KCON:TACT HI 5 – Day 2 Recap

Good morning KCON-ers!

Day 2 of KCON:TACT HI 5 featured Stray Kids, GHOST9, KWON EUNBI, and Girls Planet 999. Did you all enjoy the show?

We’ll be back for DAY 3 on Friday, September 24th at 5am PDT/8am EDT with ATEEZ, Ciipher, MAMAMOO, and WOODZ.

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Stray Kids were Thunderous for the opening performance at KCON:TACT HI 5!

Ghosties were in the city of Seoul with GHOST9 today 🌏 🌏

Don’t miss out on these amazing performances! You can still watch the replays on YouTube or catch the fun moments on Twitter!

  1. Seoul
  2. Up All Night

MC Lee Gikwang prepared to meet our amazing 1st Meet&Greet guests – Stray Kids! 

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Here are some of our favorite moments below!

  1. SKZ answering questions from Stay 💕💕
  2. Sexy and cute 😏 🥺
  3. The pants 🤣

Kwon Eunbi opened the door to her dark sexy concept today 👀 👀

Bunny🐰  didn’t disappoint with her performances 🥕.

  1. Door
  2. Blue Eyes
  3. BoA – Woman

Watch the loving surprise guest, along with the surprise messages from her fans, on YouTube,!

It brought us all to tears 😭  -KCONUSA staff

Stray Kid’s Seungmin & Bang Chan were next to the 3D sound stage EeumAkSil with Zombie 

Such a beautiful performance~

Girls Planet999 showed another outstanding performance today!

Who will win those 9 spots??

Kwon Eunbi was the final M&G of Day 2.

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  1. Answered fan concerns in 5 syllables 
  2. Random Version Dance
  3. Eating delicious traditional Korean food

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  1. The View
  2. God’s Menu
  3. Haven
  4. Back Door

Thanks for watching! Don’t forget, if you missed out, you can watch all the performances, M&G’s, AND MORE during the replay at 7pm PT!

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Tune in for more next week! Happy Chuseok to everyone in Korea!

-KCON Staff

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