Kevin Woo is a Korean-American singer, actor, and television host currently based in South Korea. He debuted as a member of K-POP boy band U-KISS in 2008 and was the main vocalist in the group. Their breakthrough hit was Man Man Ha Ni released in 2009. U-KISS is known for their international popularity, where they have held various tours worldwide including Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America. They made their official Japanese debut in 2011 and held numerous sold-out concert tours in Japan and topped the Oricon chart with multiple hits. Kevin also hosted several variety shows and participated in Korean musicals and K-dramas.

He is currently a host of popular music talk show After School Club on Arirang TV. After School Club is a live interactive talk show featuring musical guests of South Korea and is directed at an international audience. It allows fans of K-Pop music to interact directly with their favorite stars on the live show through social media. Fans are able to share comments, ask questions, and video chat with the guests through Google Hangouts. Kevin was a co-host since 2014 and currently co-hosts with Park Jimin of 15& and Jae of Day6.

Kevin Woo was raised in Danville, California where he lived with his parents and elder sister. He is fluent in English, Korean, and Japanese. At the age of 15, he moved to South Korea to pursue his dream of becoming a singer. After auditioning in Korea, he was scouted and made his debut in a group called XING in 2006. He re-debuted as an original member of U-KISS in 2008. In March 2017, he announced his official departure from the group after he successfully completed his contract with NH Media. Kevin is currently preparing for his solo career.


Sam Okyere is a Ghanaian TV personality who rose to fame with the variety show “Abnormal Summit” as the Ghana representative after initially moving to Korea as a student. International Hallyu fans may also know him from many other television programs including “Law of The Jungle” and “Real Men.”  He is also active in the local community as the ambassador of Yongsan.






Jun Sung Ahn is a Korean American Musician also known as JuNCurryAhn on YouTube. Jun began his Youtube career in 2011 after graduating high school. Classically trained for over 8 years, Jun used his skill set in filmmaking and violin to create a successful YouTube channel. Even though he began YouTube as a hobby to continue playing youtube, he now boasts over 1.2 million subscribers and over 100 million views on YouTube. Mainly known for his K-Pop violin/dance covers, Jun’s channel covers a wide variety of music including American pop, Anime, soundtracks and much more. Jun has traveled around the world performing at large events for the past few years, and one of his favorite events to attend is KCON. Since 2012, Jun has participated in many KCON events. Jun hopes to take his film background from his university to his dream career of being a director. With his vast audience on YouTube, he wishes to share more creative content in the future.


LDN Noise (pronounced London Noise) are a platinum selling songwriting and music production duo based in London. Since 2015 they have written and produced records for EXO, SHINee, f(x), Red Velvet, Taeyeon, NCT127, Got7, Shinhwa, Sistar and US stars Chris Brown & Nick Jonas among others. Their songs have won several K-Pop Music awards.




KCON 2016 Pre-show Host. GOT7 Turbulence Tour MC. Wild Kard 2017 MC. YTN FM 100.3 HDS2 “Krush” Radio DJ.







This is Edward and he likes beauty and the booty lol. Okay so apparently he wasn’t aware that he needed a legit bio for this section so he’s adding this on lol. Edward (or Eddy) grew up in California and gained an interest in YouTube when it first came about while he was in high school. At the same time he was introduced to the world of K-Beauty (through YouTube) and K-Pop. All of these elements eventually congealed into what is now his (messy) YouTube channel. Now based in Seoul, Edward documents his life as well as talks about the fast growing world of K-Beauty while incorporating K-Pop (he won’t shut up about Monsta X).




He is a Korean youtuber named ‘GoToe’ and makes videos about K-Pop music. He really hopes to see all of you at KCON17LA and says see you soon! 🙂








Hey its Feiii! She’s just your average fan girl next door! She loves trying out weird and not so weird makeup/skincare products! Anything from blackhead strips, acne products, to a simple cushion foundation, she’s got it! Add KPOP into the mix and you’ll have yourself a nice cup of tea!






 IAMNOT combines multiple genres from rock and hip-hop to blues and jazz to create a sound that is truly one of a kind. Maybe, the last word they want to put in their band’s name must be the word ‘general’ because they want to be unique, truly unique.  The 3 members, from the legendary band named ‘Bremen’ vanished in 2006 left only one album behind, had never given up on the desire of music and kept continuing the musical career.  They eventually got together in 2015 wearing the color of blues music.  The new formation and atmosphere of the members are clearly seen in the new form of the band. The 3 members, LIM HEONIL with the raw sound of guitar and vocal, KIM JUNHO who is a distinguishable drummer and a vocal as well, and YANG SION playing the bass and producing the music, are the total package that can make the band remarkable.


Jeff Benjamin is Billboard’s K-Pop columnist, a post he’s held for five years, and a senior digital editor at Fuse TV. He’s written about K-Pop for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Nylon, and more with his expertise on the subject called upon Time, CNN, Entertainment Weekly, NBC, MTV and beyond. Currently based in Brooklyn, Jeff’s work has flown him to Korea, saw him land the first U.S. interview with Big Hit Entertainment CEO ‘Hitman’ Bang, and break exclusives with Psy, BTS, Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, CL, BIGBANG, HyunA and many more.



Jen is an artist at heart with a love for creating beauty and helping others feel beautiful. A designer and freelance makeup artist turned blogger/youtuber, she began sharing reviews and tutorials from her own experience in 2008, and has since made her channel into her creative outlet. Jen has the passion to encourage others to be comfortable in their own skin, and believes that true beauty comes from humility and really loving and accepting oneself. She truly believes makeup should be used to express oneself and feel good, not as a mask to hide what you are afraid of.



Joan Kim is a Korean American YouTuber based in Seoul. She started off uploading K-beauty and fashion content, but has recently garnered popularity for her personal joanday vlog entries. So if you want to vicariously travel to Seoul, check out her YouTube channels!





JRE from the Youtube Channel JREKML expresses his love for Korean Music through Reactions, Comedy, and any Random way possible! There is a Reason why J.R.E Stands for Just Random Everyday.






Terry Im (임송욱), better known by his stage name KRNFX, has been perfecting his vocal capabilities for over 17 years. Specializing in “beatboxing,” he is able to create and mimic various genres of music and sounds using only his voice at an unmatched caliber. With his voice box, he emits a range of stunning sounds—deep rumbles of bass, syncopated snares, industrial twangs and thwacks—all in intricate patterns that will leave the human brain in awe. In his field, he is one of the most respected and successful figures of this generation, having won numerous competitions to prove his prowess.




