What’s up KCON-ers! KCON 2017 LA concert ticket has already gone on sale! If you haven’t marked your calendars already, today starting at 10AM PDT you all will be able to purchase single tickets again for a chance to see your favorite idols live! We know that purchasing any concert ticket (especially a K-Pop concert ticket) can be super stressful. Before you enter the electronic battlefield tomorrow, make sure you read our FAQ below and learn everything you need to know about concert ticket sales! Ready?

1]. Where is the concert?
The concert will be held at the Staples Center.

2]. How many concert nights are there?
There are two concert nights! August 19 and August 20.

3]. What is the difference between a combo and a single ticket?
Single tickets allow you to attend one night’s concert. If you would like to attend both concert nights, it is recommended you purchase a combo ticket so that you receive one ticket for each concert night at a discounted price! For example, a P5 single ticket is $60. If you want to attend both concert nights, you can purchase a combo ticket for $100 instead of purchasing two single concert tickets for $120.

*Discount only applies if you are purchasing the same tier for both nights.
*Combo tickets are for ONE PERSON ONLY and are THE SAME TIER. You will receive one ticket per night (for the same seat each night). Combo tickets are NOT for two people.
4]. When do tickets go on sale?
Single tickets go on sale AGAIN FRIDAY, August 4 at 10AM PDT and 1PM EDT for ALL SECTIONS (including floor GA). You can find the link to where you can purchase tickets on kconusa.com when ticket sales open!

5]. Since combo tickets went on sale first, will it be difficult for me to get a good seat if I only want a single ticket?
No; we limit the number of combos to ensure that there will be plenty of good seats to go around.


6]. When will we know the daily lineup for each concert night?
The daily lineup were released THURSDAY, July 13 on #KCONLiveChat. Check out kconusa.com.


7]. Are the combo tickets only on sale on the 14th? Can I buy them after the 14th?
No, they are not only on sale on the 14th. You can buy them after (as long as they are available)! But we are currently not opening up more Combo tickets.


8]. Where can I see the seating chart and ticket prices?
You can view the here!


9]. I’m confused about which sections P1-P5 are.
P1-P5 refers to the different seating tiers of the concert venue! The seating chart for KCON LA can be viewed in the link above! Please note that P3-P5 are ALL LOWER LEVEL! The only difference is the location/view within the Staples Center.
10]. What is FMF?
FMF stands for facility maintenance fees! These are fees that are associated with the venue.


11]. Are there additional service fees and tax? 


12]. Are the Diamond and Platinum tickets only standing?
Yes, they are only general audience (standing) AND they are only offered as COMBO tickets.
13]. Q. Can we choose our seat when purchasing a ticket?
You are able to choose which section you want (P1-P5), but the ticketing outlets we use will always provide you with the best seating available.

14]. What is the difference between GA and reserved?
GA refers to General Audience and is standing. Reserved is seated.


15]. How many COMBO concert tickets can I purchase in one transaction?
4! In order to make our ticket purchase process fair for everyone (so you all can see your favorite idols) the maximum amount of tickets you can purchase is 4 combo. (For single tickets, it will be 8)!

16]. Can I purchase two different tiered concert tickets in one transaction? For example, can I purchase a P1 combo ticket for my friend, and then a P3 combo for myself?
Unfortunately, this is not possible and you must purchase same tiered combo tickets in one transaction.


17]. Can i bring a DSLR to the concert?
Video and/or audio recording of the Concerts is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Cameras with interchangeable or telephoto lenses (e.g., Canon EOS series, Nikon D-series, Sony Alpha-series, etc.) are not allowed at the Concerts. KCON reserves the right to ask any attendees found to be filming the Concerts to leave without being issued a refund. For more information on photo and video policies, please see our code of conduct here.


18]. Are the convention tickets included in the prices?
You will need to purchase a separate convention ticket depending on what package you purchase! (The diamond/platinum packages will receive access to the convention). If you would like to redeem your artist engagement benefits, YOU MUST PURCHASE A CONVENTION TICKET! The artist engagement sessions are held inside the Los Angeles convention center. 

19]. Can I choose a specific artist engagement to attend, or is it random?
All artist engagement benefits are randomly assigned!


20]. Do combo tickets receive double the benefits? 
Yes, P1-P5 receive double the benefits! 

W O O! You made it all the way to the end!

We hope that helped with any unanswered questions you may have! If we missed something, please check out our generic FAQ as well or feel free to message us on our social platforms or questions@kconusa.com!