Is there a refund policy?

All ticket/sales (e.g., SHOW, M&G, Convention) are final. Please be careful at check-out to ensure that you are purchasing the tickets you intend to buy.

Is there an age requirement to attend the Convention/Show?

All of our minor KCONers (under 18 years old) should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while in attendance. Children 13 years old and under must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times.

Are outside alcoholic beverages allowed?

The possession, distribution, or use of any illegal substances or outside alcoholic beverages is absolutely prohibited and can subject you to ticket forfeiture and ejection from KCON. If the Convention or SHOW venue supplies alcoholic beverages, only those beverages sold and supplied by a venue employee at a venue booth are permitted.

Is convention admission included in all types of tickets?

Convention admission is included in all types of tickets (Premium / Show / Meet & Greet A, Meet & Greet B). You do not need to purchase additional convention admission, if you already have one of these tickets (Premium, Show, Meet & Greet A, Meet & Greet B)

Does a general Show ticket give me access to the Convention?

Yes, convention admission is included in all types of tickets. Convention/Show/M&G ticket holders.

What time do doors open for the Convention?

Entry into the Convention will begin at 10 a.m. on August 18th, 19th, and 20th.The Convention area will remain open until 6 p.m. on August 18th, 19th, and 20th.

Are pictures/videos allowed during the Convention?

Taking photographs and recording video by KCONers using cell phones and/or small, non-professional cameras (e.g., cameras without detachable lenses, telephoto or zoom lenses, external flashes) are generally allowed in the common areas of the Convention for personal, non-commercial use, provided that the photography or video recording is not disruptive.

  • Photos and videos may not be sold, or otherwise published, uploaded, reproduced, transmitted, or distributed for commercial exploitation in any manner whatsoever.
  • Be sure to watch out for specific photo and video rules that apply to certain designated programming areas (e.g., MEET & GREET, Panels) and always follow KCON staff instructions. If you fail to follow the rules or instructions, you may be removed from the area without refund.

What time can I start lining up for the Show?

P1 GA (STANDING) may start lining up at 4 PM PDT on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Subject to change depending on venue conditions. If an unofficial line is formed, we do not guarantee that your place in line will be honored.
We reserve the right to change where lines will form and which entrance will be used at any time prior to the SHOWs.Out of respect for other KCONers, please do not cut anyone in line.

What is the picture/video policy for the Show?

Cameras with detachable/interchangeable telephoto or zoom lenses will be strictly prohibited in the SHOWs. Upon entry, SHOW venue staff will be checking bags and your camera may be confiscated by venue staff. In order to avoid this, please store your cameras away in a safe place (e.g., car, hotel room, etc.) before lining up for the SHOWs. Video and audio recording of the SHOW is strictly prohibited. Video recording devices such as hand-held camcorders, Google Glass, Meta Ray-Bans, and Go-Pros are strictly prohibited.