Miles Jai, whose channel is MilesJaiProductions, is a comedian on YouTube and is among one of the top subscribed LGBT-themed channels with over 600,000 subscribers. From aesthetic KPop makeup tutorials to hilarious K-Pop impersonations, Miles is definitely the Bom.






New Jersey-born, Los Angeles-based actor, host, and YouTuber, Nicola Foti has been creating content online since 2008. With over half a million combined subscribers and over 100 million views across his two main channels, soundlyawake & stillsoundlyawake, Nicola is known for his humor, quirkiness, and enthusiasm.





The Nutty Nomads are sisters who love to document, learn and share everything that has to do with Korean culture, entertainment and food! They have been lucky enough to be able to create content about their passion for MNET America, Dramafever, Buzzfeed, DIA TV and even get the chance to interview some of your favorite K-Pop groups! Recently, they returned from their first unforgettable trip to South Korea, and can’t wait to go back! KCON will always have a special place in their hearts since they have been to every, single, U.S. convention since the beginning and hope to keep returning and sharing the love of all things Korean with like-minded fans! Be sure to follow them on their adventures!


Based in Los Angeles, California, REUM is consisted of Korean Vocalist Casey and Chinese-Malaysian Producer Zayson. REUM independently composes, records and produces each of their songs and they are sought for their unique music style that embraces Acoustic, R&B and Pop. With numerous performance experiences as a musician and a singer, Casey is also fluent in Korean, English and Chinese and he aspires to be a global artist. A multi-instrumentalist with years of experience in the studio, Zayson is known as an emerging artist/producer aiming to craft the world’s next hits. Outside of REUM, his credits include Eyedi’s “SIGN,” Voisper’s “Crush on You” and Bride of the Water God OST: “Pop Pop”.


Steven Lim is a Video Producer who joined BuzzFeed Motion Pictures in 2015. He is the creator and host of “Worth It”, BuzzFeed’s flagship food show that tries three foods at three drastically different price points. Additionally, Steven is the producer & director behind “Mom vs. Chef,” a cooking competition show currently in development with NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment on bringing the web series to broadcast. Prior to working at BuzzFeed, Steven was a chemical engineer at Procter & Gamble who created videos on his personal YouTube channel in his spare time.


Korean Beauty & Lifestyle Vlogger, TV Host on SBS








Sunny Park from Sunny’s Channel on YouTube, is a Korean beauty creator based in New York City. She creates beauty videos including makeup tutorials, reviews, and also vlogs. Well-known for her tutorials recreating many K-Pop celebrities makeup looks including – Hani, Suzy, Seolhyun, TZUYU, and CL. Starting back in 2015, she now has over 950,000 subscribers.




Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK) is helping millions of people around the world learn to speak Korean. Don’t miss their workshops at KCON 2017 LA!






TerryTV is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who makes comedy videos and vlogs about his life in South Korea. Originally from the US, Terry was born to an American father and Korean mother and moved to Korea shortly after college to teach English and learn more about Korea. After his one-year contract was finished, he decided to pursue YouTube full-time. Terry currently has over 550,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.




(ˈyo͞onē stel-uh)n.

A combination of two words; UNI of unique (one of a kind) & STELLA, a Latin for “star”; a dazzling light shining within me which sets me apart from others.




Aimée is a Korean adoptee from Seoul, South Korea. A classically trained musician, she’s played cello for over 13 years and holds a B.A from CSU Fresno. Aimée has played with world renowned musicians such as Lynn Harrell, Janos Starker, Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, and Yo Yo Ma, in locations such as Carnegie Hall and the LA Disney Concert Hall.

Also a humanitarian, Aimée is passionate about Liberty in North Korea, a non profit organization that raises funds to perform rescue missions and settlement programs for North Korean refugees.She is now based in Portland, OR for a graduate degree in Music Performance.




Alexis is a pop music connoisseur who has written about K-Pop for NBC News, Remezcla, Teen Vogue, among others. She’s also the co-founder of the Korean entertainment website KultScene. When not spreading the GOT7 gospel, Alexis enjoys chilling with her shih tzu Alfie.




Andrew is a Korean Canadian with a passion for Korean hip-hop music. Andrew is the founder and CEO of HIPHOPKR, the world’s leading English source for Khiphop news. Over the past three years, Andrew has travelled throughout North America to provide concert coverage and conduct exclusive interview with artists during their tour. Andrew and his translation team have collaborated with artists including San E and Microdot to create official English lyrics for their international listeners. He hopes to continue connecting artists with their fans abroad by promoting Khiphop music to all four corners of the world.


For the past five years, Angie Mills has been living her dream by working in Asian Entertainment. In addition to her marketing and communications background, she has been photographing, writing and discussing her favorite K-Pop idols on podcasts, tv, and websites like K-PopStarz, Soompi, and Kultscene. You can even find her in the BEAST’s music video for ‘Beautiful Night!’ Currently, she is on the Marketing team at Rakuten Viki and an Associate Producer of the super fun Soompi/Zany TV Original, UP10TION, Please! When she’s not working, she loves singing and dancing to BTS, EXO, Dean and Heize.



Annie is a Korean-American from Northridge, CA. She loves banana bread, Jurassic Park, the pancake emoji, and the KakaoTalk cat. She makes unscripted videos at Buzzfeed.







Odd Folks is a group of collectives based in Los Angeles. They focus on bringing Punk Folk (Rolling Stone, Beatles, Prince, etc), Vaporwave (Nujabes and FreeTempo), 90’s Hip-Hop (Soul Train) into a new genre called Alternative Wave to their audience.




The OFFICIAL SUPERANX KPOP BATTLES (#ANXKPOPBATLES). K-Pop Battles is a live K-Pop Dance-Cover event where fans can come together to showcase their favorite K-Pop Dances.





Bell is a Korean-American Youtuber and Nurse Practitioner from LA. Her Youtube channel, Beauty By Bell, teaches young women how to achieve beauty from the inside out. She loves to share K-beauty tips and help her viewers make healthy lifestyle changes. She is well known for her videos on inner beauty, acne skin care, & Korean makeup tutorials!



