KCON NY Artist Engagement – DAY6

At Day6’s artist engagement, we had a lot to celebrate: Day6’s first visit to NYC (and to KCON!), their love of hamburgers, and, of course, their first time meeting their American fans!

Below, you can see a photo recap as well as the Q&A session from their KCON NY artist engagement! Enjoy!


Host Terry He & Danny Lim: This is DAY6’s first time in US. How do you feel about it?

Day6: It was an honor to be among so many amazing artists at KCON NY.

Day6 YoungK: This time were here to perform and we’re looking forward to that.


Host Terry He & Danny Lim: Jae, how do you feel about being in NY?

Day6 Jae:  Amazing. We are super psyched to see the Statue of liberty. It sounds touristy, but we’ve never been here before.


Host Terry He & Danny Lim: How do you feel about meeting your american fans

Day6: We never knew that K-Pop was this big in the U.S. and we’re very excited to be performing in the U.S.


Host Terry He & Danny Lim: What is your favorite place to go for vacation?

Day6 Dowoon: The Statue of Liberty *makes torch gesture*


Host Terry He & Danny Lim: What are guys most excited about coming to America?

Day6 Jae: Food.


Host Terry He & Danny Lim: What’s your favorite food?

Day6 Jae: I love burgers, you know! Shake Shack!

Day6 Young K: Burritos


*Please note that this is only an excerpt of DAY6’s artist engagement and it may have been abridged.