KCON:TACT HI 5 – Day 1 Recap

Hello and good afternoon KCON-ers!

The first day of KCON:TACT HI 5 featured AB6IX, Highlight, PARK JIHOON, Weekly, and WEi. Did you all enjoy the show?

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Come and get it ABNEW.

AB6IX owned the stage with Salute for the opening performance!

Don’t say Bye Bye Bye just yet to WEi! 

Here’s what you missed! You can still watch the replays on YouTube or catch the fun moments on Twitter!

  1. Bye Bye Bye
  2. 16th Star
  3. All or Nothing

MC Lee Gikwang dusted his guest house for our 1st Meet&Greet special guests AB6IX! 

There were so many fun moments during AB6IX’s M&G, check out some of the fun moments below!

  1. Lots of love between ABNEW & AB6IX💕💕
  2. Members showing off some… wonderful charm 🍑🍑
  3. And a slight spoiler for fans 👀👀

Highlight wowed us once again on the 3D sound stage EeumAkSil with On Rainy Days🌧️🌧️

Anyone else cry a little 😭😭  -KCONUSA Staff

Weeekly was with Daileee until the morning. Did everyone enjoy having a Holiday Party 🎉🎉

Don’t forget, all the amazing song’s Weeekly performed are on YouTube! Let’s check it out~

  1. Holiday Party
  2. Check it Out

Highlight 💡 brightened 💡 up the Guest House with the 2nd Meet&Greet!

Here are some of our favorite moments!

  1. Dongwoon’s first, and last, magic show
  2. Yoseop as MVP
  3. Dongwoon in tears
  4. Fun dancing!

Sit in a special seat May’s 💚💚

Park Jihoon started his spectacular performance with Gallery!

We were all Lost during Park Jihoon’s beautiful performances.

Check out more fun moments on Twitter & YouTube!

  1. Gallery
  2. Lost
  3. Gotcha

WEi brought the Monsters out in all of us with this 🔥🔥 Special Stage 🔥🔥

Weeekly was very comfortable at MC Lee Gikwang’s guest house for the 3rd Meet&Greet of the day! 

  1. Taught MC the Holiday Party dance!
  2. Played a fun game of charade’s!
  3. Made some delicious Bibimbap.

AB6IX’s performances were just as bold and beautiful as their red lips!💋💋

Check them out! 

  1. Close
  2. The Answer

It’s Not The End  KCON-ers!

💡💡Highlight💡💡 finished out Day 1 beautifully but there’s more to come!

Watch Highlight’s performances again on YouTube!

  1. Beautiful Night
  2. Plz Don’t Be Sad (얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요)
  3. Calling You
  4. Waves
  5. Not The End

Don’t forget, if you missed out, you can watch all the performances, M&G’s, special stages AND MORE during the replay at 7pm PT!

You must be a member to watch! To get your membership, please head here: http://youtube.com/KCON/join

See you all bright and early tomorrow!

-KCON Staff

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