Benson Lee is a Korean-American filmmaker whose first feature film “Miss Monday” was awarded a Special Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Mr. Lee also directed the 3D dance adaptation of his documentary “Planet B-Boy” for Sony Pictures titled “Battle of the Year 3D,” starring Chris Brown and Josh Holloway. His most recent feature, “Seoul Searching,” premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film festival and will premiere on Netflix in late 2017. Mr. Lee is currently developing “K-POP GRL6,” a film about the creation of an international K-pop girl group.


Ricky Choi (@brute.choi) brings a modern minimalistic twist to the Youtube & Instagram community with his videos, photography, & nonchalant personality. He is based in Vancouver, BC and works full time as a Marketing Associate for the Arts and also does freelance consulting & Graphic Design on the side. Ricky talks all things beauty, fashion, & design on brutechoi.com





Carly Henderson is a TV host, video producer and series creator. You can currently catch her giving her quirky opinion on the latest entertainment news on HollywireTV, chatting with celebrities on the red carpet, and testing out the latest pop culture crazes on her series “Try the Trend.” Previously, she worked as a VJ for mtvU, and taught English in Seoul, South Korea, where she gained a massive appreciation for K-Pop music and Korean culture.  Earlier this year, Carly became the #1 trending Twitter topic when her interview with K-Pop group BTS went viral.

Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee is a writer, an artist, a photographer and a chef. A James Beard Award nominee, she has written for Food + Wine, Eating Well, the Washington Post, Google, MGM Studios, and many others. As one of the world’s foremost experts in Korean cuisine and culture, she is a freelance restaurant reviewer and regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times Daily Dish. Her cookbooks include Quick & Easy Mexican Cooking, Quick & Easy Korean Cooking and Eating Korean: From Barbecue to Kimchi, Recipes from My Home.


You can always find her eating somewhere or cooking at her house! She loves to mingle and be weird. You can’t miss her !

The foremost expert on all things Korean skincare, Charlotte Cho is the board-certified esthetician and Co-Founder behind Soko Glam, the most trusted community and lifestyle brand with the best selection of Korean beauty products and content. As author of The Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin and Editor-In-Chief of The Klog, Charlotte has been sought out for her expert advice and insight on the tenets of Korean skin care. Being the one to bring Korean beauty into the US in 2012, Charlotte is known to be the pioneer of the 10-step Korean skincare routine.


You’ve probably seen her interviewing one of your favorite korean artists, nerding out with her friends at Pretty Brown & Nerdy or reacting to some of your favorite groups on youtube! This girl just wants to spread the K-music love one video at a time.






Christian Oh has been a pillar of the Asian American community. As the current Executive Director of the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival (www.apafilm.org), he loves production of all types of events and projects and has lots of experiences with expos, conventions, galas, and large-scale events. Prior to that, he was the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Kollaboration DC, an Asian American Talent competition here in the DC metro area. He has been a panelist and moderator for KCON LA and NY for several years as well.


Co-founder of Glow Recipe, the destination for natural Korean beauty in the US. Christine became an entrepreneur after 12+ years of beauty experience in the US and Korea. Glow Recipe has been featured on Shark Tank, Vogue, Forbes and has partnered with Sephora, QVC and Saks to bring K-beauty to the US! I love to sheet mask on the plane, karaoke and her greatest KCON dream would be a H.O.T. reunion.





Christine Yoo is a director, producer and writer. She is currently filming SAN QUENTIN MARATHON, a feature length documentary about a marathon inside San Quentin State Prison. She is best known for directing, producing and wrting WEDDING PALACE, a US-Korea feature co-production starring Kang Hye-jung, Brian Tee and Margaret Cho, and co-writing AFRO SAMURAI, a 5-part anime series starring Samuel L. Jackson.


Clara Melody is a Chinese K-pop cover YouTuber. In 2015, she started her YouTube channel as a sophomore in High School. Clara is the first Guzheng (also known as the Chinese Zither) player playing K-pop music on the internet. Within 2 years, she gained over 90k subscribers and 3 million views. In the future, she will continue to play more artists’ covers and looks forward to collaborating with other YouTubers.


Cortney is one half of the lively duo 2MinJinkJongKey. You can consider them professional fangirls! Whether they’re spazzing over the latest MV’s, reviewing their favorite albums, or discussing serious topics they love sharing their passion for K-Pop.






Courtney has been a fan of K-Pop and and K-drama since 2008 – when her Korean professor decided to include K-entertainment as a mandatory part of the class curriculum. Starting with Super Junior and peaking with Highlight and BTS, she’s been avidly attending K-Pop concerts and buying a lot of albums. She spent her junior year year studying at Yonsei University and then received a Fulbright Grant to teach English in a Korean high school after college. After scoring a job at Soompi as their marketing manager, she’s also been actively involved in Viki’s newest initiative CREATED where her favorite part has been connecting YouTube influencers with K-Pop groups.


Dr. Anderson (PhD, American Studies) is a dynamic scholar with an international reputation in transnational American Studies. Her scholarship focuses on African American, Asian, Asian American literature, popular culture, film and media studies, and digital fan cultures within a global context. She champions traditional and digital scholarship as well as the use of technology and blended learning strategies in disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses. In her most recent work, “Hybrid Hallyu: The African American Music Tradition in K-pop”, she argues for a mode of authenticity that emphasizes black music aesthetics, which allows for participation by non-blacks and recognizes the realities of cultural exchange beyond negative appropriation and imitation.


David loves to cook Vietnamese food. He loves to travel to taste all types of food. When he’s not eating he enjoys hiking, camping, off roading and playing with his 8 dogs.







DAVIDKIM is an artist & producer based in New Jersey. He has worked with clients and friends including BuzzFeed Video, Eric Nam, pH-1, Nongshim America, Stand Up Man (Canadian Movie), etc. Currently, he is finishing up his debut EP, which will showcase his new personal style to the world.





Korean Adoptee | rap stuff | asian-ish | new album out Sept 2017







Dane Amar is an R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop Artist based out of San Diego, CA. He started rapping at the age of 12 and hasn’t stopped working since. He was featured on Show Me The Money in both season 5 and season 6. Although getting limited screen time he has not stopped working hard to pursue his dreams. While in Korea for the filming of the second round of SMTM6 he recently released his newest project “Yellow Umbrella” which is available on all streaming platforms.


