Alex Reid

Alexandra Reid made history as the first ever non-Asian black K-pop star. After trailblazing the industry as the leader and rapper of Rania from 2015-2018, Alexandra is now dedicated to helping others make their idol dreams come true while diversifying the industry with all colors, shapes, and sizes. In addition to being a major label U.S recording artist, Sony ATV songwriter, model in Seventeen Magazine and more, Alexandra is adding ‘author’ to her resumé as she pens a candid memoir about the adventures, grit, and explosive secrets of idol life.


ALICE is a Korean American R&B/Pop singer and agency model breaking stereotypes in the American entertainment industry. Her goal is to help elevate the portrayal and views of Asians in America by being a powerful and vocal influence in the media. She has had the delight of working with notable names like Teen Vogue, BuzzFeed, Nike, Fenty Beauty, and many more!


Altynai is an artist and content creator from FAM Entertainment based in Los Angeles. Altynai moved to Brooklyn, New York from Kyrgyzstan where she was born. Raised in Brooklyn, Altynai brings a fresh urban approach to her creative outlet whether it’s through music, fashion, or dance on TikTok’s. Come check her out at KCON!

Amber Liu

A California native, Amber Liu was discovered at the age of 15 at SM Entertainment’s global auditions in Los Angeles. Following a move to South Korea, she debuted in 2009 as a member of the female group f(x). The record-breaking electro-pop-based K-pop group quickly became one of the industry’s most popular and award-winning. In 2015, Amber’s first solo release, the critically acclaimed album “Beautiful”, debuted at #2 on Billboard’s World Albums chart, with the title track’s music video, released the same day, garnering more than 1 million YouTube views in its first day of release. Over the past two years, Amber has been an advocate for body positivity and mental health when her “Where’s My Chest” message video went viral. She’s also an accomplished producer and co-wrote the hit digital show on FICTO hosting “I’ll Ask The Stupid Questions” while directing some of her hit music videos. She has also made a career on television and film hosting travel and variety shows globally and has since released an array of critically acclaimed solo projects with her most personal to date, her EP titled “Z!”.

Andy Jin

Andy is an entrepreneur and visionary who co-founded FAM Recording Studio and FAM Entertainment, here in LA. In just a few years, he has brought people from all walks of life together to support each other and each others’ dreams. Come learn more at the song-making workshop!


AnElderlyMeme, aka KC, is a self-taught artist based in Santa Monica. She began drawing at the age of 11, rising to TikTok notoriety by making comic panel animation clips of K-pop groups with their fandoms and clips of a ghost girl with her monster busting buddies. KC’s ultimate goal is to become a connection between idols and their fans worldwide.



Ani Vartani is the Founder and Creative Director of Team B.U.K, a KPop team that she started back in March of 2017 in hopes of finding passionate individuals within the LA community that love k-pop and dance! Her favorite k-pop group is BTS 💜


Hello ~ My name is Arron Ocasla, I am 21 years old, born and raised in Los Angeles. I became a Kpop coverist in 2018, and I also enjoy making original choreography. Currently the Co-Director of Team B.U.K!


balloon_wanted (balloon) is a K-Pop enthusiast sharing translated content from major South Korean news outlets on Twitter and r/kpop. Since 2016, balloon has amassed over 120,000 followers on Twitter and has earned a reputation of accurate, non-biased translations.

Bobby Kim

As one of the co-founders of FAM Recording Studio and FAM Entertainment, Bobby worked tirelessly to grow both businesses and support all of their staff. He faces every task with the same mindset, and does what he needs to do to get things done. Come learn more about him!


Alejandra is a dance and fashion content creator in the KPOP space. When she’s not covering a dance or prepping for a concert, you can find her posting dance tutorials on Instagram and TikTok. Alejandra is also a KPOP dance instructor at Offstage by GRV.


Terry is a Youtuber (BRISxLIFE) from Compton Ca. His unique perspective, hype reactions, travel vlogs and exclusive interviews with artist/idols are a must watch! He is fueled by his passion for others to listen and understand the nuances of cross-cultural music like K-POP and capturing the beauty of South Korea through his YouTube videos. A major goal of his is to help K-POP become mainstream in America.


Canaco is a Japanese creator who has been in the KPOP dance space since 2017. Alongside 2 members, she cofounded LALARY, an international co-ed project group.

