[KCON.TV] 10 Dance Moves We Can’t Wait To See From UP10TION At #KCON17NY

UP10TION’s “White Night” choreography is going to look so good up on that KCON New York stage!…READ MORE

The 10 amazingly suave and talented guys of UP10TION will be making their way to New York on June 23 – 24 to perform for fans at #KCON17NY! Will you be there to share this special moment with them?

UP10TION debuted in 2015 with their energetic song, “So Dangerous,” and have been continually growing into an idol group whom their fans are very proud of. The group is known for their charismatic personalities and eye catching dance moves, which, if you’re planning on attending, you will surely get to experience first hand at KCON New York! Who’s excited to see Kuhn do one of his famous impressions, or Sunyeol blow everyone away with his amazing vocals?

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