Danny (formerly known as Decipher) was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Raised by his step mother, with the help of Zack Morris and Tupac Shakur, he went on to devour countless cups of Shin Ramen and packets of Gushers. At an early age his closet full of Tommy Hilfiger set the bar high for his standard of living. His dreams were even bigger than his size 38 Girbraud Jeans. With a gel pen stolen from the Sanrio store he started writing down what he saw. So it began…



David is the founder and editor of Very Good Light, the leading men’s beauty publication. He’s been featured in the New York Times, Teen Vogue, Allure, among others.

Dayna Chatman, PhD, is a George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication. Her academic work focuses on media representations of Black Americans, online fan engagement, and conflict within fandom. Dayna is an avid K-Drama viewer and K-Pop enthusiast, who, in addition to researching the intricacies of K-Pop’s connection to Black American style, music, and dance, enjoys collecting albums and blogging about her favorite idols groups SHINee, GOT7, BTS and Monsta X.


Derek Graves is a Los Angeles socialite in the gaysian scene. He has traveled Asia, including Korea, hitting some of the most popular clubs and attending the biggest parties. He is head of the promotions team for GAMeBoi LA, which is the premier night club for gay Asian community. GAMeBoi has been around for 15+ years and is every Friday at RAGE nightclub in West Hollywood. Also, Derek is often featured on YouTube with Matthew Lush, also known as Gaygod. If you ever want to meet Derek…. check the dance floor.


My name is Dylan and I’m a SONE as well as lover of all things K-POP! On my YouTube channel you can find reactions, challenges, music and more.







Edward ZO is a social media influencer (Instagram | YouTube), creative director, entrepreneur & an up & coming actor who will be appearing alongside Uma Thurman in the feature film ‘The Brits are Coming’ as well as Godfrey Gao in “The Jade Pendant.”.As a strong advocate of breaking stereotypes, representation and diversity in media; Edward is also working on a couple revolutionary projects that he hopes will give a voice to those who feel unheard. He is honored to be a part of KCON 2017!




Elise Hsiung, also know as Silv3rT3ar on YouTube, is known for her covers of K-Pop songs. As a full-time university student, when she isn’t doing school-related things, she loves writing lyrics, playing guitar, and singing. Elise’s English covers, where she writes and sings English lyrics to K-Pop songs, are among her most popular uploads. Her favorite artists include BTS, SEVENTEEN, EXO, NCT, DAY6, and DEAN, and she enjoys songs from various other artists and genres as well.



Emily became a K-Pop fan in 2010 after watching Epik High’s One music video, though it was actually Beast that did the trick not long later. Since then, she’s stanned many groups including BTS, Monsta X, and Infinite, attended multiple concerts including KCON 2014 and 2015, and interned at Etude House in Seoul last summer, where she was surrounded by I.O.I makeup. Combining K-Pop and creative writing was a natural collision of two favorite hobbies, and she’s also been a guest editorial writer & concert reviewers for moonROK Media, a news and media K-Pop startup.




Evan is a producer, actor, and director at BuzzFeed. He has been a major part of a lot of Korean content from BuzzFeed, such as videos like “Weird Things Koreans Do,” “Americans Try Korean McDonalds,” “Worth It – $24 Korean BBQ Vs. $346 Korean BBQ,” and much more.





Fire-Raising is an award-winning Master level cosplayer from Toronto, Canada with 6 years of costume-making experience and a closet that looks like an episode of Golden Tambourine. From massive historical royal hanbok reproductions to idol stage outfits and cardboard box costumes, she’s done it all!






In his free time, Kevin loves to be basic, converse in Star Wars lingo, and eat spicy rice cakes. When he’s feeling eggstra, he’ll run marathons because it’s on the way to his work. On weekends, he’s always the life of the party..even when he’s not there. His cereal never gets soggy. It sits there and stays crispy, just for him. He used to be a fan of BigBang, now he’s an air conditioner~~




LA food blogger extraordinaire! I’m creating exciting content on all the fun and interesting foods from all over! Join my adventures and try not to get hungry!







FoodwithSeoul is a food and lifestyle blog run by Michelle Kim a Korean-American blogger that specializes in delicious eats and fashion. Originally born in South Korea, she uses her love for Korean and American food for inspiration when posting on FoodwithSeoul (Instagram).

FoodwithSeoul has been featured in publications such as Zagat, Infatuation, and Saute Magazine.




Sugar, spice, and everything nice

These were the ingredients chosen

To create the crazy K-Pop Fanboys “Fresh Baon”! With so much energy they will make you laugh, cry and even make you hungry! Well maybe not that last part! Remember if the BAON ain’t FRESH than it ain’t BAON!




George Aliaga is part of iHeartRadio’s national social media team in New York City and is a pop music connoisseur. He can be found behind-the-scenes of interviews and fan projects on iHeartRadio working with the likes of Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes, Kelly Clarkson and countless others. He pioneered the creation of original K-POP content for iHeartRadio and has interviewed artists including BTS, B.A.P and Jessica Jung. George was previously seen and heard on 103.5 KTU’s “Cubby and Carolina in the Morning” and the nationally syndicated “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.” He hopes to continue to connect you (the fans!) with the artists you love.


Girlfriday is Javabeans’ co-pilot and co-conspirator at Dramabeans, the gateway to all things drama-related, where no wrist-grab or piggyback is left unturned. She loves being able to watch and write about dramas with the best community of vocal, diverse, opinionated fans out there, because squeeing is so much better en masse. Dramabeans is a global hub for episode recaps and drama news, where all are welcome, as long as they wear their fan-love on their sleeves.


Brianna is a Californian whom has been gaming and cosplaying for a chunk of her life. Her first online game experience was with Ragnarok Online back in 2003, cosplaying since 2007ish, and officially got into K-Pop cosplay in 2013. Now a days, she spends her free time playing games like Overwatch and attending KCON to meet with fellow cosplayers and friends. Brianna is also the person behind K-Pop Aholic, known for her assorted amount of chibi K-Pop pins and goodies.



Go! Go! Hanguk is a Seoul based company that provides a free service to help students that have always dreamed of living and studying in South Korea. They provide assistance with helping you pick the perfect school, navigating the confusing visa application process, as well as tons of additional support before and after you come to Korea.




GOT7&Co. is an international fanbase that provides tutorials, holds events, and raises funds to assist I GOT7 in supporting GOT7 via voting, streaming music videos and songs, and trending hashtags and searches during comebacks as well as end of the year awards season.

GOT7 US Ahgases is a fanbase dedicated to providing the international fandom with ways to support GOT7 without having to travel across the globe. This includes keeping fans updated with all news and information, as well as organizing support opportunities for international ahgases/I GOT7.


