KCON NY Artist Engagement – BTS

We heard your voices today, KCON fans–and they were loud and super, exuberantly excited to see BTS!!!! While listening to your cheers and watching J-Hope dance to “Fire,” we learned a lot about their personal favorite songs and even which dances they think are the hardest. And, of course, wow. Just wow. Were they handsome.

Check out below an excerpt from the artist engagement and a photo recap featuring J-Hope striking pose, Jimin’s sultry gaze and much more.


Hosts MOI’M: How are you feeling today!?

BTS: We’re so excited to see so many fans today!


Hosts MOI’M: What dance was harder to learn “Fire” or “Save Me”

BTS: Fire was harder.

BTS J-Hope: Fire. *begins dancing to “Fire”*


Hosts MOI’M: What are your favorite songs among all of your albums?

BTS: “Fire” and “Save me”!

*Please note that this is only an excerpt of BTS’ artist engagement and it may have been abridged.