KCON:TACT HI5 LIVE from the USA – Day 4

Were you ready to dance the night away with Day 4 of KCON:TACT HI 5 LIVE from the USA?! We were and so was Team B.U.K! It was their very first time here at LIVE from the USA week and we loved it! They played songs from the HI 5 line up and answered some fan questions in-between. Check out all the fun below! 

Let’s get started by welcoming Team B.U.K!

You can catch them in the SoCal area and watch them perform at K-pop events, random streets and more! Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

There were so many amazing song choices by Team B.U.K and everyone loved dancing to them!

Here were some of our favorites! Can you guess what songs were played based on the dances?

Q&A time!

Participants sent in some amazing questions! Team B.U.K answered them during break time!

How do you fit your schedules between your personal life and dance?

Everyone works and has personal lives during the day, so practices are usually at late night. They also have separate groups that meet together at different times or locations to practice.

How do you pick which team member does which member in the group being covered?

Sometimes it depends on the person’s dance style. Other times’s it’s based on auditions. Or people will form a group together and collab.

Helpful tips for beginning dancers?

When first starting, learn something you want to do. A song or artists you love. Not based on what everyone else is doing. That will make dancing more fun and enjoyable! 

Who learns Choreography the fastest?


Challenges of dancing in public?

Security guards will randomly come in. Weather can change at any time. During COVID, wearing face masks was difficult while dancing.

Editor: Random people who won’t get out of the frame…

Don’t forget to STRETCH! Dance injuries are NOT FUN! 

If you want to join the team…

Send a message on IG or email! They’d love to hear from you!

Round 2 was just as great as Round 1!

Team B.U.K was not short on energy and neither were our guests!

A water break definitely helped but they were all back and ready for more!

Thank you to everyone that attended today’s event! Team B.U.K loved dancing with everyone and had so much fun! Don’t forget to show your support by following them on their social media!

IG: @team_buk

Twitter: @officialteambuk

Youtube: Team B.U.K

Don’t miss out on the last KCON:TACT HI 5 – LIVE from the USA event on Twitter Spaces tomorrow! We look forward to seeing you there! Till next time!

-KCON Staff