Grace Jung is a PhD candidate in Cinema & Media Studies at UCLA. She is also a writer, Korean literary translator and filmmaker.






Grace Subervi is an Actor, Singer, and TV Host currently starring as the titular role in DramaFever’s upcoming original production, “Oh My Grace.”She has hosted & produced interviews with stars like Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Park Bo Young, BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, Kim Tae Woo, GOT7, and many more as VJ for MTV and host for FUSE and DramaFever.





HangryDiary are the sister-sister pairing of Jocelyn and Justine. Their passion for exploring new restaurants inspired them to become food bloggers after graduating from USC and UCLA, respectively. They were raised in Hong Kong but moved to Los Angeles to study. You can often find them eating at the hottest restaurants in town and taking an obscene amount of time to shoot that perfect angle.





Hwaseook Jeong is a traditional cuisine artisan who was featured in T.V. programs such as “KBS Ask Anything” in the year 2007. In 2010, she placed first on Royal Cuisine – World Tourism & Food Expo. In 2015, she won the  Presidential Award from the Korean Food Tourism Association. She is currently the President of Korean Food Academy Los Angeles.






The Vanderveers [Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer and Ebony Rae Vanderveer] are Sony music producers and songwriters who have created international chart-topping songs for XIA JUNSU– Uncommitted, Incredible, and Rock The World and Twice — I’m Gonna Be A Star. They have also worked with Christina Aguilera Pink, Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Milian and Cher. They are co-owners of InRage Entertainment (InRage.com), a multi-genre record label and entertainment company dropping new music every month.




Ivan is a skincare enthusiast, lover of makeup and fitness. When he’s not watching comedies on Netflix, you can find him filming videos for Youtube and vlogging. He speaks five languages and has the most adorable cat!







Jasmine is one half of the dynamic reaction duo 2minjinkjongkey! They share their love for KPOP through hilarious reactions videos, insightful reviews, and fun vlogs! Connecting with international fans who need a friend to fangirl with, these ladies have been entertaining us for over 5 years!





Hailing from Australia but now a resident of Los Angeles for the last 3 years, 17 year old Javsmine Clarke is a singer who has garnered over 220K subscribers and 20M views on YouTube.She is known for singing not only in English, but Mandarin, Korean and Japanese, across genres of pop, R&B, soul and K-Pop. She just released an original in Korea with producer MAKTUB who is known for his top ten Melon charting hit “Marry Me”.





Javabeans is the creator of Dramabeans.com, a site dedicated to reviews and discussion of K-Dramas that she created when she could not find a site where she could discuss her drama obsession in detail. In its ten years of operation, Dramabeans has grown into a robust community of passionate K-Drama fans and has become an expansive repository of all things Korean drama, covering news, reviews, and recaps.




Jenna Rose has been performing Korean music for more than 5 years now. Former Leader of CoCo Avenue, African American girl group that sings in both English and Korean, Jenna has now branched out on her own to pursue a solo career in the entertainment industry. Never shy about voicing her opinions on the  more sensitive topics in KPop, her goal is to bring more social awareness to the genre that has influenced her life so much. This is her 5th year at KCon LA.



Jennie Bennett is the author of four K-Pop Romance books—Kidnapped Idol, Undercover Fan, Snowflake Kisses, and Celebrity Superhero. She found K-Dramas by accident on Netflix in 2013 and has never looked back since. A Shawol for life, she currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband, kids, and a cute puppy named Charlie.


Jenny Zha is the Strategic Engagement Manager for Viki and Soompi, and has been ogling over K-Pop idols since discovering the best show ever, Super Junior’s “Explorers of the Human Body.” These days, she keeps her inner fangirl satisfied by producing content with your favorite celebs (the answer you want to know is: YES, they ARE so much better-looking in real-life). Jenny spends her time lurking on Soompi, scrolling endlessly through Twitter’s trending topics, and wishing she was a part of the Running Man cast.

Jenny Lyric is an African American K-R&B singer and 1/2 of the disbanded Duo Coco Avenue. She is currently working on her solo Ep which will be a collection of songs in Korean & English.





Ayyy Whatsup!! Josh is a K-Pop Reactor, Engineer and 50 Shades of Christian! Mamamoo, BTS and Funnel Cake make his life complete!






The JRodTwins are made up of twin brothers named Jason and Justin. Their Youtube channel is known for their easy-listening acoustic covers which has accumulated over 140,000 subscribers. Fun fact: They were featured on South Korea’s televised singing show “Superstar K8”. Fun fact 2: They currently have Day6 on repeat.



W2Beauty Editor at Large and all-around K-beauty evangelist Jude Chao got her start as the blogger behind top English-language K-beauty blog Fifty Shades of Snail. Jude has appeared on Racked, Fashionista, HLN.com, and the New York Post and was featured as ELLE Malaysia’s Beauty Blogger of the Month for June/July 2017. Her detailed skincare routine posts on Instagram bring joy to at least a few dozen people, and so does her use of Goblin and Big Bang gifs.

June quit her job as an entertainment attorney to pursue her true passions- food and TV hosting. She started Stir and Style 2 and a half years ago to share her love for eating, cooking, traveling, and just plain living life to the fullest. She believes that it is never too late to create your own path and chase your dreams. June is also the co-owner of Shrimp Daddy serving Hawaiian garlic butter shrimp, Chichi Dango serving homemade mochi with shave ice and dole whip, and Young Bud serving premium matcha drinks. You can find them at Smorgasburg in DTLA every Sunday and please be on the lookout for the brick and mortars opening up this year!


5A artist, Justin Park is a rising songwriter and performer born and raised in Los Angeles. As a proud Korean-American, proudly representing his city and the Asian-American community, Justin aspires to spread his talent through his soulful music and contagious positive energy. There are tremendously optimistic prospects for Justin with an abundance of new music and video material to be released in the foreseen future. Check out Justin Park’s first single, DATES IN LA.


Josh Dove is a 22 year old YouTuber and self proclaimed professional fanboy from Boston. He is passionate about all things K-Pop especially ASTRO. He has established himself on YouTube for his variety of reactions of music and K-Pop compilations. With his hilarious commentary and relatable personality it is no surprise that he has a worldwide following that grows by the week.

Kardofficial_ is the largest International fan base for Kard in the USA. They strive to give hidden Kards, updates on the coed group to the best of their ability while giving their full support to the group! Their organisation uses Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr and hopes to extend their fan base even more in the future!

