this?” isn’t a joke.

When BTS’s ON music video came out, he learned the song, filmed it and uploaded it 14 hours after the original. WOW!

He says it usually takes him less than 8 hours to learn a new song on the violin. IMPRESSIVE!

Let’s not forget the beautiful songs he performed for his fans today. Some of his favorites! You can catch them on his Youtube Channel – JuNCurryAhn

  1. River Flows in You – Yiruma / Wedding Dress – Taeyang
  2. Advice – Taemin
  3. Permission to Dance – BTS
  4. STAY – The Kid LAROI / Justin Beiber
  5. Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran
  6. I’ll Give You My Heart OST – IU
  7. Back in Time – LYN

Fans were ecstatic. Look at all these smiles and cheers!

During their Q&A session, fans were able to ask JUN so many great and fun questions!

Of course, it wouldn’t be JUN & Riley without a little playful banter.

We love you Riley!

Oh. By the way.

JUN’s boba order is a milk tea, 50% sugar with no boba…..

I’ll just leave that right there.

Thank you to all the amazing fans that attended today’s event! Jun and Riley had so much fun today! Don’t forget to show your support by following them on social media!



Don’t miss out on the other KCON:TACT HI 5 – LIVE from the USA events that are coming up! We look forward to seeing you there! Till next time!

-KCON Staff