To Our KCON 2019 NY Attendees

– Why is Everglow unable to attend KCON?

We are truly sad and sorry to inform you that Everglow will be unable to join us at KCON NY due to unexpected visa issues. Everglow wants to let their fans know that they feel very sad about this since they really wanted to meet their fans at KCON NY. We are very shocked at this unexpected and unfortunate news, and all of us at KCON are doing our best to ensure that your KCON 2019 NY experience remains an enjoyable and memorable one.


– Will Saturday’s concert be shorter than Sunday’s concert?

No. Saturday ticket holders will still have a full KCON music festival experience.


– Can I refund my concert ticket?

No. There will be no refunds issued because KCON 2019 NY’s M COUNTDOWN show on July 6th will continue as planned.


– Can Klub KCON be refunded?

No. Klub KCON will go on as planned with great performances by ATEEZ, Balming Tiger, eSNa, Kevin Woo, Ellen & Brian.


– What will happen to the Super Rookie Showcase?

The Super Rookie Showcase will continue with a special appearance by Verivery.


– Will Everglow still perform at KCON 2019 LA?

Both the Everglow and KCON teams are making every effort to ensure that Everglow will be able to perform at KCON 2019 LA.