[#KCON18LA] Artist Reveal – Crush

Crush debuted in 2012 with the release of single “Red Dress.” He released a single titled “Sometimes” in April 2014 and his first album, Crush On You, in June 2014. This R&B artist hailing from Amoeba Culture has boosted his experience with producing gigs for Korean rappers LOCO, Gray, Zico. In 2014, he collaborated with Zion.T to release the single “Just” which became another hit. As a solo artist, Crush had an immensely successful 2014 with the sensual “Hug Me” and melancholic “Sofa” followed by the release of two EPs, Interlude and Wonderlust, in 2016. In 2018, Crush released a new single titled “Bittersweet.”