KCON Q&A: KCON 2020 NY Early Bird Ticket Sales


We read through hundreds of comments and questions you had about KCON 2020 NY Early Bird and found some common themes. Below you’ll find our answers to the top questions you’ve asked since Early Bird was announced. As always, thank you for sharing your feedback!


Q1: This is my first KCON. Can you explain what Early Bird Tickets are?

This is also our first time with Early Bird Tickets!

Through Early Bird, you can purchase your Convention GA ticket and/or KCON ROOKIES ticket at a discounted rate and as a special benefit you will receive 2-hour early access to Artist Engagement ticket sales. Early Bird Ticket sales will begin on March 2 @3 PM EST. The prices for tickets during the Early Bird period are:

Convention GA: $30.99 (reg: $35.99)

KCON ROOKIES: $45.00 (reg: $60)

Since programs like KCON ROOKIES and Artist Engagement take place in our Convention venue (Jacob K. Javits Center), a Convention GA ticket must be purchased if you intend to attend either of these events–or any Convention programming like the KCON Expo, panels, workshops, KCON Stage and more. We highly encourage you to purchase a Convention GA ticket at this time if you have an inkling you may come to KCON.

Just as a note to those who have asked, “Why are you doing Early Bird?“: We wanted to make Early Bird Tickets to give our fans more time to plan out their Summer and make a decision about attending KCON. We decided to do this by releasing tickets over 12 weeks ahead as opposed to the normal 6 weeks at KCON 2019 NY.  In addition, we hope to thank you for your support of this event by giving our Early Bird Ticket buyers not only exclusive discounts but also 2-hour Early Access to one of our most-coveted events–Artist Engagement.

Thank you so much for all of your feedback on social and we’ll do our best to answer your concerns in this article.

For more information about Early Bird Tickets, please go here: http://www.kconusa.com/ny/convention-tickets/


Q2: Do we have to buy both Convention GA and KCON ROOKIES to get Artist Engagement 2-hour early access?

No. You may simply purchase a Convention GA ticket to receive early access to Artist Engagement. You may also buy a Convention GA + KCON ROOKIES ticket and receive early access as well. 

As noted above, if you want to buy a KCON ROOKIES ticket you will need to purchase it with a Convention GA ticket since KCON ROOKIES is in the Convention venue. This is due to the fact that you will need a Convention wristband to enter the venue and go through security for KCON ROOKIES and other add-on programs like Artist Engagement.


Q3: Will you be doing Early Bird for KCON 2020 LA?

Please stay tuned for more information regarding KCON 2020 LA Early Bird Tickets once we begin our promotions for KCON 2020 LA later in the year. All information in this article refers only to KCON 2020 NY.


Q4: What is KCON ROOKIES? Is it like Artist Engagement?

Artist Engagement is one of the most OG parts of KCON. In general, each session features one lineup artist/group as they answer questions proposed by KCON fans, play games like charades and even do hi-touch. Fans can watch in the audience and/or participate in the hi-touch depending on the package they purchased and artist availability.

KCON ROOKIES debuted at KCON 2019 LA as a platform for new artists to meet their fans. This hosted, 2-hour showcase brings together multiple groups to perform their hit songs, play games with/against each other, and just tempt you into the fandom. Last year, we welcomed ATEEZ, LOONA, and AB6IX and it was unforgettable.

As they say, actions speak louder than words, so check out the videos below to see what you can expect at KCON ROOKIES at KCON 2020 NY.

Just in case you want to read more: http://www.kconusa.com/ny/kcon-rookies/




Q5: How can I purchase Early Bird tickets without knowing the lineup?

We saw this question a lot and we do want to address it. First, we want to make sure you know that Early Bird Ticket sales are only for Convention GA and KCON ROOKIES. There is no Early Bird promotion for the KCON 2020 NY Concerts. As usual, we will ensure that the concert lineup will be fully released before concert ticket sales.

So, onto your question. Regarding the Convention GA “lineup,” in the past, we have full-force released our influencers and convention programs after convention/concert ticket sales (about one month before the event)–that’s because we absolutely want to make sure we give our full energy to confirming and releasing concert artists before concert tickets sales while promoting our convention influencers and programs closer to the event to keep them fresh in your mind.

It is true that our programs and influencers change each year, but the essence of the Convention that keeps over 150,000 fans coming back each year remains unchanged–there will be a KCON Expo, KCON Stage, surprise artist appearances, panels, workshops, Artist Engagements, and more. We would love it if you joined us this year and if you can get a discounted ticket through Early Bird, all the better.

KCON ROOKIES is a platform for various new K-Pop artists to meet their fans through a mix of special performances, games, and challenges. Since the Early Bird Ticket period is a special, pre-open ticket purchase period, all lineup information may not be finalized and released through the Early Bird period. We understand the inclination to wait and see if your favorite artist is announced before buying tickets, but we still hope you will join us to meet artists that you may not even be a fan of–yet.


Q6: Where does the KCON 2020 NY Convention take place?

KCON 2020 NY Convention programs take place at the Jacob K. Javits Center.


Q7: What is the date/time for KCON ROOKIES?

The exact time of KCON ROOKIES will be announced at a later time. But, we can say that it will be on the evening of June 12.


Q8: Before I buy tickets, can you share information about the KCON 2020 NY Convention?

We do know that many of our fans have busy lives due to school or work, so we created this rough outline of what events occur each day/night of KCON 2020 NY.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for more announcements relating to the KCON 2020 NY Convention. And, check out our new website for more information about individual convention programs: http://www.kconusa.com/ny/convention-explore/ 

Q9: If I buy Early Bird tickets and the buy Diamond/Platinum during concert ticket sales what will happen?

KCON will coordinate directly with those who may have purchased both Early Bird and Diamond/Platinum.


Q10: Is Klub KCON still happening?

We are premiering KCON ROOKIES in place of Klub KCON. Each year we try to add new programs to our lineup to keep the event fresh and we hope that you will love KCON ROOKIES as much as you have shown love for Klub KCON. This doesn’t mean goodbye forever and if you would like to see Klub KCON again or have any new program ideas, please be sure to send us a message.


Q11: Where can we buy Early Bird Tickets?

You can buy them right here on March 2 @3 p.m.: http://www.kconusa.com/ny/convention-tickets/


Q12: Will KCON ROOKIES take place on the KCON Stage?

KCON ROOKIES will take place on the night of June 12 in a dedicated convention hall. It will not take place during our daily convention hours on the KCON Stage.


Q13: Do Early Bird Tickets include concert tickets?

No, there are no Early Bird Tickets for the KCON 2020 NY Concerts.


Q14: Is my Convention GA ticket just for one day or the entire weekend?

Your Convention GA ticket gets you access to the Convention for the entire weekend and enables you to purchase access to add-on events like Artist Engagement and KCON ROOKIES.