KCON:TACT HI 5 – Day 5 Recap

Hello KCON-ers!

KCON:TACT HI 5 has come to an end! The final stages featured INI, ITZY, ONF, T1419, THE BOYZ, and RAIN. Did you all enjoy the show?

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What a 💐 Beautiful Beautiful 💐 way for ONF to open the last day of HI 5.

T1419 were 💪 Flexing 💪 on stage today!

🕊️ Let Me Fly 🕊️ with INI’s first-ever performance!

You don’t want to miss their first time performing on stage as a group!!

You can still watch the replays on YouTube or catch more fun moments on Twitter!

  1. Let me fly(その未来へ)
  2. Rocketeer

I Don’t Love You. But we do 💕💕!

The BOYZ – Hyunjae, Sangyeon and New – were THE LAST 3D sound stage EeumAkSil of KCON:TACT HI 5

Their harmonization I-… -KCONUSA Staff

ONF was 🧨 Popping 🧨 on stage today

Catch the special surprise from fans on YouTube!

  1. Popping
  2. Dry Ice
  3. Ugly Dance

The BOYZ were excited to be the 1st Meet&Greet guests!

What were your favorite moments? Here’s ours!

  1. MC Gikwang loved dancing with The BOYZ 🕺
  2. Were you able to guess all the foreheads? 🤔
  3. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! 🍿

We’re 🍀 Sooo Lucky 🍀 to watch ITZY’s marvelous performances! 

  1. Intro + LOCO
  2. Sooo Lucky
  3. Tennis (0:0)
  4. 마.피.아 In the morning

ONF were wild animals at the 2nd Meet&Greet of the day! 

Watch all these adorable moments again on Twitter & YouTube!

  1. The adorable animals themselves! 🐾🐾
  2. Song battle! 🎵🎵
  3. Dance battle! 🕺🕺

ONF covered Black Swan so elegantly on their special stage! 

We were left with No Air as ✨ THE BOYZ ✨ took us on a Thrill Ride tonight! 

  1. Intro + Thrill Ride
  2. The Stealer
  3. No Air
  4. Reveal

Our LAST Meet&Greet for HI 5 was none other than the beautiful ⭐ ITZY ⭐

Fun moments

  1. Hidden fan messages 💌💌
  2. Dance challenges 💃💃
  3. Love to fans 💕💕

Why Don’t We remember the 👑 King 👑 of Kpop KCON-ers!

RAIN arrived for his first time at KCON with some Hip Song’s!

Watch his performances again on YouTube!

You don’t want to miss those dance moves 😍😍

  1. Intro + Why Don’t We
  2. Love Story
  3. It’s Raining
  4. Hip Song

Way To Go!

KCON:TACT HI 5 lineup artists come together to perform one last stage! 🎆🎆🎆🎆

Thank you to everyone for joining us!

Don’t forget, if you missed out on anything you can watch all the performances, M&G’s, special stages AND MORE during the replay at 7pm PT!

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Thank you for sticking with us during this season! Till next time! 

-KCON Staff

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