Q: How Do I Join?


  1. Go to: https://www.youtube.com/KCON/join or   https://www.youtube.com/Mnet/join
  2. Select either KCON:TACT or KCON:TACT PLUS
  3. Click the “Join” button
  4. Proceed with payment

**Please follow the below links should you not see a “Join” button:

Q: What's the lineup?


Q: Does It Matter If I Join via KCON Official or Mnet K-POP?


  • If you join via KCON Official then you may become a member of either the KCON:TACT Tier or KCON:TACT PLUS Tier
  • If you join via Mnet K-POP then you may only become a member of the KCON:TACT Tier

*This is new for KCON:TACT season 2.

Q: What’s the difference between KCON:TACT Tier and KCON:TACT PLUS Tier?



  • Price: $19.99
  • Viewing: All Concert + M&G programming
  • Replay stream available post-livestream. Each day’s Concert/M&G replay stream will be made available after the livestream ends by 1 a.m. KST. Members will be able to watch the replay until the next day’s concert/M&G begin. Viewers will not be able to rewind/fast-forward.  (After the event closes VOD will be made available. Please stay tuned for dates.)



  • Price: $24.99
  • Viewing: All Concert + M&G programming
  • VOD available directly after livestream. Viewers can catch the Concert and M&G directly after that day’s livestream ends.
  • NEW: (Multi Cam) FanPick Cam

Q: What’s The Livestream Schedule?


  • Concert + M&G: 10/16-18, 10/23-25 (KST 21:00)
  • M&G: 10/19-22 (KST 21:00)

* The second M&G listed refers to additional Meet&Greet sessions that will occur October 19-22.

Q: Will There Be Subtitles?

A: KCON:TACT season 2 livestreaming will have English and Japanese subs. (Korean subs will not be available)

Q: Is There An End to KCON:TACT Memberships?

A: KCON:TACT season 2 Channel membership does not have an end period. Please stay tuned for more content!  *In accordance with YouTube’s rules, in general, your membership renews every month on the date you joined.

Q: Do You Anticipate Changes to The Livestream Schedule?

A: KCON:TACT SEASON 2’s videos are in accordance with the Korean Communications Standards Commission. As a result, a detailed schedule is subject to change.

Q: Is KCON:TACT Content Free to YouTube Premium Members?

A: YouTube Memberships and YouTube Premium are separate features. In order to view KCON:TACT, Premium users must still “join” a KCONT:TACT membership. 

Q: What If YouTube Memberships Are Not Available in My Country of Residence?

A: KCON:TACT SEASON 2 exclusive content will only be available in countries where the YouTube Channel Membership function is available.  

Those countries with access to the the YouTube Channel Memberships feature are solely decided by YouTube. Please refer to the Help Center for more information regarding whether this function is available in your country. (※ URL: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7636690)

Q: What Constitutes Copyright Violation?

A: Distribution as well as unauthorized service of KCON:TACT SEASON 2 content outside of official platforms without the consent of the copyright holder constitutes copyright infringement which is illegal and will result in  civil and criminal liability. 

Q: How Can I Stay Up-to-date With New Information?

A: For our members we will be releasing more detailed information via the YouTube community. Please check in for updates. In addition, KCONUSA will cover major updates.

Q. When does KCON:TACT PLUS Tier open for membership?

A: Membership opens from 9/29/2020 at 4 PM KST. This is subject to change.

Q: How is the KCON:TACT Tier different from the KCON:TACT PLUS Tier?

A: With the KCON:TACT PLUS Tier members receive access to the FanPick Cam (Multi Cam) as well as VOD after the livestream airs. KCON:TACT Tier members do not receive the FanPick Cam and instead of VOD will have access to a live replay stream. KCON:TACT PLUS Tier members are only able to join via KCON official.

Q: ill there be KCON:TACT season 2 merchandise?

A: Yes, we have merchandise planned. Please stay tuned for updates.

Q: Do I need to become a member in order to watch the YouTube Original “KCON:TACT All-Access”?

A: No. YouTube Originals and KCON:TACT are not related and you can watch it for free.

Q: What is the application period for LIVE KCON-ers?

A: The application schedule is noted below in PT. 

    9/29: Application period opens @ 00:00

10/9: Application period closes @ 12:00

Q: Who can enter?

A: Only those who have become KCON:TACT or KCON:TACT PLUS tier members via the official channels may submit an application.

>> Official Channels for KCON:TACT Membership

– Mnet K-POP: https://youtube.com/mnet/join

KCON OFFICIAL: https://youtube.com/kcon

Q: Is there an age restriction on LIVE KCON-ers?

A: Participation in LIVE KCON-ers is in compliance with YouTube’s rules regarding minors as well as those of your nation of residence. In order to protect our audience legally and in accordance with these policies, those who are not of legal age by the date of broadcast will not be able to participate. We ask for your understanding and that you refer to this rule before applying. 

▷ For more information regarding legal age: http://bit.ly/LegalAge

Q: Do I put my account name or my channel name for the YouTube Channel Name section? If I used channel name for this, can I just put the name only or is an additional description necessary?

A: The purpose of this question to verify whether your channel name matches the name on our membership list. So, please provide the channel name that you used to join KCON:TACT.

Q: Is it possible to apply with a pseudonym rather than my legal name.

A: As a rule, please apply with your legal name. We recommend that if you have a passport that you use your passport’s English name to apply.

Q: I’m a minor but I would really like to apply. Is there a way for my parents to agree to my participation?

A: We apologize but that is not possible. We hope that you will apply in the future once you have reached legal age.

Q: My parents bought the KCON:TACT membership for me, is it possible for me still to apply with my name?

A: Yes. When you apply please clearly state the channel name associated with your membership.

Q: I submitted my application but I realized that I made a mistake! Is it possible to go back and fix it?

A: It is not possible to reopen an already submitted application. However, only the most recent application will be recognized so you may create a new application and submit it.

Q: Is it possible to check the status of a submitted application? In particular, I would like to know whether it arrived or not.

A: It is not possible. Once you submit your application the screen will show that it has been successfully submitted.

Q: If the application that I submitted is invalid will I be notified?

A: We will not notify you separately. Please make sure to thoroughly check all of the information that you’ve written before submitting.

Q: How are winners selected?

A: Winners are selected randomly.

Q: If I purchase multiple memberships do my chances of winning increase?

A: It is policy that one person may only apply for one artist team each day. In addition, only the most recently submitted application will be accepted. As a result, purchasing multiple memberships will not increase your chances. 

Q: When will winners be notified?

A: Winners will be notified and given an informational email by October 13, 2020 via the email they entered on the application.

Should you not receive the email due to issues with your personal mailbox (mailbox full, blocked sender, spam mail, etc…) participation in the livestream would be difficult. We recommend that you check your personal mailbox beforehand and ensure that your email information is correct before submitting your final application.

Q: Will I be contacted if my application is not successful?

A: No.

Q: My friend also won. Is it possible for them to appear on my screen?

A: The policy for participating in LIVE KCON-ers is one person, one screen. Those who have won will need to enter a unique number separately and then participate. If we see more than one person on your screen, your screen may be blocked and your participation may be cancelled for violating the policy.