KCON:TACT HI 5 – Behind KCON’s Breaking Live, Snacks & Staff


Ready for more behind the scenes moments?

Check out these Breaking Live photos, delicious looking snacks and a special shoutout to the KCON Staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

Breaking Live

Notice any differences in couch setups or props?

Camera for the artists ☑️

Food for the staff ☑️

Signed MD for the fans ☑️

Till next time!


We all love snacks! See any that you like?

KCON Staff knew what kind of snacks returning artists enjoyed, so they made sure to include some of their favorites!

They also prepared classic Korean snacks specifically for the classic Korean game!

Fun Fact: A lot of artists were very intrigued by the marshmallow snacks 🤔😂

All the classic Korean snacks (like Apollo, corn chips, and corn chews) were artists favorites!

Staff + Set

Thank you to all the KCON staff who made everything possible! 

Thanks for joining us for Behind KCON!

We all had so much fun being part of this journey with you all.

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-KCON Staff