KAIROS is a multi-platinum Warner/Chappell producer, and CEO of Kairos Music Group LLC, based in Los Angeles, CA. His most recent single was the #1 hit song, “Signal” by TWICE. He is also behind the title songs for “Yes No Maybe” (Suzy), “Ah-Ha” (Double S 301), and “Get The Treasure” (SHINee)! Some of his other popular works include “Next Page” (TWICE), “Yejiapsa” (BTOB), “Mine” (GOT 7), “Without You” (Marcus & Martinus), and many more.

Founded in 2004, the Karaoke Kaizokudan is a veteran team of music lovers who run karaoke contests and open mic at many conventions in California. Our song library currently consists of over 7,000 k-pop, anime, j-pop, and video game related songs. You can view our song library online at www.anime-karaoke.com. We’re very excited to be coming to our very first KCON, and we’ll see you in the Noraebang Room!


Kathryn has been a hard-core fan of K-Dramas since 2009, when she stumbled across “You’re Beautiful” and then marathoned everything she could get her hands on. She’s written about K-Pop and K-Dramas since 2010, and often spends hours staring dreamily at Lee Jong Suk’s face. Kathryn taught English in Japan for two years, where she bonded with her students over the cutest K-Pop groups. She now works in social media for the Asian content streaming site Viki, and can be seen fangirling publicly on their new YouTube platform Viki Life. This is her first time attending KCON.

Koreos is a top K-Pop dance cover team from UCLA dedicated to the development and education of the art of dance. With a diverse team of 30 members coming from different backgrounds and dance experiences, they aspire to strengthen friends.





Kryskhloe is a lifestyle blogger just for fun because she is a full-time paralegal studying to become a lawyer and starting a brand while creating content in between it all.

After working for Seoulbeats.com (and various other websites) for the last 5 years, you could say Lindsay has seen it all in terms of international K-Pop fandom. While a fangirl first and foremost in her heart, Lindsay also works in the academic field of Korean media studies, making her an all-around Korean entertainment expert. This will be Lindsay’s 4th year working with KCON and she can’t wait to bring more fans together in discussion about what they love about K-pop!

K-Pop, K-drama, and K-film addict of seven years Lisa Espinosa will be jet-setting to South Korea in the fall as HanCinema’s new managing editor. Before she goes, she’s stoked to rub elbows with her colleagues and fellow Hallyu fans at KCON. Find her chatting on a panel or taking photos of all things good.

Lk Gannett is the Performing Arts & Media Studies Librarian at University of California Santa Barbara and moonlights as a Hallyu journalist for Hello Asia! under the pen name Ariel. Lk holds a Master of Library Science from the University of Maryland, College Park and indulges her inner archivist by documenting Korean Wave fandom in the U.S., one concert review at a time.


Madison Bickel, aka M.Zic Kosplay from Florida, has been in the cosplay community since 2004. While starting out doing the usual anime and video games, eventually it became Jrock, and finally K-Pop. Drawn to the flashy costumes and especially makeup, it was natural to try to recreate the unique looks, and from then on it was history! This will be year 3 at KCon, of hopefully many years to come.

A mom with a multi-fandom heart and a soft spot for underrated groups and artists Mama B’s YouTube channel K-PopMamas has been called “The fan service for the fandoms”. Her love for K-Pop started as a weekly happy hour with her friend Mama T, 2 moms fangirling out over K-Pop videos and wine, and has grown into her own channel reviewing anything from K-Pop MV’s to Kdramas. You can check Mama B out on her channel K-PopMamas; usually with a glass of wine in hand fangirling with Mama T, her subscribers, and plenty of other guest appearances.


Founder of the8MM. The original creator of the finger heart cap. Also, owner of Spot Dessert Bar in NYC.


Alias Mean Philip comes from his Korean last name “민,” and from being super blunt with his friends. K-Pop is the sole reason he has been dancing for a little over two years now.
The more coordinated half of the awkwardly humorous duo “Secretly a Kpopstar” on YouTube.
He had an unforgettable time as a Flowerboy in the very first Flowerboy cafe at KCON 2016.
Biases? GOT7 Jackson, NCT 127 Taeyong, BTS V, BLACKPINK Jennie.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Megan Lee started her entertainment career at the age of 10 and she’s known for her latest Nickelodeon show called Make It Pop as Sun Hi. Megan’s released a Korean Pop debut single ‘8dayz’ & OST ‘Ready for Love’ in 2014. Her YouTube channel’s been active since her early age & still posting more cover videos & her original music reaching more than 41 million views now.


Michael Kang is a filmmaker in Los Angeles by way of New York. His award-winning first feature film “The Motel” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. His second feature film “West 32nd” was the first fully financed U.S. feature film by Korean studio CJ Entertainment, starring John Cho, Grace Park and featured a cameo by Jung Jeon Ho. “West 32nd” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and had its international premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival. The film was released theatrically in Korea and garnered critical praise. That same year Michael received the Overseas Korean Filmmaker Award.

Mike Bow is an actor, YouTuber, and host for ISATV. You may have seen him from his channel: MikeBowShow, as the best friend from Wong Fu Productions “My Best Friend is Hot,” or as that other Asian Glader from The Maze Runner.


Miranda Ruth Larsen is a PhD candidate at the University of Tokyo and a lecturer at Bunkyo Gakuin University. She discovered K-Pop in college and annoyed her roommate by playing MBLAQ every day. While earning her Master’s degree she regularly attended KCON LA. She loves Rain, SHINee’s Jonghyun, HISTORY, TEENTOP, and too many others to list. Miranda studies K-pop, affect, and fandom, specifically male groups and how they operate in Japan. She focuses on rookie male idol groups (especially the very talented CIRCUS CRAZY) and their fans in Tokyo’s Koreatown, Shin-Okubo.

Morgan Stewart, from The Beauty Breakdown, is your personal international beauty liaison… who also loves cats, pizza, and shiny things.






As one of the most requested moderators at KCON, Ashley “Multifacetedacg” Griffin returns for her third consecutive year as a Special Guest. She is excited to meet her MACGoalas and new fans!

MVP Elite is a performance dance company based in Los Angeles. Their mission is to inspire others through the art of dance with a focus of K-Pop and Korean culture. Using original choreography, MVP Elite strives for the enrichment of k-pop dance community in a fun, motivated, and welcoming environment.

Nicole is a Korean American Fashion and Beauty influencer based in LA and Seoul. She focuses on K-Fashion through SFW (Seoul Fashion Week). She Also does K-Beauty/ K-Pop related beauty tutorials on Youtube and KCON.TV. She also works as a celebrity stylist as well as radio DJ with YTN.

Previously known as NOMTOM, NXMTXM is a Korean-Argentine singer/producer from Los Angeles, CA. He began his career as a YouTube cover artist and recently transitioned into an artist of his own. NXMTXM is currently working on his first EP set to release early 2018. NXMTXM has performed in various states coast to coast and this will be his 4th time performing at KCON LA.



Peter Adrian Sudarso was born in Jakarta Indonesia and moved to California in 1998. He pursued acting after accidentally stumbling upon the industry in 2011 thanks to an audition his older brother Yoshi sent him out to. Since then he has booked several roles such as Apple, Nokia, Vivo, Pepsi and other commercials. His most notable role is that of Preston the blue ninja steel ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Steel.


A US native (by way of a study detour in Sydney Australia), Raha Lewis is an influencer for all things pop culture, fashion and entertainment. A lawyer in her past life, who has written for publications such as the LA Times, People Magazine and InStyle, Lewis is genuinely interested in the state of the world and how it’s players conduct themselves. You may have seen her touting exclusive stories on E! News, Good Morning America and Showbiz Tonight. Her legal background anchors an innate analytic mindset, while her passion and have-fun-for-a-living attitude gives her the ability to provide telling insights on just about any subject matter. She extracts a unique reality in interviews because of her conversational free spirited style. She’s motivating, honest and reveals strengths in subjects that even they sometimes didn’t know they had.She’s a content creator with a voice that speaks to the masses. And if she ends up at your dinner party, be prepared for a lot of laughter.

ReacttotheK, known for its ‘Classical Musicians react to K-pop’ series, consists of 15+ classical music majors who react to K-Pop. This channel was born almost on accident, with it beginning as a way for friends to stay in touch and connect over K-Pop through their reactions to their favorite groups. However, the channel creator, Umu, eventually thought of showing K-Pop to her friends at music conservatory, hoping to entice them into listening to it more often, as well as filming their reactions. Their insightful feedback born of a strong music education, as well as their down to earth attitude about every song and video they they saw, was refreshing to both Umu and the audience. And now this channel opens the door to the musical intricacies of K-Pop composition.

Born and raised in Queens, Rekstizzy is the product of an immigrant upbringing and an obsession with explicit rap. The combination often manifests in oddball party records like “Ugly But Kawaii” or colorful social commentary like “Wall World.” He’s also hosted Kawaii For Men, a webseries about embracing the cute, and is featured on Bad Rap, a documentary on Asian Americans in hip hop (soon to premiere on Netflix). More recently, he appeared on Show Me the Money 6, spitting a verse that lead SMTM6 judge Jay Park to say “he’s different.” Currently, he’s working on his new ep, Lilypad Vol 2.


Riley is a professional photographer living in Seoul, and KCON’s number one fan. After her little sister Allyson got her hooked on K-Pop 8 years ago, she’s done everything from cosplay to joining a dance team to interviewing idols, and eventually made the move all the way to Korea with her cat, Pixel, who all the idols are afraid of. She stans NU’EST, ACE, KARD, and Lady Gaga, and you can usually find her eating fusion Tex-Mex and/or dyeing her hair.

SF9 NATION is the first international fanbase dedicated to FNC’s first dance boy group SF9.


SJWorld, the first international fanbase who supports all SJ members and subunits, launched as a forum on March 3, 2009 just in time for the audio teaser release of Sorry Sorry. They are currently active as a blog (sjworld.net),  via twitter (@sjworld), and are devilishly excited for Super Junior’s upcoming comeback. SJWorld’s slogan towel shows 슈주세계제패 which means SuJu World Domination. Their towel has been held up by SJ members in many events around the world, including most recently, KCON 2015 LA!


International fanbase for NCT! Made by fans, for fans, worldwide.


With the love for playing piano and composing music, Smyang embarked on his YouTube venture in 2012 by uploading a cover of Big Bang’s “Blue”. Ever since then, Smyang has been steadily growing an international audience who share a common interest towards K-Pop. Smyang uploads a variety of piano covers ranging from K-Drama OSTs, song mashups, anime soundtracks, and of course, K-Pop songs.


With over ten years of experience in the Korean Entertainment industry (most specifically K-POP), Stacy’s experience includes artist management, artist branding, concert marketing and production and international marketing and communications strategy. In her free time, she is also a radio host as well as an MC for K-POP events. Having most recently led the growth and development of MyMusicTaste’s social media presence, Stacy’s vast portfolio includes collaborating with some of Korea’s most beloved artists including ASTRO, Block B, EXO, FTISLAND, SHINee, Super Junior, and WINNER as well as international media including Billboard, El Pais, Fuse, iHeartRadio, NHK, and Vogue.



Stephanie Kurze is the creator, writer, podcaster, and head fangirl at Kchat Jjigae a site focusing on all things K-entertainment. She’s a recent Colorado transplant where she enjoys meeting with fellow K-friends and now spends a good portion of her time wondering when Kpop concerts are finally going to spread to Colorado. She loves K-indie, guyliner, and pretending K-pop band members aren’t actually way too young for her.


Steven Deng is a creator who makes fun videos in forms of animation, skit, or vlog entries on Youtube!







StillNotDavid (David Le) is a YouTube comedian/singer/vlogger from New York best known for his music covers and K-Pop related content. His channel has 100k subscribers and he’s been around on YouTube since 2008, but went on a long hiatus for about 2-3 years up until recently, so he’s super excited to be back again!




Suk-Young Kim (@Dr.Ajumma) enjoys collecting PhDs, teaching at UCLA, raising her two future K-Pop star babies, and pushing around her husband Korean-style.






Recent graduate from LIU Post’s Master program, Susan Kelly is a fine artist/K-Pop enthusiast. Susan’s Master’s Thesis, EXOLANSIS, combines stained glass and stencil work where she explored the relationship between fans and idols. By using a traditional stained glass method, Susan creates idealized portraits of idols as seen through the eyes of the fans, where they become a new modern iconography.



Founded in July 2015, SVTGlobal is a Twitter based fanbase dedicated to Seventeen. They provide daily updates about all Seventeen related info to help Carats stay up to date! Their main objective is to be the bridge between Seventeen and Carats, and support Seventeen to the very end!

Carat Amino is an online community for Seventeen fans since June 2016 with more than 50 thousand worldwide users. This is a place where users can post blogs, fanarts, edits, fanfics, and appreciations as well as participate in Seventeen related games & challenges. Carats can also chat with fellow carats worldwide and spend enjoyable time during their stay in the community.


Tamar Herman covers K-pop for Billboard as a contributing writer, reporting on breaking news and recent music releases. She has written about entertainment and pop culture for NBC News, MTV, Vice, the Village Voice, and a variety of other outlets. She’s interviewed some of Asia’s biggest stars, including BTS, Perfume, BlackPink, Jolin Tsai, TWICE, Psy, and Mayday. In the past, Tamar’s covered music festivals in South Korea, the U.S, and Canada, including both KCON NY and KCON LA.


Tasha P is the HR & Consulting Director and a co-owner at MACG Productions. She is a proud member of the Over 30 K-pop fan club and is a writer for Asian Movie Pulse under pen name CoolHappyMe.


Eddie Valencia is a dedicated cover dancer from the YouTube channel The First Bite. Using his charisma and spunky personality, Eddie expresses his love for Korean music through vlogs, dance covers, and music video reactions.






Tima is a beauty/lifestyle content creator on youtube, and loves to play with makeup and fashion. Occasionally you’ll see her test out k-beauty products, and see how she styles clothing on trend.


Consisting of Aoora (who debuted in 2011 with five-member boy group Double A) and Friday (producer for Aoora and Double A), Trophy Cat is a tropical house/dance/EDM production duo from South Korea. They’ve recently made their music debut with the track “Stay” featuring YouTuber Edward Avila. They plan to debut their second single “BODY” at KCON2017LA!


At the age of 21, Victoria Loi, also known as Vi, is still trying to figure out the meaning of life, happiness, and love. Her life revolves around her academic studies and reaching her career goals and dreams. Her happiness lies through her travels and seeing the world. And her love involves her passion for the entertainment industry. Aside from modeling since the age of 12, Victoria is also blogging, MC-ing, styling, and developing as a recording artist. This will be her 3rd year paneling at KCON.


Vivien is a K-Pop YouTuber who makes dance and singing covers for her favorite K-Pop groups. She has been a K-Pop fan for over 10 years and each year she makes new friends and creates unforgettable memories. ASTRO is her favorite group because they inspire her to become a better performer and they never fail to cheer her up! She has been supporting them since pre-debut and will continue to support them as long as the stars shine! Special thanks to her sisters Amelie and Soleil, her dad, and her friends MaknaeLeah and Kyomica27 for coming to KCON with her! (:


Whitneybae is an American YouTuber in South Korea whose parodies of Korean celebrities, storytimes, and silly stunts have caught the attention of Korean youth, as well as the entertainment industry. She is most notably recognized for her Unpretty Rapstar parodies, modeling with Korean makeup artist Jung Saem Mool, interviewing the K-Pop idol group BOYS24, and several TV appearances. Although known for being a funny comedian, she has a deep passion and understanding about Korean language and culture having lived in Korea for 6 years and studied the language for 10 years.


VIXX 국제팬사이트! Has been established since 2012 to support their precious boys and Starlights + providing all the latest news, projects, and translations! 별빛들의 우주, 항상 빅스 편 (Starlights’ universe, always with VIXX) !


Yaku creates comedic skits, discusses K-Pop controversy, and makes relatable content for the K-culture fandom. He was born and raised in Houston, TX. He’s currently studying acting in San Francisco with goals to book roles for films in the future. The first time he recognized K-pop while clicking through anime theme songs and coming across “Roly-Poly” by T-ara. He’s been hooked ever since.


Young Ajummah is better known as Sara Layne in the world outside of K-Pop. By day she is a devoted pre-school educator whose heart is filled with happiness at being one of the first positive influences in the lives of children. By night (or any other time that she can) she is a YouTube Personality and Korean Entertainment Freelance writer for the sites: DramaFever, hosts Daebak City, a monthly podcast, with Aewen Radio and is a valued member of the Multifacetedacg Productions Community of K-Fan Entertainers. Follow her antics on Twitter at @young_ajummah.


YukiBomb is an LA based model and influencer specializing in beauty and fashion. In 2012, Yuki joined Los Angeles based all-girl K-Pop rock band, Nylon Pink and recorded and toured with them until 2015. Her experience has helped her grow from a shy introvert into a confident girl with a powerful voice. She has been featured in JPy Magazine along with other publications and was also in Sik-K & Jay Park’s MV, “Alcohol” along with many other music videos. She is now inspiring others with her creative approach in fashion and beauty.


Demi Zhu Cao or 芃芃— better known by her stage name YUNGDEMI— is an up-and-coming rapper, ballerina, and proud 626 Arcadia native who is eagerly preparing to soon share her unique color as a promising artist and performer with the world. Her love and proclivity for performing sparked at a young age, studying classical ballet for 11 years and graduating Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as a dance major. To further pursue her dream of combining her passions for both music and dance, she is now currently attending USC as a music industry major to broaden her skill set as a musician.


Zach Choi is a Korean American adoptee and fashion blogger. He is mostly known for his unique approach to streetwear brands Supreme and Bape, but has worked on other projects including campaigns for Google, Uniqlo, Daniel Wellington and many more.


Zombie Mamma has been a hopeless K-Drama addict for years, spending far more hours than she’d care to admit, sobbing over sappy love stories and suffering endlessly from the pain of Second Lead Syndrome. Her love of K-Dramas eventually led her into the world of K-Pop where she’s been happily lost in that Wonderland ever since. On the less fangirly side, she’s been working in Hallyu-related media for several years now, as both a freelance writer and photographer. Her work can be found all over, just look for the Zombie named Leah.


ZorDonofDoom was born a weirdo – loud and proud! – who’s been singing before she could talk. Candy, music, anime, and comics are her LIFE. The first K-Pop album she bought was ‘Atlantis Princess’ by BoA and she poorly memorized all of the choreography from the album. She absolutely despises butterflies. They’re fine at a distance, but don’t let them near her! You can watch Zordon’s shenanigans all day long on snapchat: zordonofdoom. Watch and hear her debut single ‘Absolute Confuzzlement’ at InRage.com.




They are the 1st international fanbase for WANNA ONE.