Clockwork Reader

Hannah, better known as A Clockwork Reader, is a content creator, artist, and avid book lover who makes videos centered around books and reading. She uses her platform to share her passion for storytelling as well as her love of journaling, TV, movies, and K-Pop with her equally passionate following.

Cody & Wyatt

Cody Gene and Wyatt Stark are the co-creators of “Cody & Wyatt,” the popular K-Pop YouTube channel full of original artwork, dance covers, and music video reactions!

Cody Gene is an artist whose paintings of idols have been seen by millions of K-Pop fans on TikTok. Wyatt is a singer and dancer whose K-Pop dance covers and MV parodies have gone viral on YouTube.

David Suh

Taking over social media by storm, “TikTok’s Pose King”, David Suh began his journey as a portrait photographer, showing his clients how to be seen and heard through their own beauty. Now moving to larger platforms, David continues to educate the world on how to lead beautiful lives through online courses, posing and photography workshops. He has been recognized by names like Meta, CBS, AD Week, BuzzFeed, ITV, LA times and more!

Dezzy March

Dezzy is a YouTuber from Sacramento, CA. Known for his comedic commentary & insightful yet animated rants! Wether it’s K-POP, K-Dramas or food you’ll get some laughs out of him for sure! His deep appreciation for South Korean entertainment shows through his reactions, vlogs & more.


Eddie is a Mexican-American performer and YouTuber and is the cofounder of the Kpop co-ed project group Lalary and its first subunit BABY LALARY. Eddie is most notably known for his appearance in MBC’s survival show, Under Nineteen and his work in S. Korea as an independent artist.

Emerson Unger

Emerson Unger is a radio veteran and entertainment journalist. In 2016, she fell in love with K-pop and pivoted full-time to become a k-pop journalist and host of New York’s only all K-pop radio show on an iconic radio station. Since then she has gone onto syndicate the K-pop radio show, K-Wave USA as well as interview and cover K-pop groups such as BTS, SuperM, Itzy, Stray Kids, Seventeen, TXT and P1Harmony.


eSNa is an American singer/songwriter/producer/actress active in South Korea. Her mega hit song “Some” by Soyou and Junggigo (featuring Lil Boi) released in 2014 spent six weeks at the top of the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100, tying the all-time chart record. eSNa is also known for writing for some of the top idol groups and artists including MAMAMOO, SHINEE, BASTARZ, NCT 127, 4MINUTE, Wheesung, Gummy, Madclown and more. eSNa has continuously been releasing her own albums and plans to continue be more active as an artist as she continues to work on more albums planned for release.


Skyler, aka Foodieonfleek grew up in Seoul and moved to America at a young age. She shares her passion for food, Kpop and K-Culture through her videos hoping to connect with those all across the world who also love it too! Skyler’s fun and easy recipes are filled with her childhood memories from Korea and everything that is new and exciting in today’s K-Culture.

Form of Therapy

PD (formoftherapy) brings a unique insight to the kpop audience with first hand knowledge of film and video production.


Hope is a Vietnamese-American content creator who has been in the KPOP dance space since 2017. Alongside 2 members, she cofounded LALARY, an international co-ed project group. Under the LALARY, she works roles in LALARY as performer and also behind the scenes as project manager for each release.

Isabel Jones

Isabel Jones is a dancer known for her k-pop dance covers on TikTok (@_isabae_) and her feature on “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls”. Starting her k-pop dance journey with SoNE1 in 2014, she hopes that her passion for dance will continue to inspire others.


Andy and Jas are Korean-American Youtubers, who share their reaction and love for K-POP on their channel.
Not only do they showcase their unique and energetic personalities,
having been influenced by K-pop heavily throughout their childhood, they utilize their bilingual background to translate and dissect lyrics for international fans.
Andy and Jas are purely about having fun and enjoying with other fellow fans.
Like they say, they like to get “CRAJEE!”.

Jeff Benjamin

Jeff Benjamin is the award-winning reporter acting as Billboard’s K-Pop Columnist since 2013, breaking stories with PSY, BTS, BLACKPINK and many more, who recently joined TIDAL as K-Pop Editor. Based in New York City, he’s written for the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Forbes and beyond, while being featured on CNN, Good Morning America, MTV and more.

Jeffery Dang

Jeffery is a Vietnamese-American fashion and beauty content creator and Internet personality based in Orange County, California (@jeffery.dang). He shares his passion for all things K-Beauty, fashion and asian media to connect both eastern and western culture where his followers can appreciate and pull inspiration from.


“JELLY is a model/actor active in both South Korea and the USA. He made his modeling debut in 2018 at Seoul Fashion Week, and has appeared in dozens of lookbooks for K-Fashion brands. In 2021, JELLY made his acting debut in the drama/tv movie “Mint Condition” alongside Red Velvet’s Yeri, Ji MinHyuk, Lee SukHyeong, and An WooYeon. Be sure to also check out the show’s OST, “Never Comeback” sung by JELLY, Ji MinHyuk, and Lee SukHyeong.”

Jessica Eunjoo

Jessica Eunjoo is a platinum songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Her versatile performance as a demo vocalist led to her dissevering her gift as a songwriter. She is well known for her work for artists such as: ENHYPEN, ITZY, TWICE, and OST for “Idol: The Coup.”


Joelle Park is a San Francisco native host and video producer based in Los Angeles. During her time as a video producer at BuzzFeed, she discovered her love for creating content surrounding the intersection of her two primary interests: API pop culture and food. While no longer working at BuzzFeed, she continues to create content highlighting Asian pop culture, particularly KPOP, on Instagram and TikTok as @joelleolol, and on her self-titled YouTube channel while working her traditional nine to five in entertainment. She’s passionate about diversity and representation in media and pop culture both on screen and behind the scenes and can’t wait for what the next generation of creatives is bringing to the entertainment industry.


Jonny Tran is an LA-based dance & fashion superstar creator. Known for his seamless dance transitions on TikTok and Instagram, Jonny’s collaborated with brands like Doc Martens and Fitbit, as well as artists like Zedd and AleXa. He hopes to continue spreading his brand of positivity through his platform.


JRE is a half-Filipino half-Jamaican Miami native who first came to internet fame as the OG Kpop MV Reactor on YouTube. Now streaming on Twitch and continuing to create content across all major platforms, JRE hopes to continue collaborating directly with more artists like he’s done with NMIXX, DPR Live, and Woosung, and can’t wait for everyone to see all the upcoming projects he’s working on.

Justin Park

JUSTIN PARK is a Korean-American singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. With a charming voice as his instrument, he is the future of R&B.’

Come be part of “The Musical World” of Justin Park and write a song with him, live during his workshop with 5A LABEL, CEO Peter MISTER ROCKS Hong.


KAIROS is the founder and CEO of Decade Plus Music LLC. He is also a multi-platinum producer & songwriter behind some of K-Pop’s biggest songs. He has written for Stray Kids, ITZY, BTOB, GOT7, SHINee and 2017’s MAMA Song of the Year – TWICE’s “Signal”.


Kevin Woo

KEVIN WOO is a Korean-American singer and actor most notably recognized as the main vocalist in the K-Pop idol group U-KISS. For over a decade, Kevin promoted chart-topping albums and led successful global tours. Now, he is promoting his music as a soloist. You can catch him performing in the upcoming KPOP The Musical on Broadway this fall in NYC.


K.O is multi-platinum producer & chief audio engineer. You can check out his work from artists such as: ENHYPEN, TWICE, Stray Kids, Peniel, and many more.

Lai Frances

Lai Frances is a multimedia journalist and producer that focuses on music, pop culture and entertainment. She is currently a Managing Social Producer at CNET by day and a Contributing Writer/Host by night talking about music and K-pop. You can find some of her bylines on MTV News, Teen Vogue, PopCrush, tmrw, and Glamour while being a host for KCON and NME. To date, Lai has written special features on K-pop acts such as TWICE, aespa, ITZY, Stray Kids, LOONA, Sunmi, Kep1er while writing cover stories featuring ATEEZ, Jackson Wang and more.


Lex is a Chinese-American KPOP dancer and has been in the industry for the past 9 years. You can find her posting her content via Instagram and TikTok under the alias “oleggie”. She is currently a member of LALARY, an international co-ed project group.

Liam McEwan

Entertainment journalist Liam McEwan has been interviewed some of the biggest K-Pop names in the world, including BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, GOT7, GFRIEND, + more. Many of which he has watched grow from rookies to superstars. Starting in the radio industry when he was 13, the now 26-year-old has been heavily involved in the K-Media scene for the last 5+ years.


Appu Krishnan is a Gaon and Billboard chart topping producer, songwriter and mixer. He’s produced hits for Christina Aguilera, Jordin Sparks, GOT7, Wanna One, Dimash, Jus2 and many others. He recently founded Loudboy Music Group, representing several talented songwriters and producers worldwide. They have many singles with groups like The Boyz, April and GENIC.


Breana, better known online as MILKYBOOS, is a part-time content creator and full-time dog mom. In her free time, she loves bullet journaling, reading fantasy novels and shounen manga, and listening to the latest K-Pop girl group releases! Breana created her YouTube channel (milkyboos) while she was a junior in college back in 2018, and now the channel has grown from mostly bullet journaling videos to featuring room tours and room makeover tips, cozy lifestyle vlogs, and plenty of book and K-Pop album hauls and unboxings.

Nina Yu

Nina is a Korean-American content creator. On her YouTube channel (oh no nina), she shares lifestyle vlogs and videos focusing on different aspects of K-culture, such as K-pop, K-beauty, K-fashion, and more. She is also working on her webtoon “To Love and Be Loved,” which explores Korean and Korean-American themes.

Reiner Acuario

Reiner is a San Diego-based Influencer who dedicates his content to everything KPOP! He is well-known for his fanboying & “cringe-worthy” videos, but most recently for creating the Viral “Polaroid Love” Tiktok Dance, which has taken the KPOP Idol Industry by storm!

Riley T

Riley T is a professional photographer and Kor-Eng translator, and you could also call her KARD’s biggest fan. She’s met IU’s biggest fan before, or she’d try to claim that title too. Riley has worked for KCON since 2013, and you can also find her by her neon hair and copious amounts of glitter. Do you remember that year she dropped a whole glass jar of glitter and it shattered all over the convention floor?


samUIL is a top trending multi-platinum producer & songwriter from Chicago, IL. He recently wrote “Saturday Drip” for NCT Dream, and has also written for NCT 2021, Stray Kids, BTOB and many more.

Stacey Morales

Stacey Morales has been in Live Entertainment since 2019 volunteering for Local KPOP shows in Los Angeles. Since then, she’s worked for VIPNATION as an assistant to shows like Monsta X, Twice, Stray Kids and BTS. Day to Day, she works in Festivals at Wasserman Music, manages a band and runs a mentorship program for younger students to learn more about the music industry called 1520 Vision (@1520vision)


Stephny is a Korean dancer and former KPOP trainee. A true international representative, she is a multilingual of 8 languages. She is currently a member of LALARY, an international co-ed project group.

Tamar Herman

Covering K-pop & the business of entertainment, Tamar was Billboard’s pop correspondent until 2020, when she joined the Hong Kong newspaper the South China Morning Post as a senior culture reporter. The author of the 2020 book BTS: Blood, Sweat & Tears, she can be seen sharing her expertise in the Netflix docuseries Explained & YouTube’s K-pop Evolution series.


Tássia Assis is a Brazilian freelance journalist, currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. Covering music and culture with a focus on K-pop, she has bylines in Rolling Stone AU/NZ, Grammy.com, Teen Vogue, Nylon, MTV News, and more. To date, she has interviewed acts like TWICE, Stray Kids, Enhypen, Taemin, ITZY, NCT Dream, NCT 127, Baekhyun, Monsta X, and many others.


Xenzu Wang is a Chinese-Korean-American Artist from China. She is currently signed with Team Wang of Jackson Wang’s Label. She grew to a more popular fame because of the infamous show RAP China. Since then, she’s been on an Asia Tour showcasing her new EP!


Youa is a Hmong-American KPOP cover dancer who started in First Bite in 2017. She has joined LALARY, an international co-ed project group and continues to create covers to this day.


Nick Cho creates videos that make you the main character as his kid. You can join him on simple trips to the corner store, he’ll cook interesting food for you, and sometimes it’s fatherly words of wisdom and love. He lives in Los Angeles with his two teenage daughters. TikTok @YourKoreanDad IG